57 Christian Marriage Wishes for a Lifetime of Joy

How do you congratulate a Christian wedding? That’s what I want to share with you in this post. Just fasten your seat belt as I answer your question. 

Welcome to my latest blog post. Today I will share some heartwarming Christian marriage wishes with you. If you have friends, or families who are about to wed, then this Christian marriage wishes it for you. 

These marriage wishes are designed to convey love peace and quality advice to your friends who are about to wed or newly wedded. 

These words are inspired by love and faith and they will help you to convey your wishes and blessings to them. Just feel free to use the Christian marriage wishes to make your friends and family happy during their wedding ceremony. 

What Is A Good Wedding Message?

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A good wedding message is an expression of joy and heartfelt well-wishes for the couple that are getting married. It incorporates personal sentiments and genuine happiness, to acknowledge the significance of wedding occasions.

A well-crafted message might include words of encouragement, love, and anticipation for a glorious future. Being sure that your Christian marriage wishes are tailored to match the unique qualities of the couple and their shared moments will create memorable touches.

One thing that will make your wedding wishes stand out and deliver your heartfelt message to the wedding couple is to make your wishes to them with sincerity.

Christian Marriage Wishes for a Lifetime of Joy.

1. May the Lord almighty, the maker of heaven and earth, who has brought you too together in joy, peace, and love continue to make his grace and favor available to you. Congratulations!

2. May this journey you are about to begin now be a journey that is filled with the best that life has to offer. When you’ll look back in the future you will have reason to thank God that He brought you together in love.The wishes are inspired by love.

3. This marriage will come and pass, but your blessings will continue to come and your joy will forever blossom. Happy wedlock.

4. I wish you joy, peace, and abundance. May you never for once regret taking this step. Happy wedlock.

5. I wish you all the good things you wish for yourself at this wedding. May they become a reality for you. Happy wedding. 

6. The wedding day is here, may it be filled with joy, love and may the grace of God surround you and your spouse,  as you walk down the aisle. 

7. I wish you and your wife all the blessings for this union, God’s light will continue to illuminate your paths, and His peace will make all things available for you. Congratulations 

8. Your union is forever blessed, nothing will make you regret this decision you make today,  and His peace will rule your heart. 

9. Lord I pray for this union may it begin with you, mature in you, and continue with you. Nothing shall come in between. I wish you the best. 

10. Wait for a minute, take a look at that man/woman you got married to and you will know that the Lord has blessed you immensely. Happy married life. 

11. I wish you a happy married life. Great will be your union with your spouse. 

12. Wedding days are always one the best days in every couple’s life. May yours be glorious and memorable. May your wedding union be blessed.

14. This is my message of love and grace to you and your lovely spouse.

15. Your wedding day will be glorious, after the wedding,  you will know that the Lord has answered your prayer and has given you all you want in a partner.


16. I pray your wedding will be full of peace,  love, and peace. May your love continue to grow. I also ask God to make your patience and kindness for each other yield more grace.

Christian Wedding Wishes With Bible Verse: 

In this section, I have selected some beautiful Christian marriage wishes accompanied by Heartwarming Bible verses. These heartfelt messages are crafted to symbolize love, blessings, and faith in you as you celebrate your union in God’s presence.

18. I pray that your marriage will be a reflection of Ephesians 5 Verse 25, and may it be filled with selflessness and love. Congratulation!

19. As you and your spouse embark on this beautiful journey together, may Colossians 3 Verse 14 be your guide and fill your marriage with a perfect bond of love. May God bless your wedding day.

20. I wish you a marriage that will flourish like a palm tree described in Psalm 19 verse 12 – peaceful, gracefully strong, and also rooted in God’s love.

21. In Proverbs 3:3-4, we were reminded not to let faithfulness and love leave us. May these virtues remain the foundation of your marriage forever. Congratulations!

22. According to Ecclesiastes, two are better than one. I pray that your union is a source of joy, strength, and companionship. Happy wedding day!

23. May the love you share be kind, and patient, just as it is described in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Congratulations, you have found a love that endures all things.

24 Your marriage is like a covenant in God’s love. May it be a testament to that beautiful promise described in Genesis 2:24. Blessings to you and your spouse.

25. I wish you a marriage that continually seeks God’s help and guidance and is inspired by Proverb 16:3. Congratulations on this special day.

26. I pray that your home be a place of peace and love, rooted in the words of Psalm 127 verse 1. Congratulations to you and your spouse.

27. As you take this journey together, may your love be as strong as a threefold cord as described in Ecclesiastes 4:12. I wish you blessings on your marriage!

28. You have found the one whom your soul loves(Songs of Solomon 3:4). May your love story be as lovely and enduring as this verse.

Christian Marriage  Wishes For A Friend: 

In this section, you will find some nicely selected Christian marriage wishes that convey blessings and joy to your friends on their wedding day.

These wishes are inspired by love and faith and they aim to express warm sentiments as they embark on their sacred journey journey.

29. May your marriage be the reflection of God’s glory, love, and favor, may it be filled with joy, understanding, and everlasting prosperity. Amen.

30. As you take this giant stride on this sacred journey, I pray your union be blessed with the blessing of God, guiding you and directing your steps every time.

31. I wish you a lifetime of shared love, faith, laughter, and love that becomes stronger every passing day.

32. May your wedding day be the beginning of the lovely chapter, written with the ink of God’s favor and blessings, and also be bound with the cord of love.

33. I pray that your marriage becomes a testament to the strength that comes from hope, faith, and unshakable love in Christ.

34. May your home be a place of peace and a haven of love, where God’s presence is experienced in every corner.

35. Congratulations on your union in this holy matrimony called marriage. May your love story continue to be a light that shines brighter until the perfect day. It shall be an example of God’s divine plan for marriage.

36. Wishing you a marriage that is filled with the warmth of His love, the light of His countenance, and the beauty of His grace.

37. May your love be as enduring as those promises you made to each other on the altar today, anchored in the basis of your shared Christian faith.

38. I wish you God’s richest Love and blessings on your wedding day and throughout your union, as you build a life together and stand strong on His teaching

39. As two of you become one I. Christ, may your love story be an inspiration to others to seek God’s guidance in their relationships.

40. May the love you share be the reflection of God’s unconditional love which brings comfort, blessing, and joy in every season of life.

41. I pray your marriage will be a testimony to the power of prayer, commitment, and grace that comes from living by the word of God.

42. I wish you blessings on your wedding day and the rest of your marriage days, as you you work down this aisle hand in hand on the path of love and faith.

43. I wish you a union that is filled with the fruit of the spirit – joy, love, kindness, peace, faithfulness, self-control, patience, gentleness, and goodness.

Funny Christian Marriage Wishes: 

 Welcome to this section. Here is a collection of funny Christian marriage wishes selected for you. Get ready to laugh as we celebrate the sacred bond with a touch of humor.

 These wishes are a combination of silly and sacred, and it is meant to offer a lighthearted perspective on the beautiful journey of marriage.

So, get ready to laugh as we dive into these 18 amusing marriage wishes that will brighten the path of newlyweds as they walk the aisle together in love

44. May your love be as unwavering as your faith and your sense of humor endure the challenges of finding matching stock pairs!

4I. wishes for a marriage that is as strong as Samson and as full of joy as David when he danced before the ark ( minus any accidental wardrobe malfunctions.

42. May your love be as abundant as the loaf and fish, and your patience also multiply like the love in the oven during your first attempt at homemade bread.

43. I pray that your marriage be more unified than a well-practiced church choir. May it also become as sweet as the church potluck desserts!

44. I pray that your love story will be as legendary as David and Goliath, but with fewer rocks thrown at each other.

45. May your union be filled with much laughter that even the angels can’t resist joining in the chorus.

46. I wish you a love that becomes stronger with each passing year, much like the feeling of seeking the money you forgot in a church offering envelope.

47. May the arguments you have in your marriage be as short-lived as a Sunday sermon and be as sincere as the Church choir’s rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

48. May your love be as enduring as the word of God and your forgiveness as boundless as the love of the Almighty.

49. I pray that your marriage be as blessed as a church potluck where every dish turns out well, and there is no need for emergency pizza delivery.

50.Wishing you a love so deep that it makes Noah’s flood seem like a minor splash in comparison.

51. May your marriage be as bright as Moses’ face after spending time in God’s presence, minus the need for SPF 100 sunscreen!

52. I wish you a partnership that is more synchronized than a perfectly time “Amen” in a lively church service.

53. May your loyalty to each other be as unshakable as Daniel’s in the lion’s den – but with fewer roaring disagreements

54. May your love be as comforting and warming as a church potluck casserole, with just a good amount of spice to make things interesting.

55. I wish for a union that is so full of grace that it puts a clumsy user to shame.

56. May your journey as husband and wife be as adventurous as the Israelites’ wandering in the desert, but with a much clearer map!

57. I am wishing you a marriage as joyful as angels singing on the night of Christ’s birth that lasts forever.


As you take the step on the beautiful journey of matrimony, may these Christian marriage wishes be your source on inspiration, guidance, and laughter for you and your spouse.

Remember that a nicely written message, that is rooted in faith and love, can make your congratulations so memorable. May your union be blessed, filled with grace of God and enduring love.

Congratulations on this special chapter of your life, and may your love story continue to shine brightly, and reflect the devine plan for your marriage.I wish you lifetime of joy, peace and unwavering love. Amen.

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