8 New year resolution ideas for couples.

2014 is gone and 2015 is here now. It is time every couple decides on how to build a happy marriage, and one of the ways to do that is to have a new year resolution and in this post, I will show you 8 new year resolution ideas for couples.


It is usually common for people to make resolutions about losing weight, becoming fit, finances, giving up smoking, giving up drinking habit and other things. However, it is imperative for couples to have their own new year resolution on how to move their marriage forward and stronger.


Peoples marriage crumbles every minute, and researchers said that 1/2 of the marriages that stood the taste of time carry the ” moniker ” of happily married, this is the reason you must make your own new year resolution to make your marriage extraordinary, and this new year resolution ideas for couples will help you create a powerful resolution for your marriage.


Investing more on marriage should be one of the greatest plans every couple must learn to do this beginning of the year. Great and happy families do not just happen; the couple that invests more in their marriage tend to enjoy more “satisfying and pleasurable intimacy with each other.


It is true new year resolutions tend to have gotten a bad ” rap” for not working out for people sometimes.


However, having a new year resolution can help you to straighten your relationship or marriage. One of the reasons why it doesn’t work for others maybe their inability to make other smaller plans that will help make it easier for them to achieve their goals.


One of the steps you must adopt to make your resolution work is to sit down with your spouse, get a pen and a paper, get two glasses of coffee, brainstorm together and draft the new year do’s and don’t s of your marriage, having in mind what worked and what did not work in 2014.


Every marriage that wants to shift from a sour relationship into a happier and sweeter one must resolve to put more attention this 2015 than ever before using these tips I listed below.


8 New Year Resolution Ideas For Couples.


Make your Spouse your Priority:-

In the world where there are so many things that will crave your attention, it will be good to remember that you have someone that needs your attention more than any other thing and that is your spouse. This 2015, make it a priority to put your spouse at the top of every plan you make.


Treat your Partner better than you Treat your Friends:-

Some couples take their partners for granted and some times they find it hard to treat them the way they should. Have a check on yourself to know if you say things or do things to your husband or wife that you would never want to do to your best friend, if yes, then try to make some adjustments.


Remember it will take some time to manifest.

Keep Passion Alive:-

If you think your marriage has become somewhat boring, if you do the same thing all the time and yet things are only going in a circle, then the alternative you have is to change your pattern. Chose to keep the passion alive. Do things that will juice up your marriage. Try some new hobbies or outing together.


Spend More Quality times Together:-

Many couples are too busy that they never give thoughts to the important things in their lives. Plan to spend more quality time with your spouse this 2015. It may be having a more date night or weekend out together, it will be appreciated by your spouse.


Forgive always:-

If you found yourself unforgiving in 2014, then you must do everything to forgive more this 2015. There must be trouble and mistakes but forgive as soon as you are asked.



Make your Sex Time number one:-

If your romantic experiences as a couple used to be passionate, then you have neglected it so much now that the passion is gone.


The best thing you can do is to give more attention to it. Make plans for “sex dates”. Read some sex self -help books, watch sex videos and work on your sex lives.


Listen more Often:-

Learn to be a good listener than a talker. Your partner will want to know how well your interest is in whatever he/ she told you.


Have and Cultivate one Common Goal:-

People want to do things that are of personal interest to then. However, this 2015 to build a happier marriage, you must try and learn new interests with your spouse.



Finally, Remember to improve your communication level and appreciate your spouse more.


When you share more time with someone, it becomes easier for you to overlook those things you do not like about them.


Always remind yourself of why you fall in love with your spouse in the first instance. Try to compliment your spouse often this year.


It will not be easy

Like I said before, it is not that easy to have a happy marriage, but making a new year resolution and.getting committed to working with it this 2015 will be a step forward in making your marriage more stable and stronger.



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