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How to create a soul mate from your spouse


Never give room to emotional distance

Nothing kills a marriage than emotional distance.

So if you feel there’s no closeness again, you need to do something now.

Question is: =))

How do you increase this emotional intimacy in your own relationship?

Here’s How : – ))


Spend more time together:-

One of the ways you can prevent your marriage from failing is to spend more time together.

It is not about the duration of time spent that matters, but the quality of time spent.

In one of my posts, 15 minutes a day just to improve your relationship,


I shared how you can achieve a lot by spending just 15 minutes with your spouse.

Research shows that most marriages fail because couples lack connection.

It is only through spending time together that husband and wife have time to discuss the ways forward to their family.

If you have not been spending time together, then it’s time to start is. Refer to my book for more guidance.

Recognize your time apart also:

In as much as you should spend time together, it’s also important to spend time apart from each other.


You will agree with me that too much time together sometimes makes you feel a kind of suffocated that you’ll find yourself craving for just a little moment to find air again.


Your Spouse needs it

Times apart gives every partner the time to pursue his/ her personal interests, maintain the individual identity, give you the opportunity to miss each other once more and more space to pursue and achieve your goals.


Although we all have different needs when it comes to the amount of time we desire to spend as couples or apart from each other, but there’s need to learn and respect your different needs and so it is imperative to come together and talk about how to create a balance that will suit the both of you.

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Maximize Your Similarities, and Appreciate Your Differences:-

Another important way to energize your relationship is to learn to know that you and your partner come from different parents, states and sometimes different ethnic groups, and so there must be other differences.


Understanding both the difference and similarities is what will add color to the way you live together.


When you were still dating, everything was exciting and new.


Try to accommodate

At those times, there was no problem when it comes to going another mile to accommodate your spouse’s mistakes.


Sometimes you overlooked so many things too.


However, after a long time, those feelings start to wear off.

Your eyes are more open now to see those flaws, those things that didn’t bother you initially are now your greatest headache.


Here’s What to do

But if you want to create a soul mate with your current partner, then I implore you to stop now and see what the differences are as well as the similarities.


Take another look at the personalities of your better half and yours to know the differences.


Maybe he likes more salt and chilies in the soup and you don’t etc.

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