7 Things to know before moving in together

There’s no doubt you have finally found someone that meets your criteria for marriage and  now you are thinking about moving in together as a couple


After a long search for Mrs or Mr right you are ready to settle down.


Know these things

I really want to congratulate you. However, there are a few things I should let you know as you are getting ready to move in together with your love.


I am not trying to frighten you, after all, your decision to move in together with your boo should be such an exhilarating idea, but sometimes it becomes tasking too.


You could experience some unexpected challenges.

Things have to change

Moving to be with your partner is purely a different step from moving in together with your friend or roommate. It’s another serious stage in a relationship you shouldn’t take with levity.


I am writing this post to brace you up for the future, so take the time to read this post as I will show you all you need to know before taking the steps.



7 things you should know before moving in together as a couple


1) You must be clear why you are taking the steps:-

What are your reasons for taking this step?


If it’s just because you want to salvage the long chaotic relationship, or maybe because of convenience or financial status, then that’s a wrong idea.


What will now be your faith when all these fails later? Would you stay put or take to your heels?


However,   if two  of you are on the same page, and wish to fulfill your dream by taking the relationship to another level, then you are on the right track


Knowing why you take this action matters, as it will clearly determine your success.


2) Make up your mind about what you want:-

If you have made up your mind to be together, then you should determine how you should live.


It all depends on you, to know if your stay together will last or just for someday, weeks, months or even years.


You should decide how committed you should be, what sacrifices you should make to see that the relationship stays afloat when there is a tide.


It’s in your hand

The success or the failure is all in your hands and so determine what you want and then go for it.



3) Expect new behaviors:-

If you think you have known each other so well, I congratulate you on that.


Meanwhile, I want you to know that new behavior will manifest as you move in together.


Some of then may prompt you to ask yourself some questions- if this is actually the person you know before.


A lot of incompatibilities will gradually show up, which may result in fights and quarrels.


Such new development can either be a good one, if the partner, has made up their minds to push through the storms together.


 It’s been proven

Marriage professionals said that fight and quarrel make a relationship stronger and can also be bad if couples couldn’t settle their disputes vehemently.


4) Don’ t be afraid when you fight, it’s normal:-

You may find yourselves fighting in the beginnings, but never mind, that doesn’t mean your relationship is not strong.


There is no relationship without fight and quarrel, but John Gottman said after his research that the only thing that can cause breaks in a relationship is the inability to settle the disputes.


5) Individual lifestyle will change:-

When you were still alone, you could do things on your own, you could do whatever you want and whenever you want it without being questioned.


Moving in with your partner means accepting to live for each other from that moment.


And now so many things will change: if you liked to come back late in the night, spend money recklessly, live your dirty clothes on the grown, then it has to change.


6)Never be afraid to ask for alone time:-

Moving in together doesn’t mean you will stay together every minute and every second.


In as much as you there need to be together, there’s also need to have some moments of your own and for your personal thinking and meditation, or to pursue a personal goal


In that case, you should never be afraid to ask for that alone time.


7) Be ready to comprise sometimes:-

Compromise helps a relationship survive.

You don’t have to be obstinate always, you shouldn’t always want to have your ways every time.


If you don’t Compromise earlier, then you have to make up your mind for that now you are planning to live with each other.


Build that bond

Be ready to lower the volume of the TV set because your partner is on call, be ready to say sorry even when you are not wrong.

This will create a bond in your relationship.


Rounding up:

Try reading this post as many times as possible, so you are pretty sure of how to get yourself ready before finally moving in together as a couple. You will be able to save yourself much trouble when you know what to expect in the future, and you are ready to face it.












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