How to read the women’s body language fast


6) Arm Crossing:

This is almost the commonest body language gesture we see all the time, and you can read so much from a woman when they fold their hands because they show different things.

When the arm is crossed to the chest part, it shows her defensiveness, which happens when she feels uneasy, discomfort, or shy.

She can cross her arms over their chest when they feel threatened by a situation or bored with your conversation.


7) Plucking their eyebrow:

This signifies that a woman wants power. It makes a woman look helpless and makes men want to take care of her.


read the women's body language fast

8) The Women’s Lips Gestures:

The moment a woman pluckers, pouts pursed tightens, parted, or retracts her lips, then this is what you should learn from it.

– Pursing the lips shows that she is indecisive and also when she feels you are persuading her and they are not ready to give the answers immediately.

– Perking the lips shows that she wants to be playful or flirtatious. When she blows a kiss in the air, she is interested.

– Pouting: Women use this when they want to manipulate you and make you do whatever they want from you.

– Pursed: If her lips are pulled inside, it shows that she is frustrated, under tension, or disapproval. It is also a great sign of suppressed anger.

The lips gesture that shows how she feels about you is when she tightens her lips, which shows you that she is disapproving of whatever you are saying to her.


9) The tapping of Foots And Drumming Of Fingers:

These two signs show that she is impatient, stressed, or an indication that she wants to say something.

When she crosses her legs and lets her shoes dangle it shows she wants to flirt. So when you are talking to her and she starts drumming, she is telling you she is no longer interested.


10) Her Breathing Styles:

You can grasp some clues from the ways she is breathing. If she is relaxed with you, her breathing will deepen and her chest and stomach will expand when she inhales deeply.

When she breaths slowly, it signifies her thoughtfulness or calmness.


11) Distance:-

The level of physical distance a woman maintains with you also shows her feelings towards you. Although many people exhibit different attitudes during a conversation.

However, when someone stands or stays close they are enjoying your company, but when they stay at a distance, it is either they want to maintain the distance or they are not comfortable with you.



Reading women’s body language fast can be so complex, but these outlines will help you understand what every gesture means and what you should do at a point in time.

If you are not comfortable at reading signs, then don’t wait to read the female body language, go straight and talk to her. The worst that could happen is that she’ll reject you. That’s not the end of life.






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