Divorce vs Separation: Note the Difference And Similarities Now.

You can not talk about divorce vs separation without also knowing what separation means too. So what is separation?

Separation in marriage means when parties are living under a different roof and are not legally separated. People often see separation as a red flag that divorce is imminent.

However, separation is not divorce, and it doesn’t always lead to a divorce. Many couples have seen their marriage become stronger, though statistic says it is 85% out of 100.

There are some circumstances couples will need to take a break in their relationship, to enable them to seek out things and trash some matters in their marriage and also seek some marital separation advice from the therapists.

That is purely different from a divorce and should not be seen as one.

Divorce vs separation,

Types Of Separation:

There are three types of separation-

  • Trial.
  • permanent
  • And legal separation.

Trial Separation:– This is when you and your better half need a break in your marriage. The game is to live apart for some time and consider whether you will reconcile or go on with the divorce.

Having a trial separation will be a good option for you if you and your partner hope to reconcile soon, but remember to write an informal agreement concerning the rules of separation.

Permanent Separation:- Permanent separation happens when you live apart from your spouse and you do not hope to reconcile at any moment.

Legal Separation:- Being legally separated from your spouse means that you are your spouse are not legally married, but that does not mean that you are divorced as well.

This starts when one of the partners files a petition in family court to grant them a permanent separation. Couples choose this as an option for divorce. However, you can still divorce after being legally separated.

Divorce vs Separation: Note the Difference And Similarities Now.

1) Separation Is Not Divorce:-

From my earlier description of divorce and separation, you will find out that one of the greatest differences between divorce vs separation is the marital status.

once you are divorced your marital status will change immediately; you will no more be seen as married, and you can remarry.

Separating from your partner won’t change your marital status though you are not living under the same roof anymore. And it also means that you can not remarry.

2) You Still Have Chances To Reconcile:-

Another thing to note about divorce vs separation is that separated couples still have ample opportunities to reconcile with their partner.

Because separation is just about taking a break to know if things can work out again: that presents a lot of chances for the couples to make up for their difference and come back together again.

Divorce does not present that type of opportunity for reconciliation. Once the judge gives a verdict for divorce, the chance of reconciliation has been lost completely.

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