6 Ways of making out time for your marriage

Making out time in marriage


One of the most common explanations you’ll expect when you ask why a marriage fails is lack of time.  And certainly, there are lots of things yearning for our time daily.- our jobs, traffic, households chores, etc. All of these require our attention.   However, no matter, what they are, there’s still needs for figuring out time for your marriage.


Before we go further. let’s look at what’s making out time  really means for couples


What Does Making Out Time Means?


Making out time means devoting much of our time to our partner and marriage, and to do all that can be done to make it successful.

However, making out time means different things at different stages of marriage for example, when a marriage is new, couples don’t have problems with their time, because they know how to create time out of their busy schedules.

When you are married for some years and the children start coming, then your time is completely divided. That’s when the need for making out time comes. In this article, I will teach you some important ways of making out time for your marriage and spouse.

Here we go

6 Ways Of Making Out Time For Your Marriage.


1) Remember what it means to lose your partner:-

How does this matter when we are talking about time.

Here’s the simple answer.

Most of the marriage was destroyed because couples didn’t have enough time for their marriage as well as their partner. And so when you consider most of the people you know that had the same problem, then you’ll know what’s best for you.

Sit down and ponder what it will look like when you lose yours too, because of time.

Your best option to avoid such is to simply devote time to your marriage.

2) “Divorce your job”

That sounds funny, isn’t it?. But tell me which is more important to you – your marriage or job? I wouldn’t be surprised if you say your job. Most couples thread that part too.

How would you take care of your wife and family without job?

You see, couples are very busy pursuing the so called superior lifestyle, but the truth is that happiness can’t be through accruing those material things.

If your marriage is so important to you, then make time. But if your job is, then expect divorce soonest.


3) Redeem Time From Other Things

There are 1000’s of  things that can reduce the time you can give to your relationship. Your abilities to redeem some of the time from most of the less useful things, then you will be able to create the time your needs for your marriage.

When you are able to eliminate some of these things from your life or manage them well, you will be able to make time for your spouse.

Most couples, even you, love to spend reasonable time with their gadgets than the marriage, but if you want success with your spouse, then

Do these:

  • Be ready to make some sacrifices to be with your spouse:- you can sacrifice your time and other things because you don’t want your marriage to fail.
  • Turn your gadgets off: Do not be distracted whenever you are at home with your spouse, so off your cell phone, television, laptop as long as both of you are there together.
  • Have time outside for other things: There are certain things that can wait till another time.
  • Give up some friends. etc: keep those friends that impact you positively and forget others.


4) Be Organized

How organized are you? The truth is that you should first organize yourself properly before every other thing will follow suit.

Without being organized yourself, so many other things will be affected in your home, you will not be able to do much. Set daily goals If possible, at least to know what to do at a particular time.

That will also help you create time for yourselves and for your marriage too.


Here’s how to organize your goal.

Write do on a diary for easy reference.

Write to do all you want to do the following day at the end of every day. Then when you wake up, follow the steps as you wrote on your daily schedule list.

If you organize how things will be done daily, you will find more time for your partner without much stress.



If your marriage and your spouse are so important to you, then they should be placed at top of your priority list. What that means is that any other thing can wait until your marriage is settled.

If you are have placed other things first before your marriage, then its time to make a u-turn, think about what you should give up, so you have more time to spend with your family.


Just say no to anything that will share your time with your family, everything can wait, but your relationship may not be the same if you procrastinate.


6) Do things together

The truth is that it will not always be easy to create that time needed to be together, so it will be best if both of you can try doing things that will bring you to close together.

Doing things together will definitely give you opportunities to converse with each other.


Here are a few examples to guide you.

  • Sleep together: Most couples have different rooms, and they retire to their separate room after the day hustles. But the couples who share the same bed have enough time to share their daily experiences.
  • Go shopping with your partner: Plan going on shopping with your spouse, in the same car. You will have time to talk as you go.
  • Cook together: Don’t sit on the dining waiting for food to be served, join her as she cooks, and then share your stories, your dreams, and anything you want to talk about.

Finally, you should make your couples time is a priority to you and your partner. That’s when it will be easy to create the time.

When you call it a duty, all your system will align to make it easier for  you to achieve






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