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Getting Married: How to invest in your marriage while you are still single.

If you are hoping to get married someday, then there’s need to start investing in your future relationship now you are still single.Also Read how to make your marriage strongNothing is worst than having a bad marriage/ relationship; it can only be compared to a furnace of fire.A research conducted...

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7 Ways of getting yourself ready for a happy marriage.

It amaze me so much how couples put all their efforts and time into preparing for their wedding, and spend little or no time at all getting them selves ready for the marriage itself. Things like how to take care of finances, how to take care of the children, number of...

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8 seriously smart dating advice you will obviously disregard

It takes time to establish a good relationship and it also takes carefulness to understand if two people are actually compatible with each other, and that’s why dating/courtship is important when you are ready to settle down. But there are so many dating advice out there,- on the internet, books, CD’s,...

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10 types of women you should never date or marry

While every man prays to get married someday, yet no man wants to get married to any type of woman. Intact every man will do everything he can not to marry the wrong woman.But in spite of the carefulness men still fall victim to that.If you are planning to take...

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