How To Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home

We are coming to the end of the first month of the year, and gradually moving to the so-much-talked-about valentine’s day which comes on February 14th. I know this will excite you.

The question is, how would you make this Valentine’s Day remarkable? Where would you want to spend the day? These questions are for you.

My intention for writing this post is to show you how to have a romantic valentine’s day at home, that is if you don’t want to leave your house.

A few years back, I wrote an article titled 12 super exclusive Valentine’s day date ideas for couples. You will learn everything you need to do to enjoy your lover’s day as a couple from that post.

Today’s post is different, and it is all about showing you how to have a romantic Valentine’s Day at home even when you don’t have money.

Here is all you will learn from this post I titled How To Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home.

  • The most romantic things to do on valentines day.
  • Romantic Valentine’s Day home decoration ideas.
  • Valentine’s day table setting.
  • Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas.
  • How to make a romantic valentine’s day card.
  • Romantic valentine’s day dinner recipe.

Let’s dive in.

How To Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home:

1)The Most Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day: 

If you are like me, you don’t have to wait till the end of the month before planning for this coming Valentine’s Day.

There are so many interesting things you can do to make the day glorious, including-

  1. Making a valentine’s day card for your loved ones.
  2. Writing a love letter.
  3. Making a valentine’s day cake or cookies.
  4. Making valentine’s day gifts for your spouse.
  5. Writing a love poem to your significant other.
  6. Taking your significant other on a romantic date to a local restaurant.
  7. Make them a special dinner.
  8. Buy your spouse a gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant.
  9. Take him or her on a romantic drive.
  10. Take them on a romantic picnic in the park around.
  11. Buy him/her a beautiful flower. Etc.

The list is such an Interesting list, isn’t it?

However, since you asked questions about how to have a romantic valentine’s day at home, let’s concentrate on that.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Home Decoration Ideas.

Since you are planning to have this year’s valentines day at home, your first step should be to make your house look nice and romantic.

Here, I will show you all the DIY home decoration ideas you will love so much. We are starting with the entrance of your house.

The first place to decorate as your prepare for valentines day is your door. Your plan here is to make your first impression.

Probably you woke up early and want to create a beautiful valentine’s day atmosphere before your spouse comes into the sitting room. Here’s what to do.

Decorate The Door:-

Decorate the door leading to the sitting room with a beautiful short sexy valentine’s quote.

Use a beautiful writing Font to design a good Valentine’s Day quote for your significant other. Use adhesive to paste it on the door to the sitting room.

You can as well have a beautiful Valentine hanging decor piece. You can get one from the market or design it yourself. It won’t be bad if you design a traditional heart shape.

Decorate The Walls: –

You may not want to do a big design on the wall for this Valentine’s Day. If you have a large wall, you can design a big traditional heart and past with adhesive. Adhesives are easy to use and they won’t stain your wall.

Another thing that can create a good romantic atmosphere on your sitting room walls is to paste some pictures of your lovely moments together.

Printing your favorite quotes and pasting them around the sitting room walls can do magic too. Just be creative at this point.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting:-

I would have gone straight to show you the best romantic breakfast fast recipe, but I know very well that the presentation of the breakfast is almost the first thing that matters before the recipe.

If you choose to decorate your table with just flowers, it’s not bad or out of fashion. But, let me assume you want to do something different.

I will advise you to use some candles to illuminate the place, and also put some Place cards around the center of the table.

Another pretty little decor you can do on your table to make it look nice is to simply decorate it with hearts you made from construction paper.

You can cut out different hearts in different colors including pink, red,  white, and whatever color you prefer.

If you are lazy like me, you can use a Cricut machine to do that, but just use your hand since you are ready to learn how to have a romantic valentines day at home.

When you are done, sprinkle it around your table, and you will know that you have created a perfect Valentine’s Day atmosphere around your table.

Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas:-

Now you have come to one of the best parts of how to have a romantic Valentine’s day at home and that’s about what to cook for Valentine’s Day.

Remember they said that the “best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” though that may not be entirely true, you can as well accept that preparing a delicious meal feel with love is a love buster.

The thoughtfulness, dexterity, and love that go into preparing such wonderful meals like that will show your partner how dedicated you are.

So whether you are taking it on your well-decorated table, or having breakfast in bed, there are some irresistible meals you can prepare that will make your partner fall in love with you again.

Here they are –

– Traditional Heart-Shaped Egg:-

Since this is a breakfast, you may not want it to be over the top, just prepare some hear made eggs and let your partner have a bit. Believe me, you have done the best and most romantic valentines day breakfast ever.

– Easy Shortbread Cookies:-

Another perfect valentine’s day breakfast recipe your partner will love is shortbread cookies.

This is not something you will like to serve as breakfast every time in your house but on occasions like this, it will be most preferred.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to prepare a perfect shortbread cookie, and you need just seven ingredients for that. checkout the perfect ingredients here.

– Vanilla Cake Doughnuts:-

Even if you are not a tremendous cake baker, getting Valentine’s day vanilla cake doughnut ready won’t take you time.

Vanilla cake doughnuts are usually sugary, and soft and can easily melt in the mouth. You don’t even need many ingredients to bake that. Here is all you need.

How to make a romantic valentine’s day card:-

Another interesting thing you can do to complement your zeal to learn how to have a romantic Valentine’s day is to know to convey those love messages you have in your heart to your partner with cute homemade cards.

Even if you are not a crafty person, there are a few ways I will show you that you can create beautiful Valentine’s Day cards that will make sense to your partner.

Let’s design cards now.

3D Pop-Up Heart:-

A beautifully homemade 3D Pop-Up heart makes a perfect card you can send to your partner this Valentine’s day.

You don’t need to be an artist to create that, but it is a perfect gift to give to your spouse, family, and friends. Just tell them that produced the card for them with love and because you are learning how to have a romantic valentine’s day at home.

To create this card, you will need a few materials like –

  • A colored paper.
  • 3D heart card template.
  • Markers
  • And Glue sticks.

Step By Step On How To Do A DIY Valentine’s Day Card. 

Your first step is to find a beautiful heart card template and download it to a safe place and make sure it is downloaded on colored paper.

I will advise you to use one nice color for each of the templates. For example, let the Valentine’s heart page of the template be a difficult color from that of the heart pages of the template.

Second Step:- Cut out each of the hearts from the heart template

Step 3:- Time to fold each of the 8 hearts you cut in halves, after that, gum the hearts one of the hearts you folded and then gum another heart onto it.

Do the same for the whole 8 pepper hearts you cut. You will finally see your beautiful 3D heart.

Step 4:- To get the base for your card, fold Valentine’s card page. Now, fold your template in half lengthwise. Fold the page in half again, this time to form a beautiful folded card.

Step 5:- Apply your glue to the outside half of that your beautiful 3D heart,  then glue it inside the middle seam of your card. Then on the other of the middle seam paste the opposite heart down there.

Step 6: You are getting close to seeing your beautiful homemade 3D Heart Card. Don’t worry about how much time it is taking you to create this card. Remember you are learning how to have a romantic valentine’s day at home.

Next stage, what is left for you is to use a gel pen or preferably a marker to sign your name on your card (On the inside.).

Then gradually fold the card close with your 3D heart inside. Congratulations! You have your first card.

Try to open the card now, you will see the 3D heart you designed pop-up.

Watch this Youtube video to see all I have taught you.

Rounding Up On How To Have A Romantic Valentine’s Day At Home.

It won’t take you much to flex your love for your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s season.

This post has answered most of the questions asked about how to have a romantic valentine’s day at home.

Take your time to read and digest the post, and then tell me which of the tips you love most.

I am still your in-house counselor Murphyaik.

See you at the top.








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