Show your husband love: 9 Easy ways out.

As a good wife, your priority should be to find ways to show your husband love daily. If you are not sure what to do, then hang on here as I will show you how.

But the truth is that it doesn’t take much to make him feel loved, you just need to find out what makes him feel happy. And they are mostly those things you won’t want to let him thank you for.

Never worry, in this post, I will show you all you need to do to step by step.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

Ways To Show Your Husband Love.

1) Respect Him.

Yes, you heard this right: If you want to show your husband love, then respect him. Understand that I didn’t ask you to love him but respect him, because all men value respect more than love.

Of course, you should love your husband, but if you don’t respect him, the love is worthless. The only love every man understands is “respect.” The truth is that when you respect your husband, you are..

  • You are showing him how you trust him as your hubby. This is true because there won’t be respect when there is no trust.
  • Your husband will love you more when you respect him.
  • It shows him that you acknowledge his role as a leader.

You should have all these in mind when you are looking for ways to show your husband love.

2) Accept That He Is Imperfect.

We are accustomed to the synonym that “no one is perfect.” If you said yes to that, that means you also know that your husband is one of them.

To your husband love, you’ve got to see him as an imperfect man. This consciousness will make you neglect most of his mistakes.

Here are a few ways to do that

  1. Overlook the mistakes. You will always see reasons to get worked up with his flaws, then overlook them at that moment, but find the best time and word to express your feelings.
  2. Look him unconditionally. Love will make you not see most of his wrongs,
  3. Consider the gravity of the flaw. Before you get angry with your husband, always consider the seriousness of his wrong; don’t get angry when it is just a few little mistakes.
  4. You are not perfect too. If you expect your husband to forgive your mistakes, you should be able to forgive.

3) Spend Quality Time Together.

Another way to show love to your husband is to spend time with him. There are loads of activities that can make this impossible, but you have to have time to be together.

Spending time with your husband is not just important for the health of your family, but also the health of your relationship. The reason is that you’ll have more time to communicate.

Let your family be on the top of the list of your priorities and devote just 15 minutes a day to have a good time with your husband. Now you know how important it is to spend time with your hubby, but how do you achieve that?

Check out these simple ways:

  • Create the time.“Everyone has the same time for themselves. There is enough time to do whatever you wish to do, so don’t complain about no time. You only have to learn how to create that time. Whether you work or stay-at-home parents, I know you can carve out even half an hour for your husband.

I have written an article on how to create time in your marriage and you can read it here.

  • Try doing new things, I recommend that you try new things like learning to swim, skating or learning new dances together. You will spend time as you do these.
Ways to show your husband love

4) Honor Him In Front Of Your Children

Let your children know that you respect your husband so much, by showing how in their presence. Always praise him in front of the children, let them know he is the best husband.

Don’t be like most women who want to. Separate their children from their dad by painting him black in their presence. You may not know it, but you are killing his image in front of your children.

Remember that children learn fast and the first /thing they learn is from their parents. Even when your hubby isn’t doing great, don’t respond negatively to him in the presence of the children.

Praise him there, but find a better place to gently tell him how wrong he behaved. If they learn that you respect your hubby so much, they will follow in your footsteps.

5) Learn To Brag With Him.

You may not have many reasons to brag about your husband, however, if you are looking for ways to show your husband love, or making love you more, you must learn to brag about him.

Find any reason to let people know how wonderful he is even if your husband is there or not. Imagine how happy and loved he will feel to learn you say good things about him even when he is not the best.

That can make him change to be a better man and also make him love and say good things about you too.

The good thing about that is that your friends will respect him more when they know you value and respect him too.

So where would you brag about your husband?

  • In front of your children
  • At the restaurant.
  • While you are with your friends.
  • At your workplace.
  • Brag about him in the presence of the lord.
  • In front of your spouse.
  • At the marketplace.
  • Finally, brag about him in your parent’s presence.

happy couple

6) Be Interested In His Job.

Your hubby will be happy to see you getting interest in his job or because, and it is not because you want to take over, but because you want to get involved.

The truth is that most people may be going through hell in their job or because and may not see someone to talk to about it.

Try to know more about your husband’s biz or work and how he is feeling about it. Does he feel happy with the job or not. See, you may be the only motivator he has.

Make sure you don’t use his setbacks or failure as a tool when you have quarrels. Support him cheer him up and motivate him when you see him feeling down.

ways to show your husband love

7) Ask For His Opinion.

Always seek your husband’s opinion before doing things, even if you know what to do.

For example, you are getting ready to go out and you brought two dresses so he can help you choose the best, and make sure you wear which ever on he chose.

That shows him that respect his opinion and position as your husband.

Moreso, if you want to do things your way, still make sure you consult him, his suggestions can inspire your vision to produce better results. Always have in mind that “two heads are better than one.”

8) Keep Sex Alive In The Bedroom.

Are you surprised that I included this in the list of ways to show your husband love? Well, it is also one of the ways to do so, of not the best of all.

Don’t let your sex life with him be boring or a routine, keep it fresh all the time. Learn new sex tips and also learn how to keep him in the mood always.

Never refuse him sex, or use it as a tool to get something off your request list. But find ways to make your bedroom spicy one more time. Remember you are looking to make him feel loved.

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9) Appreciate His Little wins.

To make your man feel happy always, you should learn to always appreciate him all the time. Don’t be blinded by your great expectations from him that you forget to notice his little wins.


Appreciate him when he fixes your kitchen bulb or tap or when he finally secure that job.

Those little appreciations will motivate him to do more.

In Conclusion:

What does it take you to make your hubby feel loved? Check out my list and find out how easy it is to achieve that. And if you have some special ways that have helped you, feel free to share with us.

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