8 Ways to write super romantic love letters

Valentine is here again and I want to show you another way to spice up your marriage doing what you know best to do. I am talking about how to write romantic love letters to your spouse; the type of letter that will take your spouse through a Rollo coaster of passion.

Do you want your partner to start seeing you as a romantic? You will be just that after reading this article.

I can see your face lit with a smile now; you are just being reminded of how things were when love was young in your life.

Trust me; I know how you use to feel whenever you are writing or when you receive love letters from your loved one; nothing else feels good than that.

But things are not smooth again.

Obviously, when you were trying to win him/ her, you did almost everything you could to make your loved one feel loved, you want to get in touch by all means, and you want to show that you really care.

You could spend 4- 6 hours on the phone or write 500 – 1000 words of romantic love letters just to express your feelings to him/her.

But where has the love gone to now?

Now you realized that things are not the way they use to be. You really don’t even have enough time to connect with your spouse anymore, due to the daily activities like taking care of the children, your job, the house chores, and so many other things.

In a situation like this, the only weapon that’s left to keep the romance alive is to write romantic love letters to him/her.

Question is, how are you going to write a letter now?

But, don’t worry; I am here to help you through some of the steps of writing romantic love letters that will make you super romantic once more.

So drop everything you are doing now and get yourself a glass of coffee, because we are going old school.

Let me reveal to you what will start happening to your marriage after writing these love letters.

  • Your partner will start seeing the new romantic partner from now.
  • Your word will make your spouse understand you more.
  • It’s a great way to encourage each other.
  • It is a safe way to share something that is bothering you calmly with your spouse.
  • It’s more romantic.

With all these in mind, let’s get going.

6 Tricks to write super romantic love letters to your spouse.

  • Love letters should be meaningful and specific: – It is good to be specific when writing a love note to your spouse.

Make your writing meaningful and straight to the point. Remember, the way you write will determine what result you’ll get.

I suggest you make a definite list of the things your spouse did or always do that makes you feel happy.

Tell about those surprise kisses, cooking, those touches, and hugs. They’ll invoke sensations that will help to keep your marriage alive.

  • Love letters should be a positive and personal letter:-It is not a laptop or typing machine thing; give them all up.

You are not writing an exam or writing to your employer; you are simply writing to the love of your life. So get your paper and pen and start writing.

Your letter is all about your relationship and love, that’s why it has to be positive.

Start the letter with special personal greetings that will capture his/her attention, right from the first letter, even the ending part of it has to personal too.

  • He/she will love it neat and attractive too: Did you remember why you are writing this letter? You want to recapture his/her love. Then try and make the letter neat and attractive too.

Let it express all you have in mind to your spouse immediately it enters the hand.

How attractive and neat your letter is, will speak volumes to your partner. So choose a good writing material or stationary for it.

You can also spray it with a good smelling scent. It is all about romance.

  • Be transparent and say your heart: Do you have so many things to tell your spouse and you don’t know just how to start? Then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Just be open and transparent about your feelings and love for your spouse.

Dig dip into your emotions and let your emotions flow into the sheet as you write. Those words you are putting down in the paper are just an extension of who you are and your deepest feelings for the one you love.

  • Make it a duty to write this regularly:-It is important you make this a regular thing and not just a one-time event. Remember you are interested in putting a smile on your spouse’s face. Writing is one tool that must never lack in your romantic “toolbox”.

Make it a point of duty to surprise your partner with those powerful words from your heart very often..not only during the Val, anniversary.

  • End with love:-As you are writing, use something that sums up your love and passion. Let your spouse know that you will continue to love him/her.

Use an ending note like: I am forever yours, with all my love, am so happy you are in my life, you mean the world to me.

Try and be creative about it and remember to sign your name.

  • Proofread it well:- After writing, then it is time to proofread your letter. Just make sure it is free from mistakes. Also, be sure that your letter conveys the very message you want to send to your love.

You must make sure your letter gets to your love, so deliver it through the special delivery method.

Slip the letter under the pillow, in her handbag, on top of her make up table, on the dinner plate.

Just keep it where he/she will find it by surprise.

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