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Being Happy: Your Guide to Lasting and true Happiness (Relationship to you marriage success)

Dear, What if I asked you to make quick improvements in your life that will positively affect your marriage, which area would you concentrate on; your finance, your communication style, or your sex life, well! All those areas need improvement also.But, what if I explain to you what impact making...

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How to spend quality time with your spouse and enjoy a happy marriage healthy life

One of the ways couples can enjoy a happy marriage healthy life, is by spending quality time together. Tell me! How often do you normally have to share quality time with your spouse? Yes! You do spend 10 hours every day. That is good; but I am more concerned about...


New Year Resolutions to Build a Happy Marriage.

2014 is gone and 2015 is here now. It is time every couple decides on how to build happy marriage.It is usally common for people to make resolutions about losing weight, becoming fit, finances, giving up smoking, giving up drinking habit and other things. However, it is imperative for couples...

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