10 Deadly marriage mistakes to avoid

Deadly marriage mistakes

The Success and failure of every marriage depend on understanding the secrets of a strong and happy marriage and one of the secrets is to understand and avoid making some deadly marriage mistakes.


Understanding what the deadly marriage mistakes are and avoiding then will keep you happy ever after in your marriage

In this post, I will show you things to avoid in your marriage so you will also have peace.

Most marriages have been destroyed because one or both couples find themselves doing what they are not supposed to do.

Today, you will be able to learn what these deadly marriage mistakes are, so you can stay away from those them.


Below are the deadly marriage mistakes you must not make if you want to have a happy and successful marriage.

10 Deadly Marriage Mistakes To Avoid In Your Marriage.


1) Dishonesty

Honesty is very important in marriage. However, lies and keeping secrets can create distance and mistrust in your marriage/relationship.


2) Lack of Respect

Never talk ill of your spouse. Always talk good of him/her. Showing respect to your spouse will always make him understand that they are appreciated.


3) Not Having Sex with Your Spouse.

Sex brings a more intimate relationship to the spouse. Denying your spouse sex can make him or her to look outside the marriage for satisfaction.


4) Keeping Your Word.

Keeping your word is one of the secrets of building a happy and successful marriage. It will make your spouse have more trust in you. Always do what you said you will do and never say what you have no plan of doing.


5) Being Selfish and Greedy.

Thinking about how to fulfill your personal needs only without any thought about your spouse will not help to build your marriage but destroy it. Always carry your spouse along in everything.


6) Putting Your Kids First.

Most happy marriages start experiencing challenges immediately they start having children. This is simply because you started putting your child first before your spouse.


7) No Plans to Fulfill Your Promise.

It is one thing to make a promise to your spouse and another thing to fulfill your promise. However, It is good you did not make any promise without making any plan to fulfill the promise. This will bring distrust and distrust can harm your marriage.


8) I Don’t Care Attitude.

Not showing interest in the things that matter about your marriage can harm your marriage. Many couples prefer to show concern to the things that happen to the people outside, yet their marriage is suffering from the same matter.


9) Bringing Outsides to Your Marriage.

It is important to settle your disputes together. Do not let an outsider come between you and your spouse. They may pretend to help solve your problems while they are actually adding more sours to injury.

10) Not listening.

Pay good attention when your spouse is talking to you. This includes closing the book you are reading, not paying attention to TV or computers when your spouse is talking.


In conclusion. There are more other Secret steps to building a happy and successful marriage. You can search for more on the internet. Look for other metamaterials that will help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for reading.

How to gradually improve your marriage

Improve your marriage


One thing is always sure in a marriage and that is the need to improve your marriage all the time. As the day goes by, most of the blissful times and other things couples enjoy in marriage starts fading away gradually, issues start coming out and quarrel becomes the order of the day.

Some marriage experts say that these things are good and help to make a marriage grow stronger, but I personally disagree with that because those are the things that can destroy even the sweetest and the happiest marriage on earth if not properly taken care of.

It is very important for every couple to do everything they should to keep their marriage happy by improving on it. There is virtual space in every relationship for improvement and I will advise you today to look very well and discover those places in your marriage that need improvement and start working on it today.

Here Are the Things You Can Do To Improve Your Marriage.


1) Have a one and one talk with your spouse.

Everything in life starts with a decision, and improving your marriage is one of those things that need the decision of both you and your spouse, if you want it to work out.

There can be no way for marriage improvement if you and your spouse are not in agreement to do so. It starts from the very moment you call your spouse and ask if he or she is ready to work with you to mend your marriage by improving on it.

If the answer is yes, then half of the work is done.


2)’Talk about those places that need to be improved upon,

write them down and start working on it one after the other. See Only the Positive Side of Your Spouse.

During courtship, couples seem to hide so many aspects of their lives, but as the day goes by in marriage, things start coming out, the character starts changing.

You may at that time be forced to tell yourself that this is not the same person you married in the first place. You are not alone. It is common in every marriage. This is what I want you to do; choose to see only the good side of your spouse.


3) Also, remember that it is not your work to change your spouse


so never try to do so. Make a list of those qualities you like in him or her and always remind yourself of that wonderful person you married. Improve On The Quality Of Time You Spend With Your Spouse. Another better way you can improve on your marriage is to increase the quality of time you stay with your spouse.


I did not say an increase in the time you stay with your spouse or but to increase the quality of time. Staying 24 hours with your spouse will only deny him/her of personal space and a chance to miss you;

I am not saying you should take a week or month-long vacation. However, make your spouse feel your absence for a little while. Remember you are trying to improve on your marriage.

5 Sure levels of communication in marriage

5 Levels of communication in every marriage


Communication is the most important recipe for building a strong marriage, and any marriage that lacks communication or rather lacks good communication is on its way to a great fall. In other to communicate effectively with your partner, you should be aware of the 5 important levels of communication in every marriage.


Understanding these 5 important levels of communication in marriage will help you know which communication method that helps or destroys your relationship.


Because the absence of good communication makes every other thing in marriage to stop working immediately, If not handled well and properly.


When there is a communication break down in marriage, the couple involves beginning to look elsewhere for a better one.  This eventually brings infidelity and cheating.


According to the survey, most of the crumbled marriages actually started from these communication gaps.


And so It doesn’t matter the amount of love the couple you share with your spouse. It will not be enough to hold a relationship when there is no good communication.


In this post, I want to open your eyes to 5 important levels of communication, and when you understand it well, it will help you a lot.


Most importantly, I want you to give more attention to the one that works best for your marriage and improve it better.


Because, although there are five levels of communication in marriage, yet not all of them are equal in value.


While some level is just good enough, it may not work in your marriage. However,  some help so much in bringing intimacy to your marriage, so spend more time on a higher level.


5 Importance Of Communication In Every Marriage


Level one

Information and facts:-

This is the first level of communication as well as the first recipe for a strong and happy marriage.


It is all those extremely simple conversation that goes on between the couple. It is merely an exchange of information like inquiries, asking for direction, etc. This level in marriage is made up of all the daily discussions between the couple.


Level two

Reporter Talk: –

This is often the most common way to know how the relationship is fairing. Couples have more time to share about their heart stimulating experiences like books they read, movies watched, sermons heard and other things.


These things become more pleasurable as they are being discussed by the couple because it brings joy to them. At that point they expected you to pay close attention as the experiences are being shared. They want to know how good their interests are related to yours.


Level three

Sharing and discussions of your unique ideas: –

This is the level of communication you have all the platforms to share your personal ideas. In this type of communication, more precautions are taken to prevent quarrels in case your spouse does not buy your idea.


If there is no emotional safety between you and your wife, then I suggest you keep your ideas to yourself.


Level five:-

This level looks more like the second level, only that it involves the divulging and revealing things about yourself that are more private.


Example, are things like the likes and dislikes, experiences, failures, goals, future, and hopes. If this level is received and understood well by the couple, marriage becomes sweeter.


However, this level is not always reached by couples because nobody wants to share all the personal experiences or maybe the feel to know anything that needs to be known. But it is necessary that this level is attained.


Level five

Emotional communication:-

Understanding this level of communication in marriage may bring greater intimacy between the couple At this level, they are ready to share their feelings, emotion,s, and needs.


The ultimate need of the couple is revealed at this level, and each couple wants to be properly understood.


Rapping up

Communication is actually the main recipe for building a happy marriage if it is lacking in your marriage, then you and your spouse must do everything to get it back if you want your marriage to grow.