30 sweet things you will hear from a man who loves you so much

sweet words, women want to hear from menMen have different ways of expressing their love to a woman.
They may be too reluctant to do so many things you expect them to do, and you may be asking if that man truly loves you.


Truth is that you can know if he truly loves you from the type of sweet words that comes out of his mouth, after all words also plays an important role when expressing your feelings.


Here in this post are 30 sweet words you could hear from that man if he truly loves you.


# 1) you are everything to me, I can’t stay a bit without you.

# 2) Since I first met you, I can’t stay minute without wanting to be with you.

#3) It’s amazing how everything has changed with me since I met you, I don’t want to spend a moment without you

#4) The best and the only place to be is with you, no place else is worth being because I always have peace whenever am with you.

#5) I always feel so in complete without you.

#6) I know I’ve Made so many mistakes as a man, but please, don’t withdraw your love from me. I may go mad if you ever do.

#7) You are the only one I want to love, you are all I dream of and I will like to spend the rest of my love to me.

#8) You have a beautiful smile and my heart soars whenever you gave me a smile.

#9) You look so amazing in that dress.

# 10) All my life, I’ve been hoping to meet someone like you and God has finally answered my prayers.

#11) I feel so happy whenever I remembered the first time I set my eyes on you.

#12) I am grateful to God everyday for making me know you.

#13) My life feels empty when you are not around me.

#14) I hope your day was as splendid as you are.

#15) You are wonderfully and fearfully made.

#16) I only want to be the best man in the world just for you.

#17) I had to do this, because I want to be happy.

#18) Now I know what love is all about.

#19) i desperately need you in my life.

#20) I want us to take this to another level.

#21) I pray that our children look like you.

#22) You need a man who cares, who wants to make you happy and who wants to be there for you anytime you wish.

#23) You deserve to be treated like a queen and I am here to fill those gaps in your life.

#24) You are all I desire to love, you are all I dream of and you occupy my thought my mind and my everything.

#25) Good day dear, I have made a good breakfast for you.

#26) If I don’t have this strong feelings for you, I wouldn’t be feeling hopeless when am not with you.

#27) I feel so sorry you lost your job dear, but thank God you still have me by your side.

#28) To me, “I love you” means you are the best thing that made sense to me.

#29) I think I want to spend my whole life with you.

#30) Nothing seem perfect in this life, but you love have made life with living for me.

Finally: It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you have been in the love market for a long time; whenever you hear any of these sweet words from that man, it is a blank check that he truly loves and want to be with you forever.

It’s important to start taking notes of those words from this moment.

I expect to see you at the other side of life soon.

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I am still your friend Uchegbu Ikenna.
Remin fulfilled


6 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in your next Courtship


dating, dating mistakes. courtshipHave you made great courtship mistakes in the past that caused you lose your suppose partner?


Courtship is a very important time for would be couples, it a time to sturdy and know your prospective husband or wife.


But it is also a very tricky moment and therefore requires great carefulness and some understanding.


If courtship is easy, then why do you think people still make mistakes getting married to the wrong person? Why do we also have so many broken relationships?

It can only be as a result of lack of proper preparations.


Many people especially the youths believe they know it all and therefore show deaf ear to advice.


Courtship or dating offers good avenues to know your intending partner well, but lots of people ends up ruining their opportunities of getting hooked up by making some fixable mistakes.


I am here to guide you right so you don’t make such mistakes again in your next dating/ courtship.


Here are few mistakes to avoid in your next courtship/ dating.


1) Don’t try to be who you are not: – It always amazing to me when I see people trying to change or changing their nature or lifestyles because they want to get married.

They believe you have to be the best before they can find and sustain someone’s love.


That’s a grave mistake. You are great the way you are, and God understand why he made you the way you are.


If you pretend to be who you are not just because you want to keep your love, time is coming when everything will be revealed and you will blame yourself for it.


The only remedy for that is to have full confidence and love for yourself and then people will love you back.


2) Don’t tell lies: – Every successful relationship is based on truth, and so it is necessary to start your marriage foundation with truth as well.


Since courtship/ dating are the only way to know each other better before marriage, it is important you make your new date understand that you have a past.


Example let him/ her know that you had a child in your school days. If he/she finds out later in the marriage, it may bring a great chaos between you.


Everyone has a past and your past can’t jeopardize your present the truth and let the relationship start on a clean page, not regarding the history of your lives.


3) Don’t be in a hurry:- It’s always interesting to take things easy, you made hit your leg in a stone while you are in a rush.


The same is applied to marriage. When you are in a hurry to get married, your eyes may be blinded to know if she/ he is the right person for you.


Remember, marriage or spending the rest of your life with someone is not a child’s play, and so be very careful when you are choosing your partner, else you will regret it for the rest of your life.


4) Be ready to back out:- It doesn’t matter how handsome/ beautiful or interesting you new lover is, always assure yourself that if he /she fails, that you can always get a better one.


This will give you the courage to throw in the  towel when you find out that two of you are not compatible to each other.

Never believe he/she will change in future.


If he/she wouldn’t change now, don’t expect him to change later.


5) Act of playing hard to Aget:- It is good sometimes to play a little tough to your new date.


You are not doing so to scare life out of him/ her, but you want to play not cheap.


Some men may claim they don’t like girls that doesn’t commit to them easily within some days, but let me tell you that men love girls who knows how to keep them in suspense about them.


However, this doesn’t work for everyone.

Researcher, Jia, and Dia Dong in 2014 said that playing hard to get may decree liking and May also increase feelings to some.


My advice is that you become more sensitive when you are playing the game; if it’s not working out for you, then change to your plan B.


6) Never tell your life stories: – It’s always joyful to have stories to tell your new date, at least to keep the moment alive, but don’t make the mistakes of divulging your whole self to him/ her.


Obviously you always waited for that a moment to go on a date together and also to know him/her, but telling everything about yourself on your first date can be a disaster.


For example; if you pour a bucket of water a match, the fire goes out immediate, that can also happen when you want to suffocate your date with your story.


And so it doesn’t matter how interesting or wonderful your stories are, make it a mystery for your date to uncover in your subsequent dates.








4 most Essential recipes for fixing a loveless marriage.

happy marriage, loveless marriage,love your partnerAre you feeling trapped in a loveless marriage?

You are not alone in that; let me tell you, I have received countless emails from my readers, requesting me to tell them what to do about that very issue;

There questions are “Should they quit the relationship or try fixing it”?

If you are asking the same question too, then this post is specifically for you, as I will show you 4 things you can do to fix your loveless relationship.


Frankly speaking, no one desires to experience being trapped in a loveless marriage, it can be too emotionally draining, especially when you are trying everything you could do day and night to connect, experience love, or even been noticed by your partner and not getting your way through.


When you look back, you could clearly remember those days when you were saying your vows at the altar, you loved each other so well in the first place to accept to get married to each other.


However, along the line, things starts changing, it became somewhat difficult to meet needs or take care of certain things that make marriage sweet.


Those unmet needs starts making everyone feel rejected, unfulfilled, ignored and not properly taken care of.


The good news is that you can patch those holes and make your relationship sweet again, and I will show you how in a short while.


4 Essential ingredients for fixing a loveless marriage.


Reject it: – One of the things that will keep you trapped in a loveless relationship is to accept it in your mind that your marriage is actually loveless.


Your definition about anything can definitely determine the result you will get about it.


The moment you accepted that love doesn’t exist in your relationship, your emotions and perception starts accepting it as well as your health and automatically everything about you starts taking shape to match your definition ( As a man thinks in his heart, so is he) hope you remembered the slogan.


It is true that your relationship is passing through hard time and you and your partner for one reason or the other have not been acknowledging each other, which created a big valley between you; now you are more of a roommate than husband and wife.

Am not doubting you about it, but if you could keep an open mind about it and not place the label on it, you’ll see things changing gradually.


2) Understand why your marriage is the way it is: – There’s always a reason for everything.

Your marriage can’t just become loveless all of a sudden.

It’s important you set your mind and rummage on those things that keeps poling you apart from your partner, how and when it started, you could find out that those little things have gravitated those big issue you are facing now.

I’ve heard couples blaming it on each other, the men will say things like ” My wife has changed a great deal, she doesn’t listen when am talking like before” and women also complains about the husbands too.

Having these in mind can greatly choke the goodness in your marriage away.

The best thing to do is to change your perception and your priorities will Change as well.


Get back to doing those things you did earlier in your relationship that gives both of you joy. If you can get them back, then you can get the passion back again.


3) Say your mind about the issues at hand:- One thing you’ll do earlier to stop the problems from spreading on is to summon courage and tell your partner about all your dissatisfaction.


Let your partner understand that you are feeling neglected and unsatisfied.

Be open as you let him/her know everything that’s going on in your mind about the relationship and also let he / she know also that it’s okay if they feel the same way too.


Bringing this to table will make you say your minds and possible solution could be found for the problems.


4) Increase your commitment to your marriage: – If you eventually discover why your relationship is the way it is now, it’s imperative that you make up your mind to increase your personal commitment to your marriage.

Do more for your marriage now than before, and always look for ways to help your partner achieve their personal goal and dreams.

Give up those lifestyles that brought the disconnection and imbibe good behavior.
Remember, being more committed will help your marriage get better that it has always been.

Finally: If your marriage is loveless, you can still get it back again. Do all you think is necessary to achieve your goal.

I have listed 4 important recipes to help you.

Now the ball is now in your court to take action. Remember, if you don’t take action you will not succeed.

Let me drop my pen here.

See you at the top
Am still your friend murphyaik.


5 Things your Wife needs from you to do more for your Marriage

make your wife happy, happy marriage, love your wifeIs your wife giving her best for your marriage?

If yes, then you are on the right track, but if she is not, then here are 5 things you will do to make her more productive than she used to be.

The affirmation that “when mama is not happy, nobody is happy” is a good example of what am saying here.


Women are always ready to make their marriage successful, and they can do anything to make it happen especially if they are getting pat in the back from their husband.


They don’t need much to be their best, just a little support from you, just a little show of appreciation can do all the work and you’ll nearly kick yourself for not doing that in the past.


A man told a story of how he took the wife out a super shop to pick something for herself and what she picked were costly though, but all were what they needed for the home.

She would have gone for her personal things, but just that little surprise the husband gave to her gave her another opportunity to get most of the things she needed for the family.

It’s really interesting and if your wife is not doing much, then you have to step up to make her bring the hero in her.

In this post you’ll see things you can do to make your wife happy and more productive.


make your wife happy, be the best husband


  • Give her surprises: – Women are very peculiar people; they don’t need much to get them trilled.

Giving them surprise gift is just one of the ways to do that.

The gift may not be something very costly, but let it be something they will love and let it always be a surprised one.

Great and unexpected gifts get women so amazed and astonished.


Always be sure the surprises are all about your wife and not you.


Do not plan to take her to a cinema, a museum or places you love, take her to places she like.

If what she like is to go fishing, take her there and also make sure the gifts you are getting for her are the things she love.


  • Meet her most emotional needs: –Everyone has a need; it is one thing that makes up every human being.


Sometimes we want to either deny that those needs exist, or we don’t even want to meet them.


Most of these needs when unmet become the underlying factors that bring disputes and eventual separation in relationships.


Knowing what your wife needs are as well as your wives are will always make a great impact in your family.

When your wives needs are overlooked or not met at all, she either suffers it or looks for another means of having it met.

But by meeting those needs, you are helping to ensure happiness to your wife as well as your marriage.


  • Make her feel secured:- Every woman want to be assures of her security in two different things

– Area of finance: Women don’t like it at all when they realize that your income is irregular, unavailable when needed or not a solid plan of handling emergencies.

Those things make them feel very anxious especially when children are involved.

You may not be making a lot of money, but when you are keen about handling the necessities of the family the ways she can understand, that will make her feel relaxed.


– They also want to know their position in their heart:- that’s why they feel so cheated when they realized you are battling so much with pornography or relating closely with the opposite sex outside there.


Once she finds out the other women are sharing what belongs to her, they also close their mind to you.

However, when she is sure your heart belongs to her only, you will see her boasting about you as well as your marriage.


  • Pursue her again: – Did you remember how you pursed your wife those days and won her over?


Now you think you have done the work and don’t need to do it again.

The truth is that this time your wife wants to feel you desiring her, seeking her, and wanting her again and again.

This includes desiring her asexually, but don’t always desire her for her body only, but desire her happiness, her heart, her understanding and also her closeness.

She wants you to need her for who she actually is and not because of the ways she makes you feels.


  • Know and understand her pretty well: – If I ask you how much you know your wife, you will tell me you know her so very.

But, knowing your wife means more than knowing what she likes or want at a point in time.

There’s need to know her totally, I mean knowing her body language, her cycle, when she needs you behind her and when she wants to be left alone.

Those things makes a wife feel loved and when they feel such, they love to reciprocate the love.


Finally, Marriage becomes better and sweeter when your wife is happy with the marriage and they do more to make the marriage feel the happiness to.

From today, I implore you to try out all I have written down in this post about how to make your wife happy to do more for you and your family.

I promise you will see more changes in her as well as your relationship.

I am still your friend Ikenna ( murphyaik)
See you at the top.


7 Little things that will make great changes in your marriage

happy marriage,make your marriage successfulIf your desire is to make your marriage successful, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to achieve it, you don’t even need to strive so much also.


There are little things you do everyday that will make great changes in your marriage.

So many couples has forgotten about those little things they used to do in the early days of their marriage, and that’s why there are so many broken relationships now.


John Wooden said in his quote that “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”


That simple means you don’t wait until you buy a car for your partner before your relationship will become strong.


I bet if you should try doing these little things I will share with you in this post, gradually you will start seeing positive changes and you will become so happy you try.


What are they?


happy marriage, boost your marriage, make your marriage successful

Little things that brings great success in your marriage


  • Be positive minded:-

QUOTE: Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.
Shiv Khera

“Always strive to see good in thing you see in your marriage.
Only positive mentality can make things happy”

I know it’s hard to do, but constantly reassure yourself that all things are working together for your good, even the failures and disappointments.


If you continued thinking the way that I just explained, sooner or later, you’ll see things becoming reality.
Remember, “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.


  • Constantly appreciate:-

QUOTE: Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

You will agree with me that everyone loves to receive positive attention from someone else and the best way to do that is through appreciation.


Appreciating your spouse makes him or her feel good about what they did, and give them moral to do much more.

Let’s take for example; if your partner drops the children at the school, fix the bulb in the toilet, say thank you.

You will see his strength increase and it will make a big difference in his or her life and as well increase love in marriage.


  • Do something silly and sweet to make to make your partner smile daily:-

” Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart”.
Anthony J. D’Angelo”.

Its important to smile every time, if you don’t know what smile does, here is what the experts says about it.

Scientists found out that smiling on a purpose help people feel much better.

So whenever you make your spouse smile, you are achieving two things at the Same time.

a) you are lifting a bad mood.
b) you are making your marriage and your spouse happy

Isn’t that what you wanna do?

  • Always think of how make your spouse’s day easier:-

“God gave me my husband so we could weather the storms of life together.”
Many times I do so many things for my wife, especially when I notice that she has done so much for the day.

Don’t be the type that will command the partner to boil water for bathing, or get the food ready for you when almost the two of you are getting home from work at the same time.

You can wash the dishes, boil the water, steam his/her car and even help in washing the children’s cloths.


When you do so, you are not only making things easier for your spouse, but also making things easier and lighter for him/her.

  • Complement each other at the end of the day:-

“ We must complement each other beautifully.
Lailah Gifty Akita ,

Many marriages suffer under appreciation says Bush.

I don’t know why, but nowadays partners don’t deem it necessary to complement each other and that makes everyone to have the ‘ sense of lack’ and not been taken care of.


Make it a point of duty to complement your partner all the time especially at how the end of the day, ask about the day was and complement each other for going through the stress and coming home again.

  • Work as a team:- Team work will help your relationship grow faster.
    Sometimes in marriage, couples find themselves walking out of sync and walking negatively against each other.
  • However, no marriage will succeed in that state. Couples should understand the importance of working like close allies.

Allies knows how to communicate and protect each other and they also know that one can only chase one thousand, while two can chase two thousands.

Couples will achieve more when they see themselves as a 3 legged race where each leg is pulling the other, and not as a competitor.

The only was to do that is by walking as a team.

  • Touch Often:- Remember the butterfly feelings you get those early years of your dating when your fiances body touches you.

Those feelings are gone now, not because you don’t want it, but because other activities of the day has overshadowed it.

But touch is one of the vital ingredients to happy relationship, am not talking about sex but holding cuddling are all Important to giving your marriage a boost.


Final thought:- it is those little things you do constantly that brings great changes to your marriage.

Don’t wait till you you travel to the moon to make your relationship successful.

I am still your friend murphy.

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