good sex, satisfying your spouse

Sex questions to boost sex in your marriage

good sex, satisfying your spouse


In this post, I will show you some amazing sex questions to ask your partner before sex.


If you get good answers for these sex questions from your partner, then you are sure that you understand exactly what your partner is expecting from you during sex.


If there is one thing every couple must hold firm in their marriage that is their sex life.


Sex is an important aspect of every marriage that when you nurture it properly, you know you have a cheating proof relationship. But when you neglect sex in your marriage, then it will not take time before your marriage fails.


There is no marriage today that doesn’t have a problem, and sex is found to be among the number one issue in marriage.


This will boost your sex

However, if you really desire to have a more passionate and romantic relationship with your spouse, then you must have to understand your partners likes and dislikes about sex,


Take time to go through these questions I have written down for you.


It’s all about helping you achieve more amazing sex with your spouse. These questions are important for every couple, both the newlywed, long-married as well as the older couples.

You will learn new  things about sex

One important aim for asking these questions is to help the two of you discover new things about each other’s sexual life


Now the most important thing to note as you read this to ask your most pressing questions about sex, and also be honest when you are answering the questions too.


So get a jotter and pen, so you can write down the answers provided by your spouse, so you can refer to them any time.


Again you must make sure to honor your spouse’s opinion as regards what he or she wants.


Put force out of it all, nobody wants to be forced and remembers the best way your relationship can grow is to put your spouse’s most important emotional needs in front of everything else.


Sex Questions: Tips To Boost Sex In Your Marriage.


  • Can you rate our sex life
  • How do we connect in the day time to put us in the mood for sex?
  • Tell me what I should do to make you desire me more?
  • What position of love-making do you enjoy best?
  • Where do I touch you during sex that will help you reach orgasm?
  • How many times would you want to have sex in a week?
  • How best can we express our sexual satisfaction?
  • What is your sex drive? High or low?
  • How would you want me to hold you before and after sex?
  • Which two other places would you want us to make life outside our bedroom?
  • How long would you want me to last during the foul play?
  • What are the things you will prefer me to do during the foul play?
  • How would you want me to dress that will help you get in the mood?
  • Are there things you would want me to do during sex that I’ve not done?
  • What is your best part of our sex life?
  • What is your worst part?
  • Would you want the use of sex toys like-



Penis ring,



  • Tell me one thing about oral sex that makes you feel great.
  • What belief do you have about sex?
  • Do you have any fear concerning sex? If yes then what is it?
  • When was the last time you reached orgasm during our sex?
  • Is your sexuality still the same or has it change over time?
  • What are your most memorable experiences during our sex?
  • What’s your greatest hardcore “fantasies”.
  • What is the sensitive part of your body you want me to touch?


I am sure this will help you increase your sex with your spouse. Just be sure to listen properly to what he or she has to say.

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