Sex positions for spinal cord injury patients

If you have a spinal cord injury, it is not the end of the road, and should not militate you from enjoying sex. There are sex positions for spinal cord injury patients and I will show you in this post.


The truth is that sexual enjoyment is still possible for you after spinal cord injury. All you need is to stay positive, get yourself prepared to explore some options as I will show you soon.


Spinal cord injuries are not death sentences. Just understand that SCI didn’t make you lose your sexual desire.


Most of the time, your only impediment is fear of possible change in your sexual functions or concerns about satisfying your partner.


To enjoy your sex, you’ll have to approach sex like it’s your first time and then apply one of these sex positions for spinal cord injury, then you will experience great sex.


When you approach it with an open mind as well, with the willingness to experiment with new sex positions, then you are good to go.


Although you may not have sexual desires after the injury, very soon you will see great improvements.


How to Get Prepared For A Great Sex Experience


How to prepare for sex after sci injury.

  1. Try relaxing your bladder so you don’t interrupt other tissues.
  2. Get some aids like a pillow, wedge, foam, and other support. Keep them around.
  3. You may need to keep some lubricant handy too.


When all these things are in place, then try taking these few exercises to help you explore some sexual sensations.


Remember, if you are a lady you may need to consider some lubricants.


If you are ready for the sex exercises, then let’s get down to it.


Search for the sensation:-

After the spinal cord injury, there are tendencies that some parts of your body will not feel the sensations again. It is imperative that you explore your body and be sure where you still feel it.


You can do that yourself or ask your partner to help you out.


Give feedbacks:-

Whether it is you or your partner is doing the exploration, understand that communication is important. Give feedback about where you need more concentration.


Where is your hotspot, tell her, him where to touch more. Don’t keep quiet.


Don’t rush it:-

Gradually look for the zones that are sexually active; that will be the area of concentration during sex.


Enjoy it:

 If you follow all these steps I listed for you, then you are ready for the greatest love experience of your life.


Let’s go to the most important part;

Interesting Sex Position for spinal cord injury patient.


Watch the videos below.





Final thoughts:

You can really enjoy sex after a spinal cord injury, but you really have to ready to explore other new opportunities for enjoying sex.


It’s also important to note that your sexual activities must not be only through penetrations, try having oral sex too.










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