11 of the Best Relationship Advice for Women

If you search the internet now for relationship advice for women, you will be amazed at what results you’ll get.


There are thousands of advice out there on Google to choose from, the only problem is that, while most of the advice may not give you a clear guidance for what you are looking to get out of it.


Many others out there are pretty good and can be very helpful to you; however, you may not get them at a platter of gold just as I want to share with you in this post.


I sincerely wish to share these relationships advice to you, so you’ll be abreast of all you could experience in your current relationship, or before you get into one.


If you are ready, then let dive in immediately.


                 11 of the best relationship advice for women


1) Love yourself first:- To enjoy any relationship, you really have to love yourself first, because loving yourself will automatically make you take absolute care of yourself.

This implies that you’ll find time to take care of your, to do whatever is necessary.
You really need to get yourself in order first, keep yourself in shape and retain your stature. This will give you the zeal to offer your best to your relationship.


2) Have time for your relationship:- When you are done taking care of yourself then you need to take care of your relationship to make it successful.


Our relationship can be nurtured on daily basis, by making up your mind to make some special sacrifices that will make it succeed.
It’s important to always keep a list of things you actually need to do from day to day that will be profiting to your relationship.


3) Take care of your partner:- your marriage / relationship is really not about you, but about your partner.

This is not necessarily about the things you say, but could be expressed through your actions. Always be there for your partner because every relationship requires of attention, so make out time for activities that will add value to your relationship like going on regular romantic dates, and also communicating effectively to keep both of you connected.


4) Have your own life: – In as much as there’s need to give time to your partner and your relationship; you’ll still need to have your life

You might be so much in love with each other, however, that doesn’t mean you should stop pursuing your personal life.

Don’t leave your friends because of him, and don’t also give up your career, hobbies for his.

It’s important you have some independence as well as your own identity, so that things don’t get boring or rather become a routine.


5) Never rush: – Never rush into any relationship no matter how eager you are. The real joy of any relationship is when you know who you are relating with well enough.


Rushing into any relationship will not give you time for that.
To avoid regrets, take your time to know him better before getting in. When you are sure all things are okay, then you can avail yourself, that’s when the pleasure will come.


6) Make sure you want the relationship: – Perform all the checks and balances you can, both physically and spiritually and be sure the relationship is worth going in for. If you find out things will not work out in future, don’t hesitate to quit: it’s better to quit early than when things get out of hand.


7) Never chase him:- Most women fall victim of this always. Fact is that most of them don’t even know they are involved.

Chasing may come in different, it maybe be from the way you call, or want to be with him.
We men feel rushed when they are chased and sometimes they are turned off by the way you chase then.


8) Learn to speak your mind: – You have the right to speak your mind about things you want or don’t like in your relationship.
However, you should do so gently and calmly. Never try to suppress your emotions, let your partner know about your feelings.
See yourselves as a team and do everything together.


9) Don’t avoid problems: – Nobody prays for problems, and yet problems are inevitable especially in relationships.

There is no relationship with one problem or the other.

If you are the type that likes to avoid problems then you may be causing great harm to yourself and your relationship.

In other words, when problem comes do not neglect them or run away from them.

Avoiding problems will make everything pile up for you, and sooner it will burst open, then you can’t solve it anymore.


Marriage experts says that problems doesn’t break up a relationship, but avoiding it does.
Get to the root of every problem and deal with it immediately. Never go to bed with it.


10) Don’t be a pleaser:- Never try to please your partner so he can love you more, that will be a grave mistake to make.
Your partner will take advantage of you if you submit more of yourself to him.

You should try and balance being selfish and selfless to make it work.
It is good to make your partner feel good, but be sure he is also interested in making you happy too. It takes two to tangle.


11) Don’t try to manipulate him:- Trying to manipulate your partner can be a disaster for you. It could cause so many fights and it could shut him down.

Men never liked to be bossed around,
There are better ways to go about it, so learn effective communication skill, if you want to achieve your goals.


In this post, I have done my best to share my best relationship advice to all the women reading my blog.

I pray these points answered all your relationship questions.


I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu ( murphyaik)


happy couples

How to make your spouse happy and improve your health.

happy couplesIt has been investigated and proven that having a happy spouse can be good for your health.


Simply put, if your spouse is not happy, then try whatever you should to make him /her happy,: that’s if you are interested in having a good health, and I know you do.


Why am I saying all these?


From the earlier studies, it was discovered that feeling happy, satisfied, and general well being are all linked to successful physical health.

However, quoting from the article published in American health psychology after taking a survey using one hundred and eighty one (181) heterosexual couples and also from questioning older American whose happiness were ascertained through periodic assessment since 1992, it was also clearly seen that a happy spouse can affect you positively.


Obviously, you will agree with me that when you have a happy spouse, you’ll get special encouragement and supports from him/her, and they can advise you to get good exercises too. All these helps in improving your health.

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Again, when you surround yourself with happy people, you’ll also be infested with happiness.


Question is how you make your spouse happy so your health?

Here’s how :-}}


How to make your spouse happy and improve your health.


1) Make yourself happy first:- Happiness is contagious, and like attract like.

If you want a happy spouse, you’ve got to make yourself happy first.
What you should do is to take enough time in making yourself happy.
It may entail finding some enjoyable things and engage yourself in it.


If you are not happy with your job, then quit from it and if your friends are making you unhappy or are unhappy themselves, then find happy friends: just do anything possible to be the happiest person you can.


If your partner is not happy because of her past relationship or lifestyles, or anything outside your marriage, then encourage him or her to work on him/herself too, and if there’s need to see the therapist that helps people recover from their past trauma, also encourage him or her to go.


2) Support and always encourage your spouse:- Supporting your partner means so many things. According to the studies done by the university of Iowa, it could be physical, emotional, it could also means listening and showing some empathy, it could also means holding your partners hands, hugging as well as helping helping him or her take serious decisions.


The greatest complaint we get from our clients is about getting little or no supports from the partner, and so if your spouse isn’t happy, then she may be lacking supports from you as well.

You may need to ask to know what she/her needs from you, and you also need to let your partner know that you need support: never, imagine him/ her to be a mind reader.

Give encouraging words, it will restore security in him/her as well as happiness and remember a happy spouse makes a happy and healthy spouse too.


3) Remind him/her you appreciate them:- After a long time in relationship, those feelings of passion start dwindling, complacency starts setting in, and that could be pretty dangerous to your relationship, so do everything you can to get it back.

Study shows that it is not big thing that makes a marriage work, but the little things we do daily.

Appreciation, gift, touches and hugging are the little things that makes marriage great.

Always let your partner know that you feel good for any little thing and not only when they do something great.


4) Fix your stress:- If you have a stressful life, there’s tendency that you will always nag, shout or be angry at your partner often, and such will cause fights between the two of you.


You have to get your stress under control first before you succeed in making your spouse happy.


5) Respond to your partners needs:- Marriages succeeds when each partners needs are not  toyed with, but taken care of.

Although you cannot change from who you are just to meet your spouses needs, however, you should try and make some sacrifices in other to accommodate your spouse.

The truth is that everyone of us have a core need and we can’t be relaxed until they are met.

Understand what your partners needs are and always respond fast to them, that will make them happy and always ready to join hand in making your relationship better.


Finally. If you are ready to improve your health, then your partners happiness must be your priorities, remember your marriage is not about you, but about your spouse.

Once you succeed in bringing joy and happiness to your marriage again, then be ready to get supports and more encouragement from your partner.

romantic displays of love, romantic dates

6 Romantic displays of love your wife can’t resist



romantic displays of love, romantic datesIf you discover that romance is gradually disappearing from your marriage, then you need to do everything to get it back fast.


Believe me, I know about your busy and tight daily schedules like taking care of the children, your job and other distractions, but there are so many romantic displays of love I will show you in this post that will help you regain romance back into your relationship even when you are so busy.

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You see! Romance is obviously inevitable in every relationship. It’s all about getting yourself closer to your partner, by maintaining true reflection and recognizing great opportunities that helps you create lasting love for you and your partner.


By recognizing these opportunities for romance, you increase great bond between you and your partner and also create an atmosphere for greater love and security.


Question is! If Romance is about making a relationship fun and great, why are and so many other couples finding it hard to practice among other things?

The simplest answer is that many believe it takes hard work to be romantic, and some don’t know so much know about how to go about it.


Howbeit, in this post, I will expose some great ways to increase love in your home;
If this is what you want to know, then sit back and arm yourself with your favorite drink as you read on.


                Romantic displays of love your wife can’t resist


  • Be attentive and observant: – How fast you pick every signal from your partner can be a gracious romantic move you can make, and so be vigilant to recognize those unusual moves.


Understand the things he/ she love: you don’t have to ask, just grasp it from her eyes.


If she / he love to eat early, then make breakfast early before he wakes.

Just know everything you need to know about your partner, her monthly cycle, and his best color, know when he or she is happy or sad.

Just be on the lookout for those little things that looks insignificant and take care of them even before your partner knows about, and always remember that you are in that relationship just to make life meaningful for your better half.


  • Be ready to show unexpected affections: – It is good to complement your spouse when expected, but it is somewhat so great to do so when it is not expected.


Always think about those things you admire/ cherish about your partner and be quick to telling then about it.

– Unexpectedly hold and kiss each other.
– Call him/when least expected.
– Wrap your arms around each other unexpectedly and remind each other about your love.

  • Always remind each other how proud you are to have him/her: – Many people only show their affection on special days like valentine, birthday.


Your partner wants to know that you are proud of him/ her every time and anywhere.

In other words do not reserve your affection for special moments or places.

Let the whole world know how much you cherish your spouse.


By holding and kissing on the street, at the park. Never hide it.
Hold him or her close to your heart when introducing each other to your friends.
Let the world know that you are blessed to have each other as partners.


  • Learn to support each other physically and emotionally: – This is one of the secrets of all the successful marriages.


Always be around for your partner when they are rejoicing or passing through the thick and thin of this life struggles.


I understand that you have feelings too, but you can keep yours aside, just for your partner.

No matter what happens be there for each other.



  • Help each other to be healthy: – Both of you have chosen to be there for each other in health and sickness.
    However, you can help your partner to maintain his/her health, by helping them to monitor the choices they make concerning their health.
    If your spouse loves to take soft drinks, you can replace it with water. But don’t become detector.


  • Have good relationship with your in-laws:- One way to express your love for your partner is to love what he/ she loves and respects.
    Some partner have this attitude of “I married you and not your family”, but that’s not the way to make a relationship work.


Although it is normal if you don’t love everyone, but sincerely your partner will love you better if he/she finds out that you relate well with the family.

Finally, these little romantic displays of love are to activate the moribund romantic atmosphere in your relationship, and so all you need to do is to practice with all the information I have here.

There is no harm in doing whatever, you think will help your relationship successful.

The reward will always be positive if you do try.

I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu ( murphyaik)

See you at the top.