6 Ways to stay happily married as husband and wife.

Ways to be happily married as couples

So you want to learn the ways to stay happily married as a husband and wife.

If you have been married for 6-8 years now and you are still happily married, then you must be very grateful to God for that; if not, this article is specially written for you, because I am going to show you ways to stay happily married as husband and wife in a long term marriage.

It is one thing to be married and it is yet another thing to stay happily married as husband and wife after so many years.

Let me throw a little light on what I have just said.

In the earlier years of every marriage, probably from the first year; things were going very well. There was peace; intimacy and joy between you and your spouse.

Things were going smoothly, but now, those things are no more and it looks as if it is peculiar to your marriage.

Your friends are enjoying their marriage and having a nice time with their spouse, and in yours, it’s always fighting, quarrel and sometimes you’re even on the verge of breaking up.

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is there anything you are not doing well?

You have asked yourself so many questions “if you have done something wrong to deserve all these.”


These are common in marriages, there is never a relationship without challenges. You only need to take certain steps to get things back the way they used to be.

I remember one slogan that said, “If you do anything and have a positive result, then if you do the same thing again the same way, you will get the same result.”

Probably, there are things you were doing before that you are not doing now. I implore you today to look back to those good old days; you may see the causes of the current situations in your marriage at this time.

Yes you can

And I have good news for you today: You can fix those holes in your marriage if you will work with what I will teach you in this article.

They will guide you to stay happily married as husband and wife once again. Look back to the old days of your marriage.

I heard a marriage counselor said that in the earlier years of marriage, couples will take care of each other and still not get tired of doing such, the husband will offer their hands to their wives when she they are in difficult situations, but as the marriage progresses, those things begin disappearing.

Ways to be happily married as couples

Now you even find it hard to open the door of your car for your wife to enter before you. If you could look back and try those things you were doing before, you could restore the things you use to see.

What Does Happily Married Mean?

Being happily married means you are having the fair share and blessings of your relationship.

You are happy with your spouse and everything is going well as it should between you and your partner.

That doesn’t mean that your relationship is free of challenges, no, you have issues too, but you know how to deal with your issues, and you also know how to maintain the bond.

Below are a few things you can do.

6 Ways to stay happily married as husband and wife.

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