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15 Important Steps to Building and Sustaining a Christian marriage.

Marriage is sweet when is built and sustained in a Christian way. It is said in the book of John 16 v 33 “ I have told you these things that in me you may have peace, in the world

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Things You May Know About Christian Marriage.

I have given many advices on how to have a successful marriage. Today, I want to talk about the steps to build a happy Christian marriage and the things you may want to know about it. Simply put this very

6 important things you must do to have the type of marriage you always wanted.

If you have ever wondered in your heart about how to have a very wonderful, sweet and happy marriage exactly the way you wanted it, then, this article maybe the best article you have ever read in your life. If

Things you may see in your marriage that can make you think of Divorce and how you can Stay Married forever

Marriage is good some people said. But if you ask many others, they will tell you that marriage is the worst thing one can ever indulge in. What do you think? Can you say it is good or not? I had

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