7 Great self love best practices for you

Have you lost confidence in yourself? Do you constantly see yourself as a failure? Are you looking for how to get your self worth back? here are some self-love best practices to help you start living your life again.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”Brene Brown.”

“Self-love is the best love” because until you love yourself first, you are not getting love from else and you can’t also achieve anything in life when you don’t love yourself.

Every achievements, success, promotions begin with loving yourself and end in loving yourself too.

According to Dr. Joe Rubing, the author of The popular self-esteem book “Over 85% of the world’s population suffers from having low self-esteem (source. jillconyers.com).

This data simply proves that there are lots of people living far below who they are and until they realize the importance of self-love, they may not achieve so much in life.


Learn how to get out of your self defeating behaviors.

If this is really true about self-love, then why are we not practicing it daily? Why are we not doing things that can literally help us improve our self-love?

The Answer is that many of us are not sure to know to start, and what to do to get back on track. Today I will share some interest self-love best practices that work like magic, to help you improve yourself vehemently.

Why do You Need To Love Yourself?

Everyone craves love, and being loved is a strong indication that we are capable of loving back.

However, when you rely solely on getting loved and compassion from others, you get disappointed and frustrated, that’s why it is imperative we love ourselves before loving others and expecting then to reciprocate our love.

By loving yourself adequately, you are setting a standard of how others should love and treat you.

Self-love helps you to view the world in a different way, reduces stress, it also helps us improve our confidence, so we can achieve more in life.


Here Are Other Benefits Of Practicing Self-Love:

– You will be strong and in charge:

When you believe in yourself, you will never be afraid to stand your ground on your decisions and you will make the right choices in life because you are not concerned about pleasing people. All you know is that you are living your best life.

You are happy because you know that your happiness is not dependent on people’s validation. It comes from your inside.

– You’ll be more productive:
Self-compassion motivates you to see things differently. You will not see failure as a defeat but a learning process.

That gives you the strength to carry on whenever you experience some setbacks.

Even when you feel rejected, criticized, you remain resolute, because you know that they are all working for your good.

– You will build healthier relationships:
Being kinder to yourself proves you can relate well with other people. If you can’t love yourself, you cannot love others too and people will be afraid to get closer to you.

Does This self-Love Best Practices Work?

Yes! Practicing self Love works. But you really have to devote yourself to make it work. You have to go through some practices to see the changes you crave for. It may not be achieved immediately you have to be committed and persistent first, then gradually you will see improvements.

Below are the best self-love best practices that will help you.

7 Great self love best practices for you

1) Learn To Always Be Nice To Yourself:

It’s not that easy to be human because you are bound to make some mistakes. sometimes, you may even feel like ending your life when life throws challenges on you: but that is not enough for you to hate yourself instead find some good reasons to be kind to yourself.

Oscar Wilde in his quote said that “the beginning of life-long romantic is to love oneself.”. You’ve got to try everything you could to win yourself-love back and the best way to do that is through self-compassion.
Self-love means acting in an understanding and kind way towards yourself. Do whatever gives you joy, eat well, sleep well, and treat yourself as if that was your last day on earth.

Follow these steps:

– Invest In Yourself:
There are so many self-lovee materials that will help – like listening to CDs, attend seminars,s and visit a therapist if possible. They will help you learn more about yourself.

– Nourish Your Body And Brain:
There is proof from research that diet has a great impact on our emotional and mental well being. Eat good food, more vegetables, and reduce your intake of processed foods, sugar fast food.

– Be Careful What You Do:
Concentrate on doing the things that will boost your confidence instead of the harmful things, like eating wrongly, no exercise. Do loving and less harmful things to yourself.

2) Learn To Speak Sincerely To Yourself:

“What you say is who you are.” That’s why you should speak kindly to yourself always. Speak positive and motivating words always even when you feel down in the spirit.

Those positive words will help you recreate your love for yourself.

All you got to do is to find those words that are related to your condition and start out repeating them to yourself.

If possible, write them down and picture in your mind the results you will have as you repeat those words to yourself.

Let the pictures be so clear in your mind as you repeat the words.

There are self love affirmative words that can help you gain your self-love back. I have written some of them down for you here.

Choose the best from them and keep talking to yourself.

3) Don’t Blame Yourself:

As a human being, you will always make mistakes. Everybody does, so you are not alone. The mistakes are there to help you learn. If you continue blaming yourself for your mistakes, you will not profit from it.

Though it may not be easy to accommodate mistakes, you can make things better when you are positive about it than feeling miserable.

Follow these steps to recover quickly from your mistakes:

Spend good time alone:

This will help you a lot. Don’t just sit or lie on your be, go out and help yourself. Do the things you enjoy doing, go to a good restaurant, cinema, and museum and treat yourself well.

Be honest to yourself:
Honesty is an important part of self-empowerment. Being honest helps you to see what you want and ignore all you don’t want in your life.

However, when you are not honest to yourself, you will not learn and grow as a person, since you are not observing reality.

Although it is also not easy, to be honest to yourself it is always important to try and give it your best shot.

Improve yourself:

In as much as it is impossible to avoid mistakes as a human being, it is imperative that you work on improving yourself in other to reduce your mistakes.

The best way to do that is to learn how to be better always. Moreso your mistakes are a good way to make amen.

4) Choose what give  you all-round joy:

Sometimes we spend time on things that are not important to us because we want to please someone. But living your life to please someone won’t be productive for you.

You won’t achieve much-doing things that are not important or gives you joy.

It’s important you focus more on things that give you joy and drop the time wasters.

Question is What should you spend more time on?

Here are a few pointers:

– Think of what gives a long term reward:

It’s good to dwell more on the things that bring rewards. Think about those things that rewarded you in the past.

“Success they say is a great motivator.”

Concentrate on those rewarding things and forget the time wasters.

– What makes you feel fulfilled?

Look back and consider putting more effort into those things that make you feel great and fulfilled. They will be your stress breakers.

– Find your work and life balance:

Your work is important, but you shouldn’t allow it to take up all your time. You should look for other things that bring more pleasure to you than your job. Go back to your hobbies, loin your friends if you have joy doing them.

Just think of creating a good balance between your life and job and get rid of the stressors.

– Learn to surprise yourself:

Have you ever thought of giving yourself some surprises? Try it now- set some important goals from this moment and go all out to do thing that will make you achieve them.

It may be hard, but you will feel happy when you accomplish them.

5) Be with people that are supportive:

It is important you spend some time to build a great network of supporters around you: people who think the way you wish to be and do things you want to do.

Spend more time with people that help you achieve more and avoid those that trigger your negative lifestyle and thinking.

There are people in your life that can offer you more of the things you need in life, those are the ones you need.

Look for good supporters who will give you listening ears when you need them, those who are relentless, achievers, and those that push you to be and work smart. They are the people that will help you succeed.

6) Celebrate Your small wins:

It’s good to celebrate your small wins no matter how insignificant they may be. We neglect them sometimes thinking they don’t matter.

Even the word of God says we should not despise our little beginnings.

If you notice those little mistakes you make sometimes to correct them, then you should also celebrate those little successes because they bring joy and keep us motivated too.

Whether you achieve your goal of new eating habits or lose a little of your weight, celebrate them because that will propel you to do more to achieve that your science goals.

7) Take a break from social media:

Social media is a good place to see the world on the good. With a click, you can see your friend’s latest updates, but do you know that it could be the reason why you are stressed.

Today, I implore you to give yourself a small break from social media and clear your mind from the drama, comparison egotism from the social media updates. Things can be better if you do.


The fight to gain self-love is not a one-shot thing; you have to practice it over and over again until it becomes part of you. These few self-love best practices listed here will guide you to become a better you.

Just put your mind to it and don’t relent in those things that bring you closer to your goal.

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