Marriage Counseling Questions For Engaged Spouse: Note These Now.

If you are already engaged and planning to get married soon, you will need to evaluate your relationship so far to know if marriage is best for you. For effective evaluation, I have selected a few marriage counseling questions for an engaged spouse, to help you.

Marriage is the next level of relationship, and it is very much different from courtship, dating, or engagement, therefore it requires carefulness and great intention to have a great marriage.

That’s why it is also important to plan your marriage effectively before stepping in. The reason for the overwhelming rate of divorce these days is that many people go into this next level of a relationship without careful planning.

You won’t make the mistake, because am here to help you avoid it. With these marriage counseling questions for an engaged spouse, you’ll be fully fortified to that bold step called marriage.

Not that you won’t have challenges anymore in your relationship: challenges are inevitable, and they are good too. Go ask any successful couple you know and they will tell you that those trials and errors are the main stepping stones to their success.

These marriage counseling questions for engaged spouses will not insulate you from relationship problems, but they will give you an edge over them.

Marriage Counseling Questions For Engaged Spouse: Note These Now.

Here are the pre-marital counseling questions that will help you know your soon-to-be partner well and it will bring you clarity and clarity and make you trust each other pretty well.

Now you are about to get married, it’s important to discuss these questions with your partner: the answers you get will help you to know what your future will be.

I have categorized these questions into 5 sections to make it easier for you. If you are ready to see the Marriage Counseling Questions For Engaged Spouse, let’s dive In now.

Marriage Counseling Questions On Relationship.

The first issue couples face in a long-term relationship is falling out of love. At this point, you would have seen each other’s faults and good attributes too. If things are not spelled out on time here, complacency will set in and there may be quarrels and fights too. It is therefore impertinent to talk about your reaction would be when this happens.

  • How should we handle falling out of love in the future?
  • What step do you think we can apply to keep our love alive in our relationship?
  • Do you think life will change if we get married and if it does what should we do?
  • What would you suggest we do daily to improve our relationship when need be?
  • If there is one thing you’ll change about our relationship what would it be?
  • Do you have any kind of doubt about the future of our relationship?
  • Is there anything about me you don’t trust?
  • What’s your biggest fear about relationships?
  • What excites you about marriage?
  • In Case of any trouble, what do you think can improve our relationship?
  • Do you think the love we have for each other is enough to sustain our marriage?
  • How do you feel about me daily?

Marriage Counseling Questions About Sex.

At some point in a long relationship, the frequency of sex drops, and also some challenges may set it when there’s a different sex drive between you and your partner. Asking these questions to each other, and getting befitting answers, will help you know how to handle them in the future.

  • What is your sex drive? High or low.
  • How many times a day, week, or months should we make love as couples?
  • What are your greatest sex fantasies?
  • What’s the best way for you to achieve sexual satisfaction?
  • What gets you high during sex?
  • What also put you off?
  • Is there any special place you’ll love to be touched during lovemaking?
  • Do you have any fear whatsoever about sex that I should know?
  • Are there any thoughts or feelings about our individual sexual history before knowing each other?

Marriage Counseling Questions For Engaged Spouse on Conflict Resolution.

There will always be conflict in your relationship, whether you love each other dearly or not. Marriage experts like John Gutman, said that conflicts help the marriage to grow; but that’s when it is resolved effectively and on time too. Taking about the things that may bring Conflict in the future and how to resolve it before marriage will arm you with quality defense.

  • How do we tackle our conflicts?
  • Which side would you take if I have an argument with your family? Mine or theirs.
  • How fast do you discuss our family issues? Immediately or later.
  • What is of utmost importance to you now? Your job, or our marriage.

Marriage Counseling Questions For Engaged Spouse on Money:-

Money ranks number one when it comes to reasons couples fight: it is either there is no money at all or little money in the house. These questions are good for settling or reducing your arguments, so use them when both of you have settled down after your fights.

  • Do you have outstanding debts you are servicing now or loans to pay? If yes house do you plan to handle it so it doesn’t affect our marriage in the future.
  • What is your money Habit? Are you a squander or a saver? Of you are a spender instead of a saver, how do you plan to change in order to help our future marriage?
  • Can we have separate accounts or joint? How do we plan or tackle our family financial obligations when we don’t have a joint account, and why did you refuse us having a joint account?
  • Are we pledging to be sincere with each other about our finances, since money is one of the things that cause fights in marriage?

Marriage Counseling Questions About Your Marital Roles.

There will be a better understanding and more relaxed environment at home when everyone knows their roles in marriage and abide by them. Discussing how to share responsibilities in your marriage and what to expect from them before marriage will give you an edge against future challenges.

Use the below questions to talk about it your prospective wife’s roles as well as yours. Try and be specific and clear enough about them.

  • What would you want to bring into our marriage that will help it thrive well and what would you keep at arm’s length which will jeopardize our relationship in the future?
  • What are the roles you’ll want to play in our marriage? Be specific about them now.
  • What roles would you love my play and in which aspect of our home life or marriage should be more active?
  • About the house chores, how should we share them effectively?
  • Who will make the biggest decision in our marriage? What would those decisions be? It will be fine if you specify what the decision will be.

Marriage Counseling Questions On Extended Family.

Another thing that brings issues in relationships is the issues of the extended family. How would you expect your spouse to deal with your immediate family and relatives? And how would you relate with your spouse’s relatives and family? Spell it out from the start to avoid future troubles that will emanate from it.

  • How often would you visit your family?
  • How would you want your family members to visit you too?
  • Is there any history of genetic abnormalities, or diseases in your family I should know about now?
  • How would you want my family members to visit me?
  • How many times in a month, week, or year would you want me to visit my family?
  • What should you do if my parents need attention and want to visit?
  • Your parents may need health attention and want to come here, should we accept them?
  • What if your family member or mine want to live with us for a long time, should we accept them?

Marriage Counseling Questions On Entertainments:-

“All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” That’s a common adage, but it is true. You’ll have a successful relationship when you understand how to balance your job and your marital joy effectively.

Never forget to have fun in your family no matter what. So from this point, try to find out what makes your spouse happy and find a way to make the have it. Use the below questions to work on your entertainment.

  • Do you love traveling, if yes how often do you love to travel?
  • If you want to travel, where would it be?
  • If I have the chance of travelling with young girls and boys in our office for a reason, would be comfortable enough to trust me?
  • Do you enjoy spending time alone or with friends?
  • Do you enjoy romantic dates? if yes, how would you like it?
  • How often would you like to be alone than be with me?

Other Miscellaneous Questions:-

These are other important questions to ask your spouse before getting married.

  • Do you like pets? Would you insist to bring one home, even when I don’t like pets too?
  • What would you do someday when you find out that my sex life has improved without you teaching me?
  • Which of the house chores would you choose? Dishes or laundry.
  • What are your retirement plans, and when would you want to retire?

Final Words

Asking and answering marriage counseling questions are important when you want to have a successful relationship. This post is to equip you with things that need to be addressed before hooking up.

As you go through these questions, many things you didn’t imagine about a relationship will be unveiled to you: don’t take it lightly. Study the questions well and seek genuine answers from your partner, then rest assured of a great marriage ahead.

This being said, your next step should be to invest in finding a good marriage and family therapist to quote you as you prepare to take your next step.

I wish you the best. See you at the top.

Yours faithfully, murphyaik.

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