7 Ways to Make Your Husband Respect You

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If you have been married for a while now, and you discovered that the respect your husband use to give you have died down completely, then you are not alone. One of the most common emails I get from my client is all related to that.

That simply means that as I am writing this now, so many women have gone through the same issue, and a lot of them are still going through it at the moment.

Dear, if you fall into the class of women who are being disrespected by their husbands, then it’s time to cheer up again.

One thing about love and respect is that we rarely give attention to them in our marriage until we realized that they are no more present.

Here are how all this starts

Respect or love doesn’t disappear in a twinkle of an eye, it usually starts small; from doing things behind your back, treating you badly.

Sometimes, your husband may go to the extent of having an affair at your back or abusing you. All these drain the respect.

Other ways are things like misusing finance, lack of care, lying, promise without fulfilling it. Etc.

If the respect is already drained in your marriage, then I am here to show you how you are going to get that respect back from your husband and I will also show you how to keep it.

If you are ready for this, then let’s go on.


(1) Think about your attitude:-

One thing you should know about respect is that it is earned.

Let me ask you this question; that your co-worker, family member, your client, classmate you hated, what was the reason for your actions? Probably because of the way he/she behaved or talked.

He/she may be a snob, nagging, or maybe mistreating others. Although you love the person in question, you just can’t give respect to him/her because you detest his actions.

This is similar to what happens in our marriage. A lot of things may be the reason your husband is avoiding you, shouting at you, and is disrespecting you.

The first thing you should do at this moment is to reconsider your attitude, maybe you’ll find the reason and mend it.

(2) Express your feelings:-

It is not good when you deny your feelings because when you do that, you are denying yourself the truth, and it is an awkward life when we are not living our lives truthfully.

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