Why you should take a break in our relationship

Take a break in your relationship

If you are on the crossroad of making a decision whether you should stay in the relationship or not, deciding to a break in your relationship might help. But please keep in mind, this decision work for both possibility, whether it could save your relationship or destroy it.

For me, it depends on how you respond to this action. If you both take this opportunity to reflect on yourself, free your mind, find your strength, and focus on the positive side to improve your relationship, then it should be okay. Otherwise, you might just forget about your partner and move on.

Because when you take a break from your relationship, you both basically go through some personal difficult tests. In other words, you will see what your life is going to be without your partner and your relationship.

So, it totally depends on what you really want.

If you realize the relationship is not worth saving, then break up is the right answer. But if you’re not sure, I suggest you check my other article, Should I break up with my boyfriend. That article will give you more insights about what are normal signs when a relationship is over, and how to react to it.

The Reasons For Taking A Break In A Relationship.

“Neither with you nor without you” is the motto of many couples who can’t stand or live apart and who adopt the intermittent relationship model, just like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

At the opposite extreme are those who are addicted to falling in love, strong feelings, and disposable commitments.

Although when things start to fail or create problems, the vast majority of us try to channel them before discarding them. Taking a break in the relationship is one of those arrangements that many of us put into practice.

It happens when every day looks like the plot of the movie ‘Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf?’ (1962). Constant quarrels, hurtful phrases, and the unwillingness to communicate and understand remove the colors of life. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons for taking a break in our relationships.

Taking time-off in the relationship would be equivalent to hospitalization. A more thorough treatment or even an operation may be performed if required. So that there will be always the possibility that you’ll recover.

When Should You Take A Break?

When an argument continues over and over again, then it might be a good idea to take a break. Because, when you repeat the unfavorable situation, it can cause unbearable tension that can harm your emotional health.

Meanwhile, going straight to an official break up after a big argument also not a very good way to end things. A decision that you make when you are emotionally unstable usually not something that you really wish. So, taking a break from each other will give you space and time to rebalance your perspective toward your relationship.

Take this opportunity to walk away and figure out what you really want in your life. Spend some time to think about your partner’s strength and your good day together. This might help you figure out how important is your partner to you.

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