Raising your children In a toxic environment

If you are searching for the proper steps of raising your children in a toxic environment, then you are obviously not alone.

The truth is that there are so many factors that can make your parenting skills fail woefully if you are not careful.

However, we will be looking at the impact of the socially toxic environment on the children.

A study conducted using 3562 and above children in 2007, actually shows that the quality of the environment matters greatly in raising children.

This is because children are influenced greatly by what they see or hear, that’s why if you fight a lot with your partner, your child will grow with that and starts beating his wife too.

If you want to raise good children in such an environment, then here are ways to go about it.

Ways Of Raising Your Children In  Toxic Environment.

Raising your children in a toxic environment

1) Show examples: –

The first contact of every child is immediate families.

They start their early learning from what they see or hear the family members do.

That means you are the child’s first teacher.

To train up decent children in any environment, then you have to brace yourself as the role model.

Show the child how to talk, walk, and eat better from the ways you do things yourself and they will never depart from it.

However, if you shout, nag, fight, steal, and gossip, watch out and see your child doing the same as they grow.

2) Teach them the ways of the Lord early in their life: –

Proverbs 22 – 6, say “Train up a child in the ways they should go, and when they grow up they will never depart from it”.

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