Dating To Marry: 17 Of The Remarkable Winning Steps

Dating To Marry

In this post, I will show you the most important things to consider when dating to marry, so you will understand exactly what to do or not do whenever you start dating.

Here’s why you should know that!

Dating is a serious business, therefore you have to plan well in other to achieve your goal, which is marriage. If after dating you didn’t get married, then you’ve not achieved your goal. To keep you abreast of all the future problems, here are things to consider when you are dating to Marry.

15 Things To Consider When Dating To Marry.


1) Dating is Not Marriage:-


Always have in your consciousness that dating is different from marriage. When you are dating to marry, there’s always enough time to study the one you dating, to know if you are compatible or not.

If you discover the differences and reasons why you will take your relationship to another level, or quit, then nothing stops you.

In that case, you shouldn’t treat dating as a marriage. Treat it a school where you learn and study each other. This will help you to keep the rules of dating as well as that of marriage.


Therefore take time to learn who you are dating, to know more about him/her, it will help you now you are dating to marry and in the future.


2) Be Your Complete Self:- 

Another good thing to do when dating to marry is to be yourself. I will not stop you from reading self-improvement books, that will be a good help to improve your self-esteem.


But when you are dating to Marry, it is important to keep yourself from the temperature of portraying to be who or what you are not.

Be everything you are created by God to be, do not add or subtract, don’t hide your feelings, or keep from sharing your mind because you are afraid of being rejected.

It’s better to find out everything now than later, maybe when you are finally married. It may be disastrous then.


3) Take Your Time:-


You should know that marriage is different from dating, so you should take your time to plan and be prepared for the new level of life else you plan to marry and divorce soon. However, if you want to last in your marriage, then take your time to date before getting hooked up.

The duration of the dating doesn’t matter so much, what matters is how well you understand who you are planning to Marry. That also determines the quality of the relationship you will have.

Take your time, examine, read, study and finally understand him/her properly.


4)  premature marriage conversations are not important when you are dating to marry: 

Now you are in a relationship, it is imperative to avoid the premature marriage conversation like God said you must marry me, I will die if you leave me, etc.


Those words are not needed now. Concentrate on knowing how compatible you are and how good and caring you would be spouse is.

5) Space Is Also Needed:-

When you are dating to my, it’s imperative to know that you should give your date some space to be alone. Have your time alone and let your partner have theirs too.


That will make him/her respect and desire you more. It’s far better that way than spending 24 hours of your time together every day


6) Don’t Be Carried Away BY The Gifts:-


It’s good you give and receive gifts when dating to marry. It shows that the person is thinking about you always. But understand that what matters most is if he/ she loves you too.


If you become carried away by the gifts, you can mistake them with real love and care. Not all that glitters is gold. Be wise, receive the gifts still be wise for the irregularities.


7) Lookout For The Red flags:-


It’s requesting to be positive always and it’s also good to be vigilant too. The truth is that during dating, so many things will be hidden. If you are not careful, you’ll believe that all is well.


But, nothing can be hidden for so long. That’s why you should be on the lookout for the red flags before you make the final decision to get married. Whatever red flag you see, you may try to talk about it and watch if there will be changes, if not, then decide what to do.

Remember, if he or she will not change now you are dating, they may not change later. Being vigilant will save you from future stress.

9) Good Advisers Will Help:- 


Although it’s always good to involve people in everything you do, it is really important to relate with the trusted people if you need to involve people. Good advisers could give you helpful advice that will save you from future mistakes.


Give ears to whatever advice you get from them, they could show you some red flags you are not seeing and also tell you why you should make up your mind quickly about the marriage.



10) Be Ready To Quit Any Time:


Always consider leaving the relationship whenever you see reasons to. I know this sounds absurd, but that’s the whole truth. It is better to leave a relationship alive than dead, so, don’t hesitate to leave.


Don’t marry when you know you are not made for each other. Never assume your spouse will change when you are married. If he/she will not change now.


It doesn’t matter how deep you’ve gone into a relationship, it’s better than getting a heartbreak later.


11) Don’t Date Someone You Won’t Marry:

It doesn’t matter who or what brought you together in the first instance  If he/she is not good to be with, then consider letting them go.

Dating someone you have no intention of marrying can be a complete waste of time and emotional investment for both of you.

When dating to marry, It is better you consider ending the relationship immediately you find out that it lacks long term potential or the person is not good to you.

Continuing to date when you have no plans of marriage can prevent both of you from finding someone more compatible and experience more healthy relationship. This is all about respecting yourselves enough to prioritize you compatibility and connection.

12) Don’t Share So Much About You Too Soon:

Consider not sharing everything about you when dating, it is not good to reveal all about you almost immediately, no matter how fast he/she is getting close.

Just take your time and do it gradually. Let your date look forward to knowing you more as you date. If possible, let him/ her be the one doing the discovery.


13) Dating and Marriage will bring you happiness forever:-


That’s not real. In as much as some health benefits of being in a good relationship, but many others are happy even without been in any relationship too.


So despite the pressure from family members  and friends to get married, you mustn’t rush into any of them


There’s a big difference between being lonely and being alone, but none can be compared with being in an unhealthy relationship.


14) First Impressions Matters:-

It’s important to make a lasting impact during your day. Always do something positive so your date will always remember you for that.

Again do not be moved by how your date presents himself. However, if you are not relaxed by their attitudes, run. 

15) Consider the Type of partner you need:-

This is important when you are dating to marry, and it will make you know what to look for as you date. Truth is that when you know where you are going, then you know how to get there faster.

Be specific about how you want your future family to be and start working to have it from this initial relationship you are having now.

16. Work On Your Communication Skills.

You and I know that nothing can replace good communication in any relationship. Therefore you have to make sure that your communication skills are okay, if not, then work on it.

Working to improve your communication when you are dating to marry is crucial when you want to build a strong foundation. Effective communication is what fosters trust, understanding and help to connect partners.

This involves knowing how to express your thoughts, active listening, being open and honest, and knowing how to resolve conflicts.

When you improve your communication skills, it will be easier for both of you to navigate your challenges more effectively, and establish mutual goals. The investment you made to improve your communication will strengthen your bond and make it easier to have a fulfilling marriage.

17. Go For Marriage Counseling:

Most times, we believe going for marriage counseling is only when your relationship is having challenges. That’s not true. You can visit a marriage counselor anytime.

Now you are dating to marry, you can visit any counselor for advice on how to have a successful relationship. Note that in marriage counseling, you can get advice on how to plan your wedding, your marriage and your finances.

You will learn many things that will help you now you are dating to marry, so do not hesitate to go, if possible go with your partner.



In conclusion, be careful now you are dating to marry. know if the relationship is what you read.If you watch your steps now, you’ll surely not stumble in your future relationship.

in other words give all your strength to your outing and learn all you can about your prospective wife/ husband. All these will be profitable to you now you are dating to marry.

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