5 Tips on how to control anger in marriage.

How to control anger in marriage

The moment you know how to control anger in marriage, then half of your problems in marriage are solved.

This is because you or your partner will always have reasons to be angry, whether you like it or not.

Sometimes it may be about finance, parenting, sex, or even unsolved issues.

Whatever it is, there are proper ways to deal with issues in your relationship and get results.

What is anger?

Anger is a “natural, an unwanted or erratic, emotion people experience from time to time.”

Sometimes anger can be good, and help you so solve some pressing problems.

For example, anger can help you when people want to frustrate you and also help you express your “negative feelings.”

Things become worse when your anger is express wrongfully.

Too much anger can also increase your blood pressure and cause other health-related issues to you, which can keep you from thinking straight.

When you are not thinking straight as a couple, then there will always be squabbles in your family.

But this post is just to show you how to control anger in marriage or help someone you know to deal with the same issue.

But Can Anger Destroy A Marriage?

If you asked the question above, then you should read this part of the article carefully.

The answer to that question is “yes”

Many years ago, the Gottman Institute, research anger, and relationship, and they found out that being too angry will make your heart rate run at 100 a minute. That is known as (being emotionally flooded).

The danger of having that fast heart rate is that it will weaken your information processing capacity.

When you are emotionally flooded, you’ll be so overwhelmed by your anger and this will make you unable to think fast again. (Source).

This will then cause a communication breakdown in your relationship and then your whole marriage is also affected.

If it is not properly handled, one of you may be stressed and may want to quit the relationship eventually.

Solving problems in relationships

The Checklist of What Anger Does To Relationships

  1. When you direct your anger at your spouse, it increases their anxiety.
  2. It decreases your partner’s ability to trust you again.
  3. Their health can be affected as well.
  4. Your spouse’s irritability could also be increased
  5. This can also affect your children negatively.
  6. The worst is that it affects your health also.

Causes Of Anger In A relationship.

Many things can cause anger in marriage,

Here are They:

– Lack Of Care:

When your partner seems to be inattentive to your emotional needs, or physical needs, you will never be happy.

When you or your partner are not getting the attention needed, it will breed so many reactions and cause so many other things in your relationship to go wrong.

Below are few things that result from a lack of care in a relationship.

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