Difference between being single and married

Difference between being single and married

Many marriages have crumbled, and a lot of them are on the verge of collapsing because many people fail to recognize that there’s a big difference between being single and married.

There are lots of differences, things you should or shouldn’t do if you are married or single.

But many married couples have testified of still feeling single, even though they are married,

The result is that they eventually find themselves living their lives as single,  and therefore jeopardize their relationships too.

In this post, you will be able to understand what being single means and what life in marriage means.

Difference Between Being Single And Married.

1) You  are No More Independent

Marriage means that you don’t exist alone anymore, now you have someone to think and care for.

Now you have to think as a husband and wife. At the same time, you should put your relationship in mind before taking any decision.

While you were single, you were free to do anything you want, the way you want it, that includes the way you spend money, the friends you keep, and the decision you take.

But, not the same again.  All your decisions now must include your partner, else, there will be trouble in your relationship.

2) Free Time And No Free Time:

Being single gives you the time to do whatever you want, and any time you want it. You are completely not answerable to anyone.

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