15 Things to consider when dating to marry

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In this post, I will show you the most important things to consider when dating to marry, so you will understand exactly what to do or not do whenever you start dating.

Here’s why you should know that!

Dating is a serious business, therefore you have to plan well in other to achieve your goal, which is marriage.

If after dating you didn’t get married, then you’ve not achieved your goal. To keep you abreast of all the future problems, here are things to consider when you are dating to Marry.

15 Things To Consider When Dating To Marry.

1) Dating is Not Marriage:-

Always have in your consciousness that dating is different from marriage. When you are dating, there’s always enough time to study the one you dating, to know if you are compatible with married.

If you discover the differences and reasons why you will take your relationship to another level, or quit, then nothing stops you.

In that case, you shouldn’t treat dating as a marriage. This will help you to keep the rules of dating as well as that of marriage.

Therefore take time to learn who you are dating, to know more about him/her, it will help you in the future.

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2) Be Your Complete Self:- 

I will not stop you from reading self-improvement books, that will be a good help to improve your self-esteem.

But when you are dating to Marry, it is important to keep yourself from the temperature of portraying to be who or what you are not.

Be everything you are created by God to be, do not add or subtract, don’t hide your feelings, or keep from sharing your mind because you are afraid of being rejected.

It’s better to find out everything now than later, maybe when you are finally married.

It may be disastrous then.

3) Take your time:-

You should know that marriage is different from dating, so you should take your time to plan and be prepared for the new level of life else you plan to marry and divorce soon.

However, if you want to last in your marriage, then take your time to date before getting hooked up.

The duration of the dating doesn’t matter so much, what matters is how well you understand who you are planning to Marry.

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