Raising your children In a toxic environment

Try and monitor the type of friends they keep from their tender age.

Remember that evil company destroys good manners.

Raising your children in a toxic environment

It doesn’t matter how much values you implemented in them, if they mingle with bad people, they’ll be corrupted.

So be on the watch to know who their friends are. Truth is that you may not go with then always but they will still remember what you taught them as the day goes by.

6) Be there for them always: –

Some parents are too busy that they have little or no time for their children.

The fact is that when you are not there, someone else may take your position and probably impact them negatively.

Being present is the same as paying attention to them.

Raising your children in a toxic environment requires almost the same attention you put into your marriage to make it successful, the same attention you put into your job, business as well as your cars.

A study conducted in 2014, proved that children that received care from their parents behave better than the others.

Always pay attention to all they care about, give them ears to whatever they want to say and give advice when necessary.

Finally, it is very possible to raise your children in a toxic environment.

It all depends on how you lay your foundation. You really have to imbibe whatever you want your child to be at the earlier stages of his life.

That is when you will get the result you want.

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