10 Great things happy couples do everyday

Things Happy Couples Do


Whenever you see couples that have been married for a long time and still maintain a happy marriage, you feel so amazed at what they enjoy every day to make it so.

Well let me tell you that what kept them together is not rocket science, a closer look will show you that the secret that made them enjoy a happy marriage are those little things they do differently than those that have their marriage separated.


In every relationship, there is always a reservoir of good “feelings” and any couple that is able to fill their reservoir with those little things is ready for those challenging moments in the future.


10 Things Happy Couples Do To Be Happy.


1) Give Full Attention to Your Spouse:-

Never show disrespect to your spouse when he or she is talking, don’t be distracted by anything like your laptop or phone whenever you are together.

Never nod your head and mutter under your breath when you are discussing or when your mind is far away with other thoughts. To have a happy marriage, you must give full attention to your spouse.


2) Take Care of Your Manners:-

Many couples tend to forget their manners and think there is no need to give little favor to their partners. However, you need to give favor, because they help in filling your marriage reservoir. Try to help your spouse in those domestic chores and other things.


3) Do Things Together:-

One characteristic of a happy couple is that they do things together as a team. It doesn’t matter what it is, they believe that whatever they do together helps in strengthening the bond that holds them together.


4) Give Support to Your Partners Dream:-

Another thing the happy couples do to sustain love in their marriage is giving support to each other.

The best you can do to show your loyalty to your spouse is to support his/her dreams. Any partner that cannot care about each other’s goals and dreams are not doing themselves any good.

Every happy couple cares so much about the dreams and hope of each other, they always ask questions and pay attention to know more, they cheer one another up and are always there when they are most needed.


5) Flirt Together:-

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married together, your spouse will always feel good when you remind him/her about those reasons you see him/her attractive to you in the first place.

Happily married couples never give up courting each other just because they are married. Notice those new clothes and give your compliments. Every couple understands that the real relationship starts where the honeymoon ends.


6) Always go to the Bed at The Same Time:-

Can you remember the earlier day of your marriage, when you could not wait to role into your bed with your spouse to enjoy sex?

Every happy partner never wants to go to bed at different times, they want to go to bed always at the same time, even when one wakes up to do other things while the couples sleep and at that moment when their body touch, it makes them to “tingle” until they are both exhausted sexually.


7) Trust and Forgiveness must be Present if You want a happy marriage:-

There are always going to be moments of disagreements and arguments, but when other couples chose to fight, happy couples resort to trusting and forgiveness.


8) The Express their Love always:-

The word “I love you” is such a powerful word and it is important you say it daily to your partner. It does not matter how long you are married. Never allow these words to escape from your mouth. It is a step to having a happy marriage.


9)/They Share in Their Hubbies:-

To keep your marriage interesting, look for a common interest or hobbies to go after together. If you don’t have any common interest, try and discover some interests together. That is what happy couples do.


10) They complement each other always:-

Happy couples know best how to give compliments to each other. They understand how validation works and they never stop complimenting each other on any new achievements.

Do you really want your marriage to be counted as a happy marriage, and then you must inculcate these examples into your marriage and watch it come back to life?

You can see from these points that the things that make a marriage happy are those little things couples do.

If they did it and have a happy and perfect marriage, then you can have the same results also if you do the same thing. Now it is left for you do decide if you want to restore love, peace, and joy in your own marriage.



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Maintaining balance in marriage raising kids

Maintaining balance in marriage


Having children is one of the things that brings joy to couples, the problem usually maintaining balance in marriage while you take care of the kids.


When you are planning to have a baby, someone who will require more love, time and attention from you, have it in your mind that your family will experience a great change.

If you are not careful, the coming of a baby can pose more challenge on your marriage and can bring a strain between you and your spouse.


There is bound to be some sleepless nights for at least eighteen years. Those responsibilities and pressure that comes with the up keep of a baby will steal those privacies you once enjoy with your spouse.


The birth of a baby brings couples together or keep then father apart, depending on the (pre-baby) relationship the couples have.


Having Kids And Maintaining Balance In marriage


Here are the things you must do to retain love in your marriage after having children


Have in mind that your role has increased-:

When children starts coming into a home, the roles and activities of the husband and wife increases to two or more. You must try to fulfill your roles a wife or husband as well as the role of a parent without compromising your children’s need or neglecting your own values.


It takes time and energy to raise children; the love between you and your spouse is also shared among two or three persons now.


Take time to have fun alone away from your children.

Have plans to go out at a secluded place where you can enjoy yourselves together without your children. You can do this at least one week.


Talk about the two of you at those moments and not the kids remember you must know that your relationship as husband and wife matters in having a stable marriage.


Never give up the things you enjoyed before the coming of the children

There maybe many things you enjoyed doing in your marriage together with your spouse. You must not give it up because of the children.


If you enjoyed taking a work together, make sure you continue doing it. Remember if you want to give your children a good life, you must firstly enjoy it with your spouse.


Include family time into your marriage

While it is very important to have enough time to enjoy as couples, it is also more important to have your family time, because both of them are the pre requisite for a happy marriage.


Family time helps to make everyone in the family to be more united with each other. It also give you room to understand to know your children pretty well and to be part of their life.


Show affection

Understand that affection is equally important in marriage just as having sex is. Validations, complements, eye contacts, showing full attention and embracing each other are both rewarding to your marriage and it is also an important example to your children.


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6 Actionable steps to your dream marriage

Dream marriage


If you have ever wondered in your heart about how to have your dream marriage. The type of marriage that is filled with passion, then this article may be the best article you have ever read in your life.


If you are still searching, then read this article to the last page because it will show you the way to go about it.


Many people have asked me questions about what to do if they really have to enjoy their marriage.


These are my answers to them


Though what I will tell you here may sound simple to you, but they will work pretty well to help you have your dream marriage. Just take your time to study and work with them.


6 Step You Must Take To have Your Dream marriage


1) You Must Know What You Want in Your Marriage

If you are looking to marry, then the first thing you must do is to get your jotter and pen and write down five important reasons why you made up your mind to marry.


Is it because your friends are getting married? Maybe you think you are advancing in age, or because your parents are asking you to.

Take time to review what you are planning to do.

It may not be easy for you if you do not know the things you must know before you get in.


The very reason for most break up in marriage is the absence of understanding of the institution call marriage.


2) Become Your Very self

It is very important and good to have a role model in life. However, in marriage, I believe you are your own architect.


Do not try to imitate what other people are doing in their various homes. It may not work the same way for you and your spouse.


Do not overspend because your neighbor is doing so.

Never try to become a superman or a superwoman because you thought it will make your spouse love you more.

Decide on the way to go with your family. It is yours and you are only accountable to whatever you made it be.


3) Choose to Be Committed:

One reason while marriage works very well is the individual commitment of the couples.
In a marriage where there is a commitment, there is also peace, joy, and love.


This happens because every member of the family knows that the success and the failure of the marriage depend on them.


Whatever happens, one will say “I am committed to making this marriage work” that will help to bring solutions instead of chaos.


4) Choose to trust:

Trust is very important in marriage. Once trust is broken in every relationship, the marriage slowly dies away.


You must make up your mind to build trust if you truly want to have your dream marriage.


Always make sure that those little promises you made to your spouse are being fulfilled.


Never promise what you have no plan of accomplishing. Has more trust deposited in your marriage emotional bank account?

Know what your spouse is capable of doing and what is impossible for him /her. A lot of things will want to challenge your trust for your partner.

5) Say Sorry All the Time.

Let “SORRY” be the anthem you sing in your marriage. One popular quote says that “marriage is the union of two forgivers ” you must learn how to forgive and always be the first to say sorry.


It will help to make all wounds heal.

6) Never Cheat on Your Spouse:

Cheating is one of the things you must plan to avoid if you want a strong and healthy marriage.


It is also one of the most reason why marriages break.

Never be tempted to indulge in it. Once you fall, a victim of it, so many other areas of your marriage will be affected.

I hope I made some points here. Please feel free to make a comment.

Thanks and see you at the top.