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Most common myths of marriage demystified. 0

Most common myths of marriage demystified.

We spend time to learn and master our jobs, our studies and other things, but we have never thought of learning about marriage/ relationship.The only little knowledge we get sometimes are earned through the hard ways. The little things we learn about marriage are just the one we got from relatives...

11 of the Best Relationship Advice for Women 0

11 of the Best Relationship Advice for Women

If you search the internet now for relationship advice for women, you will be amazed at what results you’ll get. There are thousands of advice out there on Google to choose from, the only problem is that, while most of the advice may not give you a clear guidance for what...

happy couples 0

How to make your spouse happy and improve your health.

It has been investigated and proven that having a happy spouse can be good for your health. Simply put, if your spouse is not happy, then try whatever you should to make him /her happy,: that’s if you are interested in having a good health, and I know you do. Why am...

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6 Romantic displays of love your wife can’t resist

  If you discover that romance is gradually disappearing from your marriage, then you need to do everything to get it back fast. Believe me, I know about your busy and tight daily schedules like taking care of the children, your job and other distractions, but there are so many romantic displays...

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