My 8 Sincere advice to all the single ladies

Feeling bad can push you to take steps that may not be pleasant for you in the future.

Just keep your head up and believe that with God all things are possible. if eventually, you didn’t marry, then that’s not the end of life.

Being a single lady

2)’Take Good Care Of Yourself:-

It’s easy to tell yourself that your time to get married is passed, and so there’s no need to take care of yourself again. But it’s important I tell you that you still have the chance to marry.

So be ready, because you don’t know when

Also, understand that men are always careful whenever they want to marry.  The type of girl men love to marry are those that know how to take care of themselves, because it’s also a good indication she can take care of the family too.

The secret to winning is to know how to take proper care herself.

Look good, even you are not expecting anyone. If you are going out of shape, then you have to start exercising. And if there’s a need to change your wardrobe


3) Stay Positive:-

If your husband hasn’t come yet, you should believe that one day he will come by. The only attitude that could earn you what you want in life is a positive attitude.

Though it won’t be easy to be positive when things are not working the way you wish,  being negative will compound the issues for you.

There are ways you can stay positive in your life, no matter the circumstances According to researchers, we all possess some great abilities to choose our emotions.

Simply put, you can decide what you think, do and say. It is true that you wish to marry hasn’t worked out yet, the way you interpret it determines what the way you’ll feel about it and the way you feel will impact your actions.

My advice is that you should remain positive because it’s only for a while.

Advice to all the single ladies

4) Make yourself irresistible to any man:

To be irresistible simply means to be wanted by anyone. Have you ever asked yourself why every man is craving to be with that lady residing close to you, and no one is coming after you?

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