Why you will get married to the wrong man

There are so many things that can make any girl get married to the wrong man. This post is as regards to many questions I get from my readers lately.

No woman wants to get married to the wrong man, in fact, every woman avoids that like a bomb, but if your reasons to get married and your choices are related to what I will describe in a minute, then you are planning for yourself the worse relationship ever.

Marrying the wrong person is what everyone hates to do. people try everything they could to avoid it, yet so many people end up falling into the arms of the wrong partner.

Here are the reasons.

             Why you will marry the wrong man 

1 When all you want is money:-

Getting married to a rich man or woman is good because you are sure that your needs will be met, but, if you make it criteria that only a rich guy or lady will marry you, then you are making a big mistake.

You must also know that you’ll never be a priority to that rich husband because his life work will definitely be there before you unless you’ll want to be the number 3 in his list of priorities.

A rich guy /lady will not want to display his romantic side to you because he knew too well that he can buy his way to your heart, he can shower you with gifts, but have you thought about what he does on those long business trips?

well you want money and other women out there want the same, so don’t be jealous he throws the same money around the other women.

2 You are pressured by friends and family:

It may be true that your family members or friends are pressuring you to get married, but understand that marriage is not a day job, it is a lifetime thing and so you really have to take a deep breath and think about the decision you want to take.

Never rush into marriage because anyone told you to, do what you think is right for you, ask yourself if really you are ready to take that step if the choice you are making is the right thing for you.

Remember, when things start crumbling down, those friends and family may not be there to comfort you.

3 You love him so much and don’t want to lose him: –

Well, love is important in any relationship, but it is genuine when love is balanced. Actually, you love him so much and will not want to lose him that’s right, but he still abuses you and he doesn’t reciprocate your love and you believe he will change in future?

Dear, if one door closes, another one will open. If you lose any boyfriend  then the two of you are not meant to be together in the first place

Always be ready to let him go and trust God that your dream man will come.

4 Your clock is ticking fast: –

Yes! You are 27 yrs old, next three years you’ll be 30 yrs and you want to get married immediately because your biological clock is ticking fast and silently reminding you that you are getting old.

Tell me, would it be better to be in a bad marriage than get old? Age is only a number. Your real and mister right will not want to know your age any time he comes. So all you have to do is commit it to God and let Him do the rest.

5 You believe you owe him :

It’s true he paid your school fees, she took care of your unpaid bills and was there for you when things were not going well.

Now you think it’s your turn to pay back. That may be the worst mistake you’ll make in life. What if you are not compatible with each other?

It is good you marry because you want to and not because you want to pay your debt.

6 You as are pregnant For him:

It may be that he impregnated you or you are pregnant for him, but that shouldn’t be the reason for marrying him.

Although that may sound good, in your marriage, you’ll find out that your partner is just a baby mama /father and not your husband or wife and that’s because the child is the foundation of your marriage.

7 You want to get over an Ex:-

You heard that your Ex. is married or getting married or your Ex. dumped you and you think the way forward is to get a long life relationship so you can easily forget your Ex. That’s a wrong reason to marry, because you may end up marrying someone you don’t love or don’t love you either.

8 He just asked you to:

It’s somehow hard to reject a marriage proposal, but that doesn’t mean you should give your hands of marriage so easily to any man.

Remember, when you give your hand your heart and your everything becomes involved also.

He may not be the right one for you, so why not take it easily?.

9 You want to be happy:

Getting into any relationship /marriage will never make you happy, but, your happiness can earn you a good marriage.

Get a life you want now you are single and understand that marriage is not about your happiness, but about your partner’s happiness.

Finally: – Be careful when you are making your choice of partner. It is better to be single than to get married to the wrong man. Pray for God’s guidance and he will direct your part to a successful relationship or marriage.

I am still your friend murphyaik. See you at the top

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