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10 reasons marriages doesn’t work Again

Many times, I have imagined the way people feel when they fell in love with someone: I guess you know exactly what am talking about. It feels like nothing else exists but just the two of them.  There’s nothing else they want to do than to be with each other night...

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30+ highly sought after Happy Marriage Recipes you have never tried before.

Recipe for building a happy marriage is a very vast topic on the internet. It start from communication, trust, love getting committed, having a day or week out as partners.Here in happymarriagebuilder.com, we have done so much to cover various useful recipes that you require to build and sustain your...

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Discover how having a Happy Marriage Depends On a Happy Wife

If you are looking for steps to a happy marriage, then you must understand that having a happy marriage depends on a happy wifeHave you found out one way or the other that your wife is not that happy again? Maybe from her countenance, you have found out she is...

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A Happy Marriage tips: Tips on how you can have a Very Passionate Marriage by Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive.

This article is to show you how you can have a very passionate marriage, and how you can keep intimacy hot and alive in your marriage for ever.This is obviously the best result any couple can have in their marriage. Everybody prays for it.This thing called intimacy is naturally alive...

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