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Lockdown daytime date Ideas for couples 0

Lockdown daytime date Ideas for couples

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According to the scriptures, “all things work together for our good”, and that includes the lockdown by some nations in other to contain the global pandemic. This article is all about showing you some interesting lockdown daytime date ideas for couples that you can use.


There are no more excuses for not dating your spouse again. Initially, you blamed it on the daily activities and your job.


Now, there is a lockdown globally, due to coronavirus.


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In this post, I will help you identify some cheap lockdown daytime date ideas for you and your partner.

Daytime date?

People tend to talk more about romantic date nights that they forget entirely about daytime dating. But daytime dating is also an interesting way to express your feelings to your spouse.


So many couples have for a long time stopped dating themselves because they assumed that it takes so much time and money to go on a date.


But I will show you some daytime date ideas that will be suitable and cheap for you and your partner.

Meanwhile, if you prefer night dating, Reading this book will help you.


Here are my covic19 lockdown daytime date ideas for couples.

Even if you are just starting your journey into the marriage institution or you’ve been married for a long time now; this date ideas will be suitable for you to revive your marriage and solidify your existing romance.


One good way of choosing a good daytime date idea that will add color to your relationship is to choose something that’s fun and also interesting to both of you.



If you love reading, skipping, traveling, then you can find where both of you can quickly enjoy your hobbies in the daytime even before you leave for work.


If you are still in the sea about the daytime date ideas, then read the rest below.


Lockdown daytime date ideas for couples.

Lockdown daytime date ideas, romantic dates


Early In The Morning Breakfast: On Bed

An early morning romantic breakfast is one of the perfect ways to make your partner feel romantic, whether it is a hot cup of tea with toasted pancakes, it doesn’t matter: what matters is the atmosphere at the dining or bed you are serving it.



If it’s workdays or weekends,  having breakfast at a cool romantic atmosphere can be quite an enjoyable way to begin the day.


Get up from bed early and prepare your spouse’s favorite dishes, then dish it with love and serve him/her.


It wouldn’t matter if you serve it on tray, bed, or on your beautifully decorated dining table. Just mix it with love.


Lockdown: daytime date ideas

Play Games Today:

You don’t have a choice to go out due to the lockdown, so enjoy yourselves in your house.

Playing games together can add colors to your romance and as well bring you closer to each other.

So find a way to make your day great and exciting as you play games together.

There are so several games you can play together, but first, consider what you and your partner enjoy most and choose any game that suits you.


Happy couples, loved , couples

Ask Questions to Yourselves:

Communication is a great bond builder when it comes to marital success: since you haven’t had the chance to have a chit chat as a couple for a long while, or you ‘ve not had a chance to discuss other things rather than your kids and work, then this is the time.


There are tons of interesting questions you can ask each other. There are also ‘question for couples” card desks and book out there and some which are more focused on couples, but can also be a good conversation initiator for everyone.

Check it out and use it to laugh over your worries.

You will also learn new things from it as you enjoy yourselves conversing and laughing too.


Happy couples, romantic dates

Do Workout Together:

Every day, you see people registering for yoga exercise, going to the gym, and even doing personal workouts, but it would have been more enjoyable if they do so together.


An affirmation says that “couples who sweat together, stay together.”  So stop doing it alone. Have your workouts right there in the house with your partner.

Look for ” home workout videos from YouTube and burn the calories out together.

Play some romantic vibes and workout to the beat.

Marriage, couples, lovers


“Take a Trip Down Memory Lane.”

This lockdown can present a good opportunity for both of you to remember your sweet pasts together.

Take a moment and retrospect about the day you met each other for the first time, the good times you have shared, also your bad moments too.

Pull out your old album and talk about your growing -ups. This will add some flavors to stay together.

It will be most memorable if you do that with coffee or any drink of your choice.


Romance, date

Set Up A Sweet At Home Daytime Date Picnic

You can’t talk about dating your spouse again without talking about having a picnic and it’s one of the cute date ideas.

Since you can’t go out to the park or beach for another picnic, set up a picnic there in your house.

Get those things you and your partner enjoy well and pack in your picnic bag and then relax in your picnic blanket with your spouse as you enjoy yourselves together.

Play nice background music to tone up the atmosphere for the occasion.



Do Karaoke And Sing Your Hearts Out To Each Other:

If you want your lockdown daytime date to be a memorable one, add a karaoke to it. Instead of reading novels and telling stories, try singing your hearts out to each other.

To make it more interesting look for your spouse’s favorite high school song on YouTube and turn your house to a karaoke studio.

Couples time, special moment with spouse

Have Soul to soul chat:

When did you have a deep heart to heart discussion with your partner? So many couples have just stuck the rut of just discussing the work, kids, money, and family.

Romantic dates will give you opportunities to connect with your spouse

Lockdown daytime date ideas, date ideas

Have A Dance Challenge:

It requires great levels of closeness to dance with someone, so when you have a dance with your spouse you become close physically and emotionally.

So get the ball rolling: just slot good music in and gently grab your partner by the waist and move your bodies to the beat.

Some enzymes are being secreted whenever you do something at the same time with someone that is really connected to you.

At the same time, you will burn calories together and your “intimate connection also grows simultaneously.


Date night ideas, dating your spouse

Book A Special Greetings Requests On Your Local Radio:

Many radio station has some call a friend request program. Request that they shout out to your partner and tell them how much you cherish them.

Request the shout out the exact time you will be with your partner. Your partner will be overjoyed to hear her name and your love messages on the radio.


Have A Home Spa Day:

Plan to pamper your spouse as you enjoy your lockdown dating. Give them an unforgettable body massage that will put him/her to the mood.

Schwarts says that couples who give each other regular body massage are always happy together.

Don’t worry so much about doing well if you haven’t done it before, just relax your mind and gently rub your finger wherever you deem necessary.

A good body massage can quickly result in a more intimate atmosphere. And don’t try holding back to your urges. It’s all yours to enjoy.



Take your time and discover what will interest your partner well as you enjoy your date together.

The few lockdown daytime date ideas I listed here are just a guide, there are several others. You can ask your friends or search the internet for other ideas.


I am still your friend murphyaik.

See you at the top.


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Romantic ways to show love to your spouse



romantic ways to show love, romantic dates

Let me show you some romantic ways to show Love to your spouse.


If you discover that romance is gradually disappearing from your marriage, then you need to do everything to get it back fast.


Believe me, I know about your busy and tight daily schedules like taking care of the children, your job and other distractions, but there are so many romantic ways to show love I will show you in this post that will help you regain romance back into your relationship even when you are so busy.


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You see! Romance is obviously inevitable in every relationship. It’s all about getting yourself closer to your partner, by maintaining true reflection and recognizing great opportunities that helps you create lasting love for you and your partner.


By recognizing these opportunities for romance, you increase great bond between you and your partner and also create an atmosphere for greater love and security.


Question is! If Romance is about making a relationship fun and great, why are and so many other couples finding it hard to practice among other things?

The simplest answer is that many believe it takes hard work to be romantic, and some don’t know so much know about how to go about it.


Howbeit, in this post, I will expose some great ways to increase love in your home;
If this is what you want to know, then sit back and arm yourself with your favorite drink as you read on.


Romantic ways to show love


   Romantic Ways to show love your spouse


1) Be attentive and observant: –

How fast you pick every signal from your partner can be a gracious romantic move you can make, and so be vigilant to recognize those unusual moves.


Understand the things he/ she love: you don’t have to ask, just grasp it from her eyes.


If she / he love to eat early, then make breakfast early before he wakes.


Know your partner well

Just know everything you need to know about your partner, her monthly cycle, and his best color, know when he or she is happy or sad.

Just be on the lookout for those little things that looks insignificant and take care of them even before your partner knows about, and always remember that you are in that relationship just to make life meaningful for your better half.


2) Be ready to show unexpected affections: –

It is good to complement your spouse when expected, but it is somewhat so great to do so when it is not expected.


Always think about those things you admire/ cherish about your partner and be quick to telling then about it.


– Unexpectedly hold and kiss each other.
– Call him/when least expected.
– Wrap your arms around each other unexpectedly and remind each other about your love.


3) Always remind each other how proud you are to have him/her: –

Many people only show their affection on special days like valentine, birthday.


Your partner wants to know that you are proud of him/ her every time and anywhere.

In other words do not reserve your affection for special moments or places.

Let the whole world know how much you cherish your spouse.


No need to hide it

By holding and kissing on the street, at the park. Never hide it.
Hold him or her close to your heart when introducing each other to your friends.
Let the world know that you are blessed to have each other as partners.


4) Learn to support each other physically and emotionally: –

This is one of the secrets of all the successful marriages.


Always be around for your partner when they are rejoicing or passing through the thick and thin of this life struggles.


I understand that you have feelings too, but you can keep yours aside, just for your partner.

No matter what happens be there for each other.


5) Help each other to be healthy: –

Both of you have chosen to be there for each other in health and sickness.
However, you can help your partner to maintain his/her health, by helping them to monitor the choices they make concerning their health.

If your spouse loves to take soft drinks, you can replace it with water. But don’t become detector.

6) Have good relationship with your in-laws:-

One way to express your love for your partner is to love what he/ she loves and respects.
Some partner have this attitude of “I married you and not your family”, but that’s not the way to make a relationship work.


Although it is normal if you don’t love everyone, but sincerely your partner will love you better if he/she finds out that you relate well with the family.



these little romantic displays of love are to activate the moribund romantic atmosphere in your relationship, and so all you need to do is to practice with all the information I have here.

There is no harm in doing whatever, you think will help your relationship successful.

The reward will always be positive if you do try.

I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu ( murphyaik)

See you at the top.


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15 Hilarious romantic date ideas for her


How often do you have romantic dates with your spouse? Did you know that dating is not just for the singles? Have you ever thought of giving your spouse a surprise and heartwarming moments of joyful experiences? Then this article will guide you; in the end, you will be able to have some good romantic date ideas for yourself.


Who is this article for? It is good for all of you who want to rekindle the fire of love in their marriage.


If you’ve been having romantic dates with your spouse since you got married, there is a tendency that you have run out of romantic date ideas now, so this article is also for you.


Never stop dating because you are married, or allow your dating becomes a routine. There is something wrong with that, but everybody gets tired of doing the same thing every time.


But don’t worry; I am here to help you out and in a moment from now I will show you some romantic date ideas that will get the job done for you.


I will show you some funky jaw-dropping romantic date ideas that will take your relationship to another level.


But why is dating still important for the couples? Is dating not for singles planning to marry?


Well, I will tell you.

Firstly, I will want you to understand that dating is important to both the single as well as couples.

If dating helps the prospective partners to get to a place where they want to marry each other, then couples need it also to make their marriage stronger.


Let me tell you this little story. : )

Before I got married to my wife, I use to make time available to spend with my wife; staying together helped us to understand and know each other very well.

However, when we got married, things took a new shape; everyone became busy with one daily activity or the other and then we forgot everything about romance.


But every successful marriage needs consistent nurturing in other to keep the fire burning, and dating your spouse on a weekly or monthly basis will help to re-ignite that fire that brought the two of you together.


A study conducted by a group known as the National Marriage Project at a university in Virginia, reveals that married couples who date frequently, usually have a lower divorce rate. And also have the quality of their marriage increased.


Here are more reasons you should not overlook dating in your marriage:


It provides an opportunity for you and your wife to have good communication:

You know the importance of communication. No marriage thrives without that. But dating allows you and your partner to be together and being together, you will have more rooms to communicate.

It increases the commitment in your marriage:

Having romantic dates provide avenues for both of you to be open to each other about the likes and the dislikes, and this helps both of you to make up for the wrongs thereby building a strong emotional bond between the two of you.



– Everyone feels secure one more time:

Having romantic dates will make your spouse see you from a different side. His /her confidence will increase because now there is strong evidence of love and security.


I am writing this article because I am interested in your marriage and want to share some romantic dating Ideas that will help you rejuvenate your marriage.

Dating your spouse all over again will make him sheer see the Other side of you and that is what I want to happen to your spouse.

If you are ready to go that extra mile, then here is how to go.


Planning a good romantic date with your spouse.

Although you don’t have to strain the budget to organize a quality romantic date with your spouse, you plan to let your spouse know that you are still very much in love with him/her; so it necessary to get yourself prepared for that moment.


Here are ways to plan

(1) Make a list: You can’t just start for a romantic date without planning how to go; even when you want to make it a surprising package, planning is still the first thing to do.

It is good you make a list of those things your spouse enjoys doing every day, what his/her favorite food, what is his/her best color. These may sound simple, but they are the little things that will make the dating enjoyable for the two of you.


All you need to make it memorable is to know those little activities that make his/her hearts beat in happiness. So look for them and memorize or write them down.

(2) Chose a conducive time:

Because of the busy and tight schedule, couples somehow find it hard to have little time for themselves.

However, to have a romantic date with your partner, you must choose a time that is good for the two of you. You don’t have to let the cat out if you want to make it a surprise date; just be creative and find a way to know when your partner will be free for the date.


(3) Have a dress code:

Although this may not be all that necessary since you want to make it a memorable date, then you have to choose what to wear. Look for something beautiful and comfortable. You can choose any outfit that reminds you of the good childhood days.


(4) Choose the menu items you want to prepare:

If it is going to be a house dating, then select what you want to cook. From the list of your spouse’s favorite food, decide on what you want to prepare for the date.

(5) Choose places to go:

Decide where you want to go for the date. If it will be done in the house, then get everywhere ready. And if you are going somewhere else, then decide it from the beginning. Should there be any reason to make another choice of venue that depends on you also?



Remember having a date with your spouse doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, just plan it on a budget.
Now you have planned you dating; it is time to have the romantic date proper.

I have put together you a list of 15 great romantic date ideas for you.



   15 Romantic date ideas


1 Go to the beach and spend some time:

So many love stories were inspired by the ocean and it so blissful when you spend a good hour surfing and enjoying the cool sea breeze with your partner.


You can hold your partner’s hand and walk on the soft beach sand as you are sipping your drinks, Splash water on each other. That will be a very romantic date to remember always. Isn’t it.


2 Go to the zoo:

If both of you are lovers of animals, then visiting your local zoo may be another wonderful date to have. That will allow you to get close to some of the most interesting and different species of animals on this planet earth.


It doesn’t matter where you live, there must be a zoo around you can visit. So what are you waiting for? Just try to get the best look of the animals Let it be another wonderful adventure for you and your spouse.


3 Visit the Museum:

Visiting a museum can make the best romantic date for you and your spouse because of its affordability.


If you love arts, the museum will be the best place to see lots of arts, but have in mind that seeing the art is not the reason for going there, but because you want to spend quality time with the one you love, and the museum is just to facilitate and provide the backdrop for that.


In other to make a proper plan of how to maximize your time in the museum, first choose which museum you want to visit, the amount of time to spend there (usually 1 hour 15 Min) will be a good time to spend there.


4 Explore new horizons:

There are places around your street you have been dreaming of visiting someday; this may be an opportunity for you and your spouse to do that together. Just hold your partner’s hand and work down to that area.


Whenever you visit a new place together, it will give you another opportunity to learn new things about each other. Have your picnic bag in your hand as you go for the exploration.


5 Climb the trees in your compound:

Maybe while you were growing up, you loved to climb trees, and probably your partner loves that too. So to do things that take you down the memories of your childhood days, then climb a tree, pluck the fruits, and share with your partner. It will make you feel younger again.


6 Visit the restaurant or fast food:

Ask your wife to forget about preparing lunch so the two of you can go out and eat together ( though not all the time) However since you want to have a special moment to spend, then you can visit any restaurant in the neighborhood and just share a meal.


7 Go window shopping:

The purpose of this is not to spend money buying anything, but to learn about each other’s tastes and choices. Visit any Mall around (with different stores) and go to where they have nice window displays.


Remember you are having fun, so do not rush things; just take your time to go from one end to the other. Excite your eyes and you can take notes too.


8 Cook: Dating doesn’t have to be all outside;

you can have a wonderful dating experience indoor. Instead of going to a restaurant or fast food outlets, you can have a wonderful meal prepared in your house. All you have to do is just to make the environment different from the normal one.


Set the dining table with nice flowers, play soft background music, and have a wonderful date with the one you love.


9 Go to sport and game center:

If your spouse has a favorite game or sport, then look for where they are having a tournament or sports competition and watch it together.


10 Go to a park and swing:

I can still remember how exciting it used to be when our parents will take us to a park and how we enjoyed using the playground. You can try it out with your partner, just go to any playground you know and slide or swing. Have the best beverages in your picnic bag, so you can cool off when you get tired.


11 Take a drive:

Get into your car and drive out with your partner, not going anywhere in particular, but just to look at the local scene and nature.


12 Visit Cinema:

Visit any cinema of your choice and watch movies that captivate your interests.


13 Take a trip to a nearby country:

Nothing feels good like going out and leaving everything behind the home, the usual street, and the country entirely. Both of you will have time to explore it all. Make it a memorable one; eat their locale foods and dance to their local music. It is a lot of fun when you do that.


14 Go to a dance rehearsal:

If there is any dance academy around you, go there and join them in their rehearsals; it doesn’t matter if you cannot dance, all you want is to have an exciting moment with your partner.


15 ? ? ?

Help me add the 15th point. Won’t you?.
What is your favorite romantic date idea activity that is not included in this article?
Make it the 15th point. Everyone will be glad to read your dating idea.

? If no, then get it from here.