11 seriously uncommon ways to romance your wife now.

If you are looking to keep your marriage fire aflame, then you must learn how to romance your wife again and again.

Why did I say so?

There’s an affirmation that a “Happy wife is a happy life.”. Have you considered how true it is?

Truth is that when a wife is happy with her marriage, She puts all her energy to make it successful.

So if that is what you want, then you have to find a way to romance your wife again, and in this article, I will show you what to do to make your wife happy again, so she can do more for your relationship.

Here’s What to do.

8 Cool Ways to Romance Your Wife Again.

1) Give Frequent And Meaningful Encouragement:-

One of the ways to romance your wife again is to skip criticism and follow the relationship rule that says “Give 3 encouragement for every criticism. That’s the way.

Try so much to praise her more than you criticize them and watch how happy she will be: that will also make you a positive leader in her eyes and not a critic.

Simply put, you should drop your constant nature of seeing her wrongs and be positive all the time.

Even when she is making mistakes, take it easy with her, instead, constructively explain things to her. She will love you more when you do these.

2) Understand What She Loves-

Another way to romance your wife again is to Love what Interests Her. If you want your wife to love you more, then take time to find out all she loves and what makes her feel love and do for her without her asking for it.

For example, if your wife loves to read, then help her get the books she likes reading. Just show her that you love what she likes too.

3) Make Life Easier For Her:-

Most of the things you want to do to romance your wife again are very simple. It doesn’t have to be tedious.

You can prove how much you love her, by simply doing those little things that can make life easy for her.

Do the dishwashing, take the children to school, and get groceries for her. When she is cooking, join her in the kitchen and help her cut the vegetables. Those little things matter when you are building your relationship.

Here are some of them

  • Take care of the dishes and the laundry.
  • Do the cleanup.
  • Prepare breakfast or dinner.

Look for those things she does in the house and do them even when she is around.

4) Unexpectedly Take her on an adventure:-

if you’ve not given her some surprises lately, just unexpectedly whisk her out to some cool and exotic places.

If you are not buoyant enough for the exotic places, try somewhere else, but be sure you take her away to any place of your choice.

It may not cost you a fortune, but it will add smiles to your wife’s face and improve the quality of your relationship too.

5) Start Dating Her Again:-

If you have stopped taking her out after your wedding, then this is the time to start again.

Just go to her and asked her out today and watch how excited she will be. Remember those years when you want to take her out again and again? So why did you stop?

You can start again today at least once a month and I bet you’ll get the same result as before.

6) Use Gentle Touches:-

Touching helps to communicate your feelings to someone. Therefore learn to touch her not only when you want to have sex, but at any slightest opportunity, you have.

Don’t wait till bedtime to do so, let it be part. of the ways, you communicate your affection to her.

In as much as your marriage is not affected negatively when you don’t touch her,

But, some gentle, “non-sexual touching enhances closeness”, and can make her feel loved.

Here are a few ways to touch.

  • Hug her more often and try to let her relax a few seconds in your arms.
  • Hug her any time she passes your way, which will make her feel good and secured.
  • Hold her hands when you are watching the television with her.
  • Look her straight in her eyes as you hold her eyes and whisper that magic word ” l love you”
  • Place your hand on your wife’s leg or arms.


7) Learn To Pamper Her:-

This doesn’t mean you should buy expensive things for her, however, look for ways to show some special care to her.

Here are examples.

  • Let her rest her head in your chest while you are on the bed.
  • Call her often and reassure her how you missed her around and offer to take her out for lunch.
  • Give her space to be alone and do whatever she cares to do.
  • Get her favorite diner ready on the dining take and let her just show up and see everything ready for her.
  • Hold her close to you as if you won’t let her go out from you anymore.
  • Share whatever she likes doing: If a has any favorite TV show, then offer to watch it with her the next time. Take part in her hobbies and any other things that give her joy.

8) Take proper care of yourself:-

Treat yourself to looking good all the time. Check your dress code. Don’t be carried away by the struggles that you want to romance your wife again and forget yourself.

Make Her proud to boast about you whenever she is with her friend. If you don’t take good care of yourself, she may not be happy to have you around.

I have heard of women who denied their spouses outside just because they look unkempt although that is not good, it is good to look good.

It won’t take you much to take care of yourself. All you need do is to yourself first, and then start doing the things that make you happy.

Put yourself back to shape by doing exercises regularly or changing your diet. Do everything there is to make you happy and look your best too.

9) Be Kind To Her:-

This quality is often neglected in our marriages, but it is very important when you want to romance your wife again.

It pays to be helpful, gentle, and kind to your wife: doing things will convey to her that you still cherish her. Help her out with the house chores, no matter what it is, or you can divide the chores and do the greater part of it.

Never use ill words on her during heated moments. Therefore, weigh your words before speaking. Instead of yelling at her, gently leave the house or force yourself to keep calm.

Be her cheerleader, and be fast to support her during her tough moments. She will never regret having you as her husband.

10) Be A Changed Person:-

One day, I asked my wife to list all the things I do that she doesn’t like, and I was surprised when I saw a very long list. Most times we think we are doing the right things, but they are hurting our spouse.

Why not quit for a moment and thinks about those characters that your wife isn’t comfortable with. Do you come home late, stay out more with friends instead of your wife, or do you love to eat outside and left your wife’s, dinner on the table?

That’s a serious issue. You can as well as your wife to give you her “I don’t like list. You will be marveled too.

11) Always Be Vocal About Your Feelings For Her:-

We, men always find it hard to voice our feelings to our wives, we believe they can feel our love, so no need to say it out. In as much as that Is true somehow, your wife will always live it if you reassure her of what you feel for her.

For that reason, share your feelings with her on the daily basis. When you wake up in the morning, tell her how you love to wake up by her side: call her during the day while you are out and find out how she is doing.

When you come back from work, hug and kiss her and tell her how you have missed her. That’s a good way to romance your wife.

In Conclusion:-

Now that you know how to romance your wife again, the thing to do is to stop whatever  You are doing right now and practice some of what I wrote here for you.

Remember all you want is to romance your wife again and her happy and make your marriage successful as well.

Aik: AIK UCHEGBU is a writer and an authority in anything that matters about marriage and how to build it successfully. His followers have been greatly enhanced by his findings. You will not be disappointed by coming to this site.