Sexting examples: 62 Heartwarming ways to boost your marriage.

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Are you looking for ways to spice your marriage or relationship? Have you heard how many couples have used sexting to ignite passion back into their relationships, and you are looking for sexting examples to use personally? I got your back and am ready to show you some heartwarming sexting example you’ll love dearly.

The truth is that whether you are just married today, month old, or many years in marriage, you’ll sometimes have a need to spice things up in your relationship, and between you and your partner: these days, one of the best ways to do that is sext.

Years back, the act of sexting was seen as useless, or rather something that’s left for youth and teens: nowadays, it has become the most widely accepted way of spicing your relationship.

According to Drexel now, 8 people out of 10 people they surveyed agreed to sexting. Further investigation shows that there will be a sharp increase in the upcoming years. Again, the experts also found out that sexting has helped many partners achieve sexual satisfaction.

Well, if sexting has helped many other people to improve the quality of their relationships, as well as helping them achieve greater satisfaction sexually, I implore you to use it for the same results in your own relationship. If you are not too sure where to start, then check out these sexting examples I selected for you.

I have done the most work for you here. All you do is just to copy and paste. But if you need to learn how to customize your personal sexting, I will also help you.

It is pretty éasy to learn, and the good news is that you can customize it to match every moment needed. In this post, I will show you everything you need to know about the topic texting, the good ways to text, and the general rules guiding you to have optimal sexting experiences you need.

Let’s move forward.

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Before i show the sexting examples, let’s get ourseves acquainted what sexting actionally mean.

What Is Sext?

The word sext or sexting is a combination of two special words, text and sex. It comprises of two people (especial male and female) sending sex messages to each other. It also involves sending seminude or full nude pictures, or video of you to your partner or your male or female friend.

There are many ways sexting can be carried out daily, – cell phones, text messaging, direct social media messaging, or anyother messaging platforms. Anybody can sext, no matter the age. However, it is more prevalent of youths and teens, and survey shows that as many as 17% of teens have sext, while around 28% have received it too.

How Sexting Helps Relationships:-

before we look at the sexting examples, let’s quickly look at how sext can help relationships grow and mature faster. In a relationship, sext helps you to stay connected with your partner sexually, especially when you are not physically around.

Meanwhile, experts suggested that you should know attachment styles you have with your partner before you know if sext can help your relationship or kill it. Below are the known attachment styles in every relationship.

  • “The anxiously attached people.” These ones don’t find it easy to relate to people because they are always afraid of rejection.
  • “Securely attached people are not afraid to be abandoned. That’s why it is easy for them to get closer to people.
  • “The avoidantly attached people are always uncomfortable to get close to people and so want to be on their own.

These three different people have their unique ways of response to: for example, the researchers have proved that the avoidant or anxious attached people are very likely to participate in text. The anxious attached will more likely love to text the partner or friend when they are not around just to feel closer.

The avoidant person will use it as a way for sexual gratification, even as they avoid getting close to the other person for sex.

Having known all these, you should also make sure you know the rules of texting before you sext in the first place.

Below are The Rules for Sexting.

Rules for Sexting:

To use either of the sexting examples I will share with you, you must get accustomed with these sext rules below.

  • Receive And Give Consent: As you read from the different examples of peoples ways of attachments, it is therefore important to seek consent before sending your sext. If your partner don’t like it, don’t send to him/her.
  • Don’t Share Your partners Nude Pictures, Video’s Ever. Don’t share any video or sext your partner sent to you with anyone else. You may not like the outcome of it at last.
  • Be Clear About Your Boundaries. It is important you discuss with your partner about what they do or not do with the sext after sending. Do you want it deleted or archived? let your partner know before hand.
  • Protect Your Privacy. This is an important point to note. Always be sure of who yoi are sending your nude pictures to. My friendly advice to you is “don’t send your nude picture to anyone you met few months ago.
  • Let It End There. Let everything you do end immedietly you are through with your sext; never use whatever your partner sent to you as a weapon or for blackmail purposes.

Sexting Examples: 65 Heartwarming Ways To Boost Your Marriage.

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Sexting Example When You Just Started Dating:

  1. “I keep thinking about [insert sexual memory together]. It’s making me want to play with myself…are you free?”

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