Is Couple Therapy Covered By Insurance?: The Genuine Answers.

Is Couple Therapy Covered By Insurance?

If you are among those asking the question” is couple therapy covered by insurance?” The answer is no, but there are steps you’ll take to make sure everything works as you want, which I will show you all in this post.

The truth is that most insurance companies do not have any policy, or pay benefits for couples therapy, however, if you want your therapy covered by insurance, then one of you must be diagnosed with mental health issues, like

  • Depression
  • Adjustment disorder.
  • Anxiety and other disorder that needs mental health treatment.

Therapy is one of the ways to treat mental health issues, but the insurance policy plan for mental health issues is nowhere the same as every policy.

Meanwhile, In as much as most insurance policies now cover some necessary medical therapies, some of them that are outside the marketplace, may not need to comply with ACA (Affordable Care Act) standards.

Is Couple Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Under the mental health parity and equity act (MHPACA), ACA (Affordable Care Act, and other federal Laws, insurance companies must be able to provide fair coverage for conditions like mental health. It means that they should treat a mental health issuer the way they treat physical conditions and it mustn’t be excluded from the coverage or charged higher.

Insurance act laws have never been applied to couple counseling, because mental health parity treats mental health as an ordinary mental diagnosis.

In most cases, the insurance company may be required to provide a cover for couples counseling when it arises from a mental health condition. For example, there could be a cover from insurance for marriage counseling for a sex-addicted person, or other conditions that also affect marriages.

Even at that, it is always difficult to have it insured.

Although there are no plans to cover marriage counseling, there are insurance companies that offer it as additional benefits to their customers. So if you are asking “is Couple therapy covered by insurance?” try to read your insurance cover and check if it covers it or not.

Here’s Why Couples Therapy Isn’t Covered In ACA Health Plan:-

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