7 Strategies to make your marriage stronger

Are you looking for ways to make your marriage stronger? Then you are in the right place.


One thing every couple wants so much is to have a successful relationship with their spouse.


However, sometimes the opposite is always what they get; instead of seeing joy, love and peace reining in their relationship, they have quarrels, hate, fight and sometimes separation happening.


If your marriage looks like what I have described so far, here is one thing I want you to know. It is not the end of the road.


Thankfully, there are things you can do to make your marriage stronger again, and I am going to let them out to you in this article.

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My only wish is that you will not take this as one of the usual articles you have read before. If you are ready for this then let’s go.



      7 secrets to make your marriage stronger


1 Constantly updates your marriage Virus Scanner: –

Viruses are the things that affect the host, and if not properly checked can harm the host.


In life, there are things that can harm and even destroy your relationship if you are not observant of them.


They usually look insignificant, which is why we overlook them. But they will continue to eat the foundation of your marriage until it becomes so weak to sustain you and too impossible for you to handle.


The proper way to check the harmful attack of those marriage and relationship viruses is to scan your marriage always. That will help you identify them immediately and also get rid of them.


I am talking about things like lies, jealousy, hate, blame, pointing fingers and so many other things.


If these things are properly checked in our marriages, there will never be room for abuse or divorce.


2 Don’t ignore problems:-

One step to solving any problem is to identify what the problems are really are.


Some partners pretend they are living happily in their marriage, but they always have a different opinion and disagree in almost everything.


While some couples deal with their differences immediately, some do it calmly, although both methods of dealing with problems work well, however, it is risky where you ignore the problems completely.


There are challenges that cannot be ignored so it is better to find a way to settle every problem. That will help you move on in your relationship.



3 Learn to talk about your happy, angry and hurting feelings:-

Everyone has a moment of joy and sorrow. Those times of happiness fills our heart with joy and you feel happier when you share your joy to someone closer.


In the same way, it is equally good to share your hurting feelings with your spouse.


When you keep your negative feelings for so long in your heart without sharing, suddenly, you will find out it is effecting your actions, and sometimes it is expressed through words.


When you share your feelings with each other in the hope of sharing the utmost feelings instead of focusing on your spouse’s ill actions, then the whole issue will be addressed in a safer and effective way.



4 Apologize when necessary:-

Saying sorry “when you screw up things sound simple, but that is always the hardest thing to do.


We find it very easy to say, especially when there is a “trivial matter” such as when you mistakenly splash water on someone or give the wrong change to your customer.


But, when it comes to important issues and saying it to those that matter to us, it becomes a very hard word to utter.


However, your inability to say those five-letter words can harm your marriage.


So if you are interested to know how to make your marriage stronger, they say sorry and genuinely say it.

Saying sorry will not destroy you; it will never suck up the blood in your body. Rather, it eases tension and reduces stress in a relationship.


5 Avoid resentments:-

Notwithstanding the beautiful and lovely updates of happy home pictures we get from Facebook and other social media daily, may I tell you outright here that not all that glitters is gold?


I said that because I know that even the healthiest relationships are not 100% free of fights.


One way or the other we wrong or are wronged by our partner. However, the fight is not the issue.


A licensed marriage and family counselor Bob Navarra (PsyD) said that the feelings are not the reason marriage breaks, but how the issues are handled.


The best approach is to talk about it outright and settle it once and for all.


But when emotions are taken likely, toxic negativity starts and before you know it every part of your marriage is affected. Resentments reside in us and feed on our negative feelings.




7 Keep dating each other:-

Date! Date!! And date: Yes, you heard that right. Don’t think you are married now, so no time for dates again.


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The same way dating is important for the singles, it is also important to the married.


From a survey conducted by the National Marriage Project at University in Virginia, shows that couples who date frequently are not easily divorced and are stronger in their relationship.


Dating provides a room where you and your partner communicate effectively and create a secure environment for trust and happiness.


If you have stopped dating or your dating has become a routine, then you need to revive it. It will not only make your marriage beautiful, but your life will be greatly affected also.





Things will be easier for you and your spouse if you will make a constant check of your marriage from time to time.

Remember, getting married is not the main thing but keeping your marriage happy is where to concentrate.

I am still your friend murphyaik.

Keep keeping on until you get to the top.

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