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7 Types of men perfect for marriage

Those are the qualities that make a man a hot cake for every woman.

2) A good provider:

This is the type of man who makes his family a priority. His wish is always about what to do next to make sure his family is not starved.

He wouldn’t mind doing two or three different types of jobs in other to provide those needs and will always struggle to make more money not just for himself, but for the well-being of his family.

He is not self-centered, that’s why he is ready to give up that overtime if he thinks he is missing time with his family.
He pursues perfection in his family and business life and knows how to balance both work and family.


3) A perfect thinker:

This is the type of man who doesn’t wallow in his failures.

Sure they make mistakes, they spill the beans some times, but immediately you see them thinking and looking for the easiest ways to get things right again.

He is not afraid to see any problem, because he always has a road map of ample solutions to the problems.

He knows how best to get through any matter that arises in their life.

4) A self-controlled man:

Proverbs 25: 28, a man without self-control is like a city broken and left without walls.
Self –control is an important part of a man’s maturity. The Webster dictionary describes self-control as a restraint exercised over one’s emotions or desires.

He is the type that will say no to what other men are rushing at; because he is sure it will not be of benefit to him.

He controls the way he talks and acts, he is the type that will not abuse his wife.

He masters his mood knows how to manage his money and health. What usually matters to him is how to accomplish more and enjoy his achievements.

Is that the type of man you want?

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