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The marriage sweeteners for every couple

Good understanding starts with clear communication by the couples, which helps them to connect with each other.

Creative and effective communication can always enhance relationships and make a marriage stronger.

Expressing our needs and thoughts as well as listening to others are the main ingredients that help relationships to mature and also make us feel understood.

To have a more quality relationship, we must try and understand those wheels that are driving our attitude and other peoples.

When we feel angry with someone then it may be because we have a need that has not been met, both the most important thing should have been our needs and desires know.

Understand your needs

When you did not make your needs known there is a tendency that the other person may misinterpret you and become angry too, and this can lead to a protracted misunderstanding.

However, when you understand your needs and that of your spouse that will give you a better opportunity to connect with usually trigger his or her actions.

It is also good you clearly make your needs and want to be known to your spouse, so as to get the properly attended to.

happy marriage, happiness in marriage, happy couples

3 Sharing quality time:

The time we spend together as couples add more strength to the relationship we share.

The more time you share together with your spouse, the more opportunity you’ll have to share a quality experience.

Sharing quality time is not about having sex, but it is all about eating together, watching movies together, reading together, discussing the events of the day, holding hands as you take a walk and doing the house chore together.

Of course, I understand you will attend to your job, but you can still find some moments for quality connection with your spouse.

It does not matter if it is only one minute, a whole day, a whole week or a whole year; it all depends on how committed you are to make it happen.

Here are the reasons you should make this a priority.

  • It will help the two of you to have a deeper connection, that will sustain you during the trial moments.
  • It gives you an opportunity to learn and grow together as well as individually.
  • You will have more time to share your weaknesses and strength.

If you have never given a thought to this, then I implore you to try it and watch the impact it will make in your relationship.

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3) Appreciation:

Appreciation is one of the marriage sweeteners that’s very important. If you know how to do it with a sincere and honest heart, you will get tremendous results in your relationship.

Remember how things were when you were dating, you were very detailed whenever you observe anything on your partner like the appearance of his/ her deeds.

However, when we get used to the relationship, we tend to forget those praises. Today I implore you to consider making a U-turn.

It will not be hard if you want to make a change. Mere changing the word I love you on some occasions and telling about the things you love about him or her can do some magic.

4) Be cute and neat always:

Your spouse married you because you have the qualities he/she wanted, and one of the things that made you attractive was how neat and cute you used to be.

Now you are married and you think those things are not important again; it is still important. Make sure you look neat and smell nice whenever you come near your spouse.

That will attract him or her to want to hold and caress you, which will make him or her proud of you.

Show that you understand that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

5) Daily touches:

Let me ask you this question now and just be frank to answer it: When was the last time you hugged, kiss and stroke your spouse forearm?

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