Toxic relationship: What is a toxic relationship?

You can fix your relationship and get the love back.

Here is how to do that.

1)  Can Your Toxic Marriage Be Fixed?

If you are planning to take a step into fixing your marriage, you should be able to answer that question by yourself.

The truth is, many troubled relationships have been fixed, and many more are better than they were many years ago, not because it is easy to fix a  broken relation, but because the couples were all in one mind to fix it.

It can work if you and your partner are on the same page: are you ready to go the extra mile just to make sure that your relationship is back to normal.

The moment you decide and work as a team, you’ll get good results, if not, your efforts will be wasted.

2) Find Out What The Problems Are:

What caused the problems you are facing now? Did your partner change all of a sudden or has he or she been that way since?

Take time and check why things suddenly become the ways they are now.; it could help you know how to start the fixing processes,  without that, there may be no way to get things to work again.

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3) Call Yourself To Order.

You can never continue to do the same thing and expect a new result.

If you want a new relationship and a changed partner, then you’ll need to call yourself to order.

Stop controlling if it’s hurting your relationship, stop nagging if it’s not good for your partner.

My advice is that you stick only to those things that are empowering your relationship and not the other way round.

Just call yourself to order and other things will follow suit. You will be surprised to know that you are the cause of all the problems.

4) Talk To Your Partner.

If eventually, you found out that you are not the cause of the problems and that your partner is; your responsibility is to talk to him/ her.

Things will not change if you keep it to yourself and expecting your partner to turn a new leaf. Find a way and the best time to talk it over with your partner.

Most times, many people don’t know they are making mistakes until you let them know.

Your partner may be such a person.  Therefore let him or her know what they are doing as well as how it is impacting your relationship.

You may be surprised to see them changing for the better. Nothing is impossible.

5)  Be Ready To Change.

No relationship is toxic on its own, it is you and your spouse that makes the relationship either good or bad.

That means only both of you can make it great again. In order, words give your relationship the best shot from now, by changing. Change your character if you need to, change your dressing code if it’s important too.

6) Get Help If It’s Necessary.

You can visit a marriage counselor to help out in your matter. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with your problems on your own. 

The counselors are trained to help you solve many of your challenges and they really can help you if you ask them. 

If you are not sure how to find one, then check out this post on how to find a marriage counselor around you.

In Conclusion. 

A toxic relationship can be fixed if you and your spouse are ready to fix it. If you follow these few steps I listed, you will not find it tedious to do.

It won’t be an easy task though, but it can work with time and patience.

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