True love meaning: authentic facts to know about love

The true love meaning varies from individuals; everyone sees true love differently. That simply means your view on what true love means can be much different from mine.

Why Is It So?

Everyone experienced love in different ways. Your partner may have treated you in certain ways you love, which may be different from your next-door neighbor.  Therefore her definition of true love will be different from yours.

What Does True Love Mean?

It is now obvious that getting the true love meaning won’t be easy when you ask people to describe it for you.

And as such, there may not be a generally accepted description for the term true love.

Meanwhile, let’s see the definitions of true love, as written by an online dictionary.

True love is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate and fulfilling relationship.”

This is the very type of feelings everyone desires in a relationship. The feelings of complete love, joy, and trust.

Statistics from mature dating show that 88%  of Americans confirms that true love is the main reason while people get married.”

Another research by health experts also shows that “falling in love produces several hormones that can stimulate about 12 areas of the brain positively.”

That’s why everyone is searching for that love, including you.

The question is, what does true love look like?

Is it all about a man and girl holding hands and whispering in each other’s ear?  Or about having a perfect home?

This post is to explain to you what true love is and what it is not.

Let’s look at how to identify true love in any relationship.

Signs Of True Love In A Relationship.

1) He/She Is Interested In You.

You will not need a soothsayer to tell you when someone is very interested in you. He/she will do everything that will prove the love to you.

Starting from the ways they look or appreciate you and how they can’t wait to know you better.

Your true love will go the extra mile just to make sure that you are happy with him.

You will be able to differentiate between a true lover and a player. Although the player may be meticulous when he wants to play you, there is a way to know true love when you find one.

2) You Will Feel This Strong Emotional Connection Immediately:

Immediately you find true love, you will feel it outright. You will feel as though everything about you is complete.

There’s an emotional connection that will start the minute you find each other that may look like magic. But that’s just a sign of finding a soul mate.

All you should do at this point is to observe how the love and connections will be unfolding.


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3) You Are Willing To Sacrifice For Their Happiness.

True love will make you want to be the best for your partner and they will want to reciprocate it too.

You won’t stop doing things you know will make them happy, because you know that their happiness means a lot to you.

Therefore, you can sacrifice, or go the extra mile so they will feel happy and secured.

4) You Can’t Get Enough Of Him/Her:

Every moment with each other gives you good energy to look for more time together. The moment you are away from each other, it feels like the whole world is crumbling: and no matter how long you have been together, you just can’t have enough of yourselves.

That is another sign of seeing your soulmate.

5) You Want To Be Part Of Each Other’s Life.

People take their most cherished relationships to the next level. It is best to surround yourself with those that mean well to you.

Your true love knows you are an important part of their life and so they won’t let the relationship end in friendship.

They will take it to the next level so you’ll always be part of their lives forever.

If you’ve ever felt that way before, don’t be afraid if I told you that you’ve found your missing rib.

Before we look at the true love meaning, let’s check if there is any difference between love and real love. That will help us know if there is a need to find out what true love means.

What’s The Difference Between Love And True Love?

When you feel love for someone, it may only be just likeness or mere infatuation. Ordinary love can fade at any time because there is nothing strong to bind the relationship together.

True love is not infatuation. It is a pure undiluted emotional feeling you share. It is long-lasting, caring, and patient.

Only love is not enough to keep your marriage fire burning, you have to love your partner in such a way as to enjoy staying with them for the rest of your life.

When you love someone with all your heart,  you will not have any reason to doubt, because you know they are real and open.

You are not afraid whether your partner will be unfaithful to you and your partner believes you’ll be loyal till the end too.

Here’s important advice for you; whether it is an ordinary love or true love, you must breathe life into it always. If you don’t, nurture it or work for it, it will die a natural deal.

Therefore, while you are searching to know the meaning of true love, also take your time to note the measures to keep love alive in your relationship.

True love meaning: authentic facts to know about love.

1) He or She Is Exceptional To You:

You have arguably seen thousands if not millions of people, but your heart is made for just one person. There are so many flaws, questionable attitudes and you are not minding them.

This is because true love has the power to cover up so many things.

Ruth Bell Graham says that “marriage is the union of two good forgivers. It is only true love that will make you forgive and move forward.

2 True Love Means You Care About Each Other With No Strings Attached:

Another good indication that you have found true love is that you love and care about him or her unconditionally.

You wouldn’t mind doing anything there is to take care of him/her: and in all circumstances and challenges, you are still there by the side.

All you wish is to make the world and your relationship a better place for both of you. Only true love can make that happen.

3) There is No Room For Jealousy Where True Love Exists:

Jealousy can tear any relationship apart big time. But true love guarantees no jealously. The moment you are fully engrossed with thoughts of how to make your partner happy, your mind won’t have space for jealousy anymore.

Many people said that jealousy is a sign of true love, but according to Indian Indian times,  jealousy is not to love, but a sign of insecurity.

Couples always look for better ways to make each other happy, free and secure.

4) True Love Means Confidence:

When true love exists in your relationship, you know you are confident in your partner and your relationship. Confidence disperses fear.

There will be no reason to worry if your spouse will leave you or cheat on you, and your partner is also sure of your sincerity.

In a loveless relationship, you are not happy, you are lonely and you will always feel insecure.

5) You Are Free To Talk About Anything:

If you have found true love, you won’t be afraid to communicate openly with each other. There is nothing to hide, and there is nothing you can’t talk about because you are free and have the type of connection that can not be broken.

The inability to be open with your partner shows there is no love at all, talk less of true love. However, true lovers are as free as a bird and have amazing communication skills.

6) Mutual Respect Exists:

You will know true lovers from the ways they respect each other. Everyone is careful not to disrespect the other.

Respect is all about honoring your better half for who they are. God commanded the women to honor their husband’s and the husband to honor her back by loving unconditionally.

That signifies how much respect means for couples. Marriages fail when respect disappears in a relationship.

But true love makes a tremendous dose of mutual respect available to keep things alive in your relationship.

7) True Love Means Commitment:

Commitment is another good way to know a relationship where love exists. Both partners are not afraid to give up themselves, their time, and money just to make sure they have the best relationship.

Commitment means you are ready to do all and be all you can just to make your relationship the best, especially when there is a crisis.

You are even ready to be the first to say sorry for what you didn’t do. It doesn’t mean you are weak, but you want to make things better again.

In Conclusion:

Relationships last longer when there is true love. However, you will keep working to keep the love alive if not it will die.

In this post, I took the time to share what true love means. Although there is no much better description for true love, meanwhile, there are many ways to identify if real love exists in your relationship or your neighbor’s

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