Here’s what it means to succeed in marriage

To succeed in marriage

Being happily married is certainly one of the most wonderful feelings you can ever experience, but, what does it really mean to succeed in marriage?


The truth is that too many couples lose that feeling the as the year goes by, and their marriage wears on for a variety of reasons.


Because feelings, even those of love can be rather abstract, it can be difficult to fully understand whether you are in a happy marriage or not.


Question is,


What does it really means succeed in marriage?


If you are asking this question, then you may have some doubts whether you can succeed in your marriage or not.


What follows are the signs of being in a happy marriage. These are the seemingly little things that happily married couples do on a regular basis that helps strengthen their marriage.


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What Does it Really Mean To Succeed In Marriage?


Being Positive.

It’s amazing how positive statements such as “I’m so happy to be married to you” can make you feel happy.


Positive reinforcement when expressed from the heart is a wonderful feeling that is part of a happy marriage. Positive statements happen on a regular basis, sometimes a daily one depending on the couple. But a few days should not go by without you or your partner reinforcing the happiness you feel about being together.


Enjoying Intimacy.

While sexual intimacy generally becomes less frequent as married couples grow older, it is still something that both look forward to enjoying.


Good, healthy sexual relations between married couples is a hallmark of happiness in a relationship. It is when we don’t look forward to being with our partners that issues and doubts start to creep in.


Complimenting your Spouse.

Another feeling of being in a happy marriage is the support you give and receive for each other, especially the simple things.


Thanking your partner for making a great dinner, telling them how you appreciated picking up an extra item from the store, appreciating the effort they made in getting ready to go out and so on.


The little compliments over time brbringou closer together because it builds up how you value each other.


Avoiding Attacks.

Feeling happy in a marriage means avoiding situations where you put down or attack your spouse unnecessarily.


For example, if they are spending a lot of time watching TV or surfing the internet, your reaction might be “Will you get off that computer for once!” This actually puts some distance between you and your partner.


Instead, a statement like, “Could I spend some time with you” to lure them away from the computer or TV is much more inviting and


encourages happier dialogue.

Understanding that all Marriages will End
It seems rather sad to think that all marriages end in either death or divorce and no couple have ever avoided either one.


Still, this realization helps people get the most out of their relationship and treat each other with respect and care. The old saying, “Live every day as if it were your last” applies to marriages as well. You want each day to feel special and helping each other to feel that way as well.


For happy couples, this is what it means to succeed in marriage. It takes time, work and effort, but the results are definitely well worth it.

happy marriage, secretsto a happy marriage,

4 important secrets to a sweeter marriage

happy marriage, secretsto a happy marriage,

Love is certainly a wonderful thing, but having your marriage work properly is another matter. This is because while love is the foundation of a successful marriage, your relationship can be battered down by a number of issue.But if you know the secrets to a sweeter marriage, then you are good to go.


Love is not enough

This is because love in and of itself provides no structure, no training for how to work with your partner in the day to day relationship that is marriage.


Successful marriages are based on listening to your spouse, trusting them to do what is right and keeping the proper perspective.


What follows are five powerful secrets to a happy marriage. All of the advice are from the couples who have enjoyed long, successful marriages in which they overcome the rough patches with tried and true techniques.


4 Secrets to A sweeter Marriage.


1) Mind Your Manners

It’s funny how we often we show more respect to a stranger than we do to our spouse. As parents, we demand that our children learn proper manners, but those in unsuccessful marriages often do not use them with each other.


To be respectful to each other starts with the little things such as saying please when passing the salt rather than just demanding the salt.


Discuss Tense Subjects when You Are Ready

In every marriage there are going to be issues that will arise which may require serious discussion.


Such discussions should not take place if you are tired or hungry. Set aside a time where you can discuss such matters, when both of you are ready. This is a powerful secret to a sweeter marriage.


2) Keep Money in its Place

The subject of money has been and always will be the single greatest form of stress on a marriage. The lack of having enough money to do what is needed puts an untold hardship on the marriage, so it is vitally important that such stresses be kept in their proper perspective.

There have been many happy couples who have overcome tremendous financial hardship and so can you and your spouse.


3) Treat Your Spouse like the Honored Guest in the House

Similar to minding your manners, treating your spouse like the most honored guest means that you listen to what they have to say and show a little deference before acting upon your emotions.


Naturally, this only works if both spouse are on the same page, but it’s amazing just how many potential problems or misunderstandings can be avoided when treating your spouse as an honored guest.


4) Make a Date Night

Create a night once a month where you can spend a few hours with each other and without the children present. You don’t have to go out, but you should spend some time alone enjoying a favorite activity, such as playing games with your friends for example.


If you are taking care of an infant, then it’s okay to bring them along. Remember however that this is a night for the both of you to enjoy as adults.


Rounding up

By employing each of these five techniques, you can help bring more happiness to your marriage. It takes a little practice and patience, but the ultimate secret to a sweeter marriage is the effort you put in towards each to make your relationship work.


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Unavoidable roles of a husband in marriage

Roles of a Husband in marriage

This post is all about teaching the couples about the roles of a husband’s marriage.


Having lasting marriage is not a man alone or woman alone responsibility. However, it is the responsibility of both couples.


This simply means that everyone has his or her own part to play to make the dream of an o family a reality.


I want to quickly give you some tips on how to develop yourself into becoming the best husband in the world if you are not so yet. But if you are already one, I say kudos to you.


I decided to share this because I know it is the recipe for every successful and happy marriage.


To become a wonderful husband, lover and friend to your wife, can not happen overnight, it is going to be something that will constantly evolve if you will simply practice all I will share with you hare.


Now let’s get to it. Okay!
The first step to take is to be.


Roles of A Husband in marriage


1 Honest –

One of the main recipes for every successful marriage is, to be honest with your wife. Saying the truth at all times should be the best thing you should learn.


2. Be romantic-

Every woman in this world has a way of feeling loved, look out for your wife’s likes and dislikes, and always find a way to express affection to her.


3. Give surprise gifts to her-

Women cherish gifts, no matter how small. So always find a way to give her gifts when she is not looking forward to it.


4. Always be available-

Learn to be available to her whenever she needs you. At times they get overwhelmed by children and other domestic works, do not hesitate to help out in some of the works. You can even choose to cook her favorite.


5. Be her confidant-

Let your wife be rested assured that you are there for her at all times. Let her know that you are someone she can count on. Protect her both physically and morally. Be her complete backup in all things.



There are roles for every couple in marriage. This post is to show the roles of the husband in marriage.


Understanding What The roles of the husbands are will give you the room to participate in your marriage to your best capacity. Take time to review what the role is and keep doing your best.