11Things I Didn’t Know Before We Got Married

Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married Number

Before I share this with you, I wish to tell you a little story about what prompted me to marry in the first place, and why I wish I knew so many things before we got married.

Back in the day while I was still in high school, I use to visit some family friends with my parents and sometimes with my friends too.

Some times when we get to some homes and see what looks like joy and happiness, I use to tell myself that this is exactly how my marriage will be.

Did you noticed what I wrote in my last statement? ‘what looked like joy and happiness; I said that because I thought those couples where all the time happy as they posed to be.

How wrong I was. : )

There is no marriage that is 100% happy. Maybe I shouldn’t have used that word no marriage, probably yours is. Just feel free to share with us if yours is 100% in the comment box below.

However, if you will permit me, I will use 67% of couples are actually not having a pleasant time in their marriage.

As at the time of writing this article, some of the marriages are merely going on without any passion.

That is why I categorized marriage into three parts.

The Happy Marriage:-

This is that type of marriage where both couples are enjoying their marriage. It is not as if they don’t have any downtime; but, they understand how to manage their conflicts in other to move forward.

Semi-Happy Marriage:-

In this type of marriage, couples just go along, but there is nothing like passion anymore. The situation is not yet that bad to make them want separation, and also not that good to make them happy. They are in between the two.

And Then The Unhappy Marriage:-

Couples in an unhappy marriage are at the height of unhappiness with each other, that the only thing necessary to help out is divorce. Nothing else could save them except for divorce or death.

I did not know all those things before we got married. I was only opportune to see those couples that brandished themselves to me as being happily married and not the unhappy one.

Here is the reason I am writing this article: )

It is not as if I made the wrong choice to marry or that I would not have married if I had known all these before we got married; but I would have been very prepared, knowing what I should do to have the happiest marriage in life.

Marriage secrets, got married ,

But, I am writing to share with you most of the people that are looking for their missing ribs, to guide them and make them ready to take the bold step.

If you are still reading this article, then that means you really want to know those things I wish I knew before we got married.

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married:-

(1) and You must always be romantic:

We men always think that love is a process. We believe that now we have had the courtship, won her love now so we should go on with our business.

However, women see love as an adventure. They prefer those little things you do together. She always wants to know that she sparks a flame in your eyes. When you don’t give attention to those things, it will ruin your marriage.

If men should understand that there is much difference in the emotional makeup of men and women, things will be much better than it is now.

Keep on buying those flowers as you did before you got married, those perfumes, the bucket of ice cream, the chicken lap; you know them.

I remember those days of our courtship, whenever we are eating together, I usually let my wife eat the most meat in the soup.

Now when she wants to eat them again, I usually feel bad, but she will quickly remind me of how I use to let her eat them before we got married to her. Then I will laugh.

Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married Number Two:- To Be Intimate With My Spouse:-

Intimacy means a deeper presence of closeness between couples. This is a time in a marriage when every partner feels secured to communicate their mutual desire, secret and personal jokes without fear of rejection.

I did not know that intimacy could be that priceless. Your partner must understand that you are all she’s got and that she is the number one priority to you too and that she is your closest friend.

Whenever you are together and you feel the atmosphere has changed, don’t hold it; cancel everything and let the moment be. Seize the moment.

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