Ways to Deal with problems in marriage

If you looking for effective ways to deal with problems in marriage, then this article is for you.

Why did I say so?

Because there will always be some challenges in your marriage, but understand that those problems doesn’t mean you relationship is dead, in fact there is no marriage without ups and downs.

But knowing the effective ways to deal with problems in marriage mean that half of the problems is solved.

In this article, we will look at what those marriage problems are, and how to deal with them effectively.

What are the Common marriage problems

1) Money problems:- Many relationship has been ruined because money got in the way. In fact, fight about money is the second cause of infidelity and divorce in marriage. It’s either there is no money, or the money is excess.

The truth is that matter how you love your spouse, it will never be easy to harmonize your lives and money together.

But it possible.

Here’s how

How to solve money problems.

if you want to deal with any problem in you marriage, money issues inclusive, then you and your spouse must decide to work together as a team and be willing to respect and listen to each others ideas and feelings.

Another important solution to money problems in marriage to be honest. Don’t keep any secret about money to your partner.


.2) Poor Communication:-Of course, love, honesty and are also very important, but if you love someone  and didn’t show then you are not doing the right thing . It is through communication that you let the person know.

The way you and your spouse discusses your problems, or discuss every other things determines the success of failure of your marriage too.

How to deal with communication problems.

The most effective way to solve communication problems is to take responsibility and be a good listener.

So don’t wait for your partner to make the first move, just step up and show your willingness to listen to anything your partner want to say and he will listen to you too.

3) Bad Habits:- Most of the issues in marriage comes from some action we take or failed to take against each other.

Toxic habits kill marriage fast and most times you’ll not know in till everything is destroyed.

  • Here are few checklist of the bad habits

a)  Addiction.
b)  Treating your spouse like the enemy.

c) Avoiding sex.

d) Bringing third-party into your marriage.

e) Neglecting each other.

f) And Comparing your spouse with others.

How to solve the issue of bad habits in marriage.

The easiest way to solve bad habit issues, is to change your habits.

If you are addicted to anything, you don’t respect your partner, you call your family members or when you have little quarrel with your spouse, then.It’s time to change.


4) Jealousy:

Jealousy is another big common issue in marriage that can affect  a marriage negatively.

Simply put, If your partner is an overtly jealous type,, then being  around them or with them can be too challenge.

Jealousy can be good for a relationship, but that’s when your partner is irrationally jealousy. An overtly jealousy spouse can be overbearing and possessive every time.

How to deal with jealousy:-


The first step in dealing with your jealousy is to accept within yourself that you are feeling so and then find a way to address it.

Try focus on something else and stop assuming things that doesn’t  exist.

Engage in things that will improve to self worth so you can always feel secured.

5) Fighting Over Home Chores:- Every wife will tell you that her biggest source of stress is the fact that their husband is not helping in the domestic work 

If you and your partner  fight over who does what around the house often, it will increase stress and it will hurt your marriage.


However, sharing the household responsibilities with your spouse will help to improve your household happiness and “marital satisfaction”.

6) Trust issues:- Making your relationship to be honest and dependable is one way to make a marriage successful.

But  If you relationship lacks trust, then it’s as good as dead.

Lies, Infidelity, or failed promises are the greatest destroyers of trust  can severely damage the trust between a husband and wife.

If you have destroyed trust in your marriage, then you should try getting it back. It will not be an easy task; but one of the ways to problems in marriage is to find the solution.

Here’s how to restore trust.

1) Accept It:-
The first step to take if you you’ve broken trust in your relationship, is to take responsibility and apologize. Don’t try to prove any point.

2) Make a Change:- If you know you blew it, and have accepted it, then next thing to do is to make up your mind to change.

3 Keep Your Promises :-If you’ve made up your mind to change, then be sure to keep the promise. Nothing works better that keeping a promise.

7) Disagreements in Raising Children:- Raising children can.cause big stress to couples especially when couples believes in different methods of discipline, feeding the children as well as who is responsible for taking care of them.

There’s also problems of changed the diaper, get them back from school, and who changes the dirty clothes .

All these can bring serious stress and cause divorce too, but you can fix it.

Here’s how to fix it.

The best way to  solve this is to remind yourselves that the children will grow up someday and leave the house for both of you.

That will give you reasons to concentrate of improving the love you share as parents too.

8) Friends:– The type of friends you keep can affect your marriage too. Some friends can affect your marriage negatively and some can enhance it.

Keep the negative ones out of your marriage.

Finally : Understand that there are may other things that can bring challenges to you marriage; also understand that you can’t do anything to avoid problems in your relationship too.

However, when know the effective ways to deal with problems marriage, be rest assured that it will not overwhelm you when.They start appearing in your marriage .

Again if you are still planning to get married, these article will arm you with nugget to have a successful marriage.The