Benefits of abstinence before marriage


If you ask questions about the benefits of abstinence before marriage, then this article is for you.

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So whether you are planning to get married soon or you are about to wedding and you are thinking whether to yield to your partner’s demand for sex or not, then read this post to the end.



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Well, the truth is that it is not against the law to have sex before marriage, and you won’t receive any award for abstaining too, but there are lots of benefits of abstinence before marriage, which I will show you in this post.


Facts from research.

A study by Rector and John in 2005 using students from high school show that “teen who abstained from sex were more likely to graduate from high school than those who didn’t.”


Also, according to a study from the Center For Disease  Control and Prevention Resources 2004, “abstinence is the surest way to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.


Dean Busby, Ph.D. Brigham Young University schools of family life also said that “there is more to sex, but we did find that those who waited happier with the sexual aspect of their relationship.


You have already seen some benefits of abstinence before marriage from all these studies.


However, there are other reasons you should wait until marriage to have sex too and I will show in a few seconds.


Here they are


1) Bed Undefiled:-

It is a command from God that sex should be reserved for marriage only. From the letter, Paul wrote to Hebrews (13v4), he preached about marriage been held in honor and that every bed is undefiled for adulterers and fornicators.


Couples were admonished to keep their bed undefiled and pure.


God designed sex to be shared only in marriage and not outside it. To put it simply, sexual intimacy between couples should be reserved for marriage alone.


When you abuse or misuse this gift of sex, then you have defiled your marriage bed.

Even though you are getting married soon, try and hold on for a while.


2) To find the right partner:-

Sex connects two people together. Research shows that there’s a hormone released during sex which makes the two to becomes attached to each other,


If you have sex before marriage, there’s a tendency that you’ll get connected to someone you don’t wish to marry in the future and it may result in problems.

If you don’t want to marry the wrong person, forget about having sex until after the wedding.


3) Increase trust and closeness among couples:-

Whenever a man comes to you, they want to know how hard or cheap you are.


If he makes an advance for sex and you give in, he may carry on with the plan to marry you, or quit because you are cheap to get.


When you let any man know outright that sex is reserved for marriage and he stays back waiting hopefully for the appropriate time, then he will respect and trust you in the future.


But the one who just wants to have sex will not wait once you tell him that sex is after the wedding.


4) Prevent unwanted pregnancy:-

Sex usually results in pregnancy. When you have sex outside marriage, you could get pregnant if you are not sure 100% whether you are safe or not.


Sometimes pregnancy still happens even when you took all the precautions.


Question is, what if you eventually get pregnant to someone you never want to spend the rest of your life with?


If that happens, the only few options for you should be to abort, enter loveless marriage or become a single parent.  That’s the wrong option, isn’t it?


5)/Reduced your chances of getting married:-

Sex before marriage has caused so many intending marriages to fail. Most people ended up not getting married because the waited so long to do so.


Having sex before marriage leads to dating without plans for commitment: that also leads to a decrease in the motivation of getting hooked up.


Meanwhile, if you have sex before marriage, you are likely to get bored with it soon; but if you wait after marriage, you will not lose faith in the future.


6) You will gain self-control:-

Self-control is when you are able to suppress some significant desires.

If you are able to abstain, that shows that you are gaining mastery over your brain and body and that will help you improve other areas of your life.


7) Increased Productivity:

Abstinence from sex for any period of time will give you enough room to think and improve on certain things.


Initially, you spend much time chatting on social media like WhatsApp, WeChat looking for a date.


Nothing kills time like those things mentioned.

when you abstain, you gain more time for yourself and your work.



Few spiritual benefits of abstinence until marriage.


8) Sex before marriage doesn’t glorify God:

God gave us many commandments in His word to live by, but many people count those commandments as mere religious restrictions that engender a boring lifestyle.

Meanwhile, God gave us those laws to guide us and point us towards the will of God for us.


Understanding that God gave us those laws because He deserves to be glorified. Premarital sex doesn’t bring glory to God and when you indulge in it you are keeping yourself far from accessing the best things God has in store for you.

You are not of the world:-

In Romans 12- 2, You are admonished “not to conform to the things of this world, but to renew your mind by the word of God.” That means to live by the word of God.


God called having sex before marriage fornication and it’s counted among the lusts of the flesh.

Sex before marriage means going against the commandments of God.



The benefits of abstinence before marriage are numerous – from protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, helping you concentrate on your studies or work and helping you to stay obedient to God.

You can try it out if you could, if not, pray that the spirit of God helps you.


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