4 Ways to capture your husband’s heart


It’s really up to you to make your husband and your marriage feel nice.


Here are 5 things you should do to capture your husband’s heart again.

1) Respect him more:-

The most important way any woman can influence his husband’s heart this Christmas season is to respect him more. This is every man’s greatest need.


Rick Johnson in his book said that “every man values respect from his wife more than he values love”.

And one of the ways you can show respect to your hubby is to frequently reassure him how much you appreciate him, especially whenever he does something you like.


Men like this

Doing that makes every man feel strong and on top of the word, because they hear such often and believe me men feel great whenever the wife recognizes his good deeds.


Secondly, Always focus on your husband’s good deeds. Most women only recognize their husband’s little mistakes.


They immediately forget everything you have done correctly when you miss one step.
However, to capture your husband’s heart this Christmas season asks God to give you the grace to see only his good side.



2) Make him your priority:-

One of my readers told me that one of her best ways of keeping her marriage red hot is making her husband first and the children second.


The fact is that you must love your children but give more attention to your husband because one day the children will all go leaving just you and your husband all alone in the house.


Here is how Giuliana Rancic an e Reporter described it “if you want your marriage last forever then you have to make your husband first because marriage isn’t a joke”

Give your children the best gifts

Always remember that the best gift you can give to your children is a healthy relationship. To learn how to accommodate each other and display in front of your kids that you are each other favorite.


If you’ve not been putting your spouse first, this is the time to start, because that’s the only sure way to keep your marriage successful when your kids are gone.

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