13 Ways to be the best husband ever


http://www.focusonthefamily.com/As 2015 is gradually coming to an end, you should be able to beat your chest and say you are the best husband ever.

So how would you score yourself? 80%, 50%, 20%. Well, the answer depends on you. However, if your score is below 80%, then it is below average,  a good percentage for a successful marriage is 100%, which means everyone putting all effort to make the marriage work.

In this article, I want to give you some tips that will help you improve yourself to be the best husband ever in 2016. If you are ready, let’s ride on. Just get a glass of anything you like.

But let me warn you upfront;
I know you have read so many self-help books,  you have attended so many seminars and yet everything still remains unchanged.

You should not threaten this article like the same. If you know you will not make use of what I am writing here for you, let me know so that I’ll stop writing …..

Oh! You are still here?
Ok let’s go

Here is why you must be the best husband ever.

A) If your wife is not happy, you will not be happy and your marriage will be unhappy too:-

Behind every successful man, there must be a good woman. When a woman is happy with the marriage, she tends to do more to help make it stand firm.

For your wife to be happy, she must have confidence in you; she must be able to say “ yes “this the man I married. If your wife is no happy because of your attitude, things will not be the same again.

Improper attitudes will make her keep a distance from you and keeping distance means shutting the communication door and when there is no communication, the marriage is heading for a fall.

B) Like, attract likes:-

If you want your wife and your children to be the best you want them to be, then you should make frantic efforts to be your best. Children especially learn very fast from the people around them;

Most of the men that bully their wives learn that from their parents, also when you look at those divorced families, there must be a trace of divorce from their family. Live your life so that people around you can get the best of you.

C) It will bring peace in your marriage:-

being the best father and husband will bring more peace, joy, love, and commitments to your marriage. When you learn how, when and where to do the things you should do as a husband, everywhere becomes peaceful, and secured for marriage to thrive well.

If your marriage lack all these I have mentioned, then you need to check yourself properly.

  What can you do to be the best husband ever in 2016?

1) Make a New Year resolution:

At the end of every transaction, people take stocks to know if there is a profit or loss. You can also take stock of your marriage to know if you did the best to make your marriage work or you killed your marriage, you should be able to say “yes my marriage is much better than it was the year before.

Taking stocks of your marriage lets you know if you contributed positively or negatively to your marriage. What are those things you didn’t do well? Are there things you can drop or things you can improve on?

I implore you to make a list of them and paste it wherever you can see it. Then start adjusting yourself to work with what you wrote on your list.

11 thoughts on “13 Ways to be the best husband ever”

  1. You’re right, it’s so important to treat each other kindly and the effect it has in children is immense. Thank you for spreading the importance!

  2. I need to print this and throw it in my hubby’s face. LOL. Don’t get me wrong, he is wonderful. But there are points on this list that I think all men can take note on. Wonderful read!

  3. I am not a wife myself, but there is so much truth in this post. I grew up in an unhappy home, due to my parents being in an unhappy marriage. If a man isn’t the man he needs to be for his wife and his children, he will live an unhappy life, and produce an unhappy home. A happy women is essential, but a man cannot have a happy wife, and be happy himself without communication and compromise.

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