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5 Things your Wife needs from you to do more for your Marriage

Is your wife giving her best for your marriage?If yes, then you are on the right track, but if she is not, then here are 5 things you will do to make her more productive than she used to be.The affirmation that “when mama is not happy, nobody is happy”...

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7 Little things that will make great changes in your marriage

If your desire is to make your marriage successful, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to achieve it, you don’t even need to strive so much also. There are little things you do everyday that will make great changes in your marriage.So many couples has forgotten about those little...

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Getting Married: How to invest in your marriage while you are still single.

If you are hoping to get married someday, then there’s need to start investing in your future relationship now you are still single.Also Read how to make your marriage strongNothing is worst than having a bad marriage/ relationship; it can only be compared to a furnace of fire.A research conducted...

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7 Highly neglected things that make your Marriage deteriorate fast.

       Is your marriage deteriorating faster and you don’t understand why? You are sure you are doing your best to make your marriage better and yet things are still going opposite of what you expected it to be.You are not alone. So many couples are as confused as you are. There are...

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